The Blood Servant

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Chapter 13

Entering the castle was a piece of cake. The faerie could’ve entered the castle with his eyes closed. The palace was so pathetically guarded, that he did not have to enter the castle invisible.

Coming to Alexander’s palace was definitely not on the agenda tonight, but Lilith needed him. Truthfully, Phoenix would have liked nothing more than to nestle between the vampire’s thighs and make love to her all night, but he couldn’t. There was something his lover wanted badly, and by god he was going to get it. For her. To hopefully win her heart.

Phoenix wasn’t the type of person who believed in love. In fact, he had never been in love. He didn’t believe in soul mates or love at first sight. Things like that made him roll his eyes in disbelief.

But that all changed once he laid his eyes upon Lilith. He could not remember the time when he fell for the vampire, but he had. He fell hard. Never in his life had he felt like this for anyone, and he wasn’t prepared to let that go. He knew she was far from perfect and somewhat difficult, but to him it didn’t matter one bit. He thought the world of her. If only she thought the same about him.

Phoenix knew which room the human rested in. He had always been somewhat near, close enough to see what she was doing, but never close enough to be seen. The last thing he wanted was another exchange with the human, but he could not deny that she intrigued him in a way. He didn’t know what it was about her, but he was drawn to her. Drawn to her in a way he couldn’t understand. Maybe it was the fire in her eyes when she gets angered at something, or perhaps it’s because she’s the first ever human the faerie could stand to be around since the rebellion. Definitely the latter.

But why didn’t he want to kill her like his brother had thirty years ago? That amulet had caused him and his family nothing but pain. But just because she’s wearing the amulet makes her responsible for what happened to his brother.

How did she retrieve the amulet? No. Who gave it to her is the question.

His older brother had died by the hand of the human that wore that particular amulet in the rebellion.

The one that slave is wearing right now.

The amulet that will soon become his.

As soon as the faerie magically opens the door, the powerful scent of roses engulfs his entire senses. His eyes immediately find her, lying curled up in the middle of the bed with a pillow pulled tightly to her chest. Her eyelids closed against the dim light of dawn, her breathing deep and relaxed. She looked peaceful.

Even gazing upon her now, he didn’t understand what it was about this human that fascinated him still. He despised humans. Had for a very long time, but being around this slave seemed to dull that feeling of hate somehow. But that didn’t mean that he liked her because he didn’t. At all. To him, humans were beneath him and they’ll always will be. They were nothing but weak and a waste of space.

Yet, this human amused him. A lot. Especially when she was all riled up and shouting at him. Some part of him even liked it when she slapped him. Aroused him even because no other creature would ever dare lay a finger on him.

He couldn’t make any sense of it. She was way to skinny, like she could break at any moment. No, the human wasn’t his type at all. Somebody like Lilith was. She was beautiful and she excited him, and most importantly he was in love with her. That was the reason why he was here.

To do her favour.

And he wasn’t going to leave empty handed.

With his eyes closed, the faerie casts a spell on himself as he breathes in and out. Slowly, both of his feet rises from the ground and softly glides over to the bed. Once his feet lightly touched the ground, he peaked over to see if the human had stirred. He wanted to make the least sound of possible to avoid waking up the human.

He knew that he couldn’t just take the amulet. He had to take his time, and think of some way to distract the human. There was only one way of distracting her he could think of, and while he knew it wrong and the fact that he hated the idea, he knew that if he were to use his powers, she’d awaken in an instant.

As he climbs lightly on to the mattress, he couldn’t fathom with how awfully close he was to her. He was so close that he could feel the tingling of her breath brushing against the skin of his cheeks. He tilts his head and placed his hand gently on the small of her back. The smallest, simplest touch made something inside his chest flutter, but he dismissed it.

He snaked his tongue out to lick his lips and just before he lowered his head to the human’s, his eyes lingered a little on her pouty lips. He couldn’t believe what he was about to do. But he had to. For Lilith.

He settled himself down on top of her, without giving her his weight and began showering kisses along her jaw. He did not leave any trace untouched. He then moved from her jaw, down to her throat, past her collarbone and stop just at the top of her breasts. He touched her body so gently and passionately that he began to forget who she really was and the actual reason for him being there in the first place.

With his eyes on the amulet, he lowered his lips to the humans. He could not rush, doing so might screw up his scheme. He had to take his time. He slowly pulled away to check, but her eyes remained closed. Without wasting time, he strokes her cheek with his hand and kissed her lips. When he pulled away again, he noticed that the humans eyes were open. He held his breath, waiting for her to lash out, scream, anything, but nothing. She looked dazedly at him for a split second, then closed her eyes.

“Jane?” The faerie whispers, making sure that’s she’s properly asleep. He waited for a few minutes, and exhaled when he hears nothing. The only thing she did was turn her head and moan.

He waited a couple more seconds then lowered his head again. When he pressed his lips against hers this time, he felt her lips moving against his. His whole body froze as he wondered what to do, when unexpectedly he felt her glide her tongue against his lower lip. He growled huskily and grabbed the back of her head to allow him more access. She moaned against him and wrapped her arms around his neck, running a hand through his silky, golden hair. With a groan, he gently took ahold of her fragile hands with his own and brings them down on either side of her head, but when he pulls away this time, she came alive like a lightning bolt.

“Faerie?” Jane utters in disgust.

“Hello, human.”

The human blinked repeatedly, her eyes widen when they come to focus on Phoenix.

“You!?” She shrieks while pushing him away. “What are you playing at!?”

Instead of coming up with an explanation, the only thing he does is advance towards her, holding out his arm to retrieve the amulet.

When she sees him coming towards her, she scrambles off to the other side of the bed and takes the candelabra off the bedside table. She holds it out in front of her. “Stay away from me!”

He looks at the object and smirks. In a second, the candelabra is magically taken out of her hands and is sent crashing into the wall on the other side of the room. Broken completely into pieces.

“Why were you kissing me?” Jane stutters.

“Why? Did you like it?” He asks confidently.

“Ugh! Don’t you dare touch me again, you hear!?” She seethes.

Ignoring her demands, he sees the amulet sneaking out of her satin negligee and widens his eyes. While he looked at it, it was though the piece of jewellery had transfixed him. “I can’t do that. I must have it.′

He advances again causing her to scream.

“Leave me alone!”

She makes a dash for the door, but just as her hand wraps around the doorknob, her hand is seized by the faerie’s. He turns her around in his arm and stares intently at the amulet. “Give it to me.”

She frowns at him in confusion. “What?”

He nods down at the amulet. “Give it to me and I won’t hurt you.”

She whimpers and uses both of her hands to push him away. “Give you what!? I have nothing.”

What could he possible want from a human? Jane thought to herself. She couldn’t understand what had brought forth this behaviour.

With a frustrated grunt, he takes both of her hands in one of his and while she struggled in his grasp, he reaches for the amulet.

“Let me go!”

With his eyes still on the amulet, he wraps his hand around it when the unthinkable happened. Never had the faerie experienced such pain in his entire life. What had burned him? The pain had occurred the second he touched that piece of jewellery.

“What is this magic?” Phoenix utters to himself.

Surely, it couldn’t have been the amulet, could it?

With a pained howl, he yanks his hand away and cradles it in the other.

“What did you do to me, slave!?” The faerie grits out.

The human looks up at him in confusion. “I did nothing to you! It was you who was coming to attack me!”

His nostrils flare as he examines his now burned hand. “My hand is burning because of you.”

“That is your own fault. Not mine. Now, leave me alone.”

As the human cradles the amulet, it draws the attention of the faerie. He reaches out his uninjured hand towards her. “Give me the amulet.”

She takes a step back and turns her body away from him. “No! Get out!”

The faerie comes to a stand and takes a step forward. “I said give it to me!”

She rushes on the bed and climbs to the opposite side and reaches for the other candelabra. “Stay away from me and you won’t get hurt, faerie.”

He halts his movement and begins to laugh. “What? You’re going to hurt me, are you? You!? Do not make me laugh, slave.”

The human takes a step forward and rises the candelabra above her head. “Don’t think that I won’t because I will. I’m not afraid of you.”

He stops laughing and smirks. “Obviously not, otherwise you wouldn’t have kissed me.”

As soon as he mentions the kiss, her face immediately changes to disgust. “You’re such a pig!”

“And yet you didn’t stop the pig from kissing your sweet lips.”

With a grunt, she brings the candelabra down from her head, but just as it makes contact with the faerie, he moves out of the way in time. Just like the other, it smashes into pieces.

Without a second to spare, he launches himself at the human, where she effortlessly falls on her to back on the bed. The faerie follows after, and places his hands on either side of her head.

“All I want is the amulet, darling. Let me have it.”

She shakes her repeatedly. “Never. My mother gave me this amulet, therefore it is mine.”

The faerie’s face becomes stoic at the mention of her mother. “This was your mothers?”

She frowns at the sudden question. “Yes, she received it from my father.”

A pause.

“Who was your father?”

What did that have to do with anything?

“Answer me, slave!”

“What?” Jane asks.

“Who is your father?”

“Why does that even matter?”

His eyes widen. “Who was he!? Don’t make me repeat myself, slave.”

“Do not call me that.”

“I’ll call you whatever I wish to. Now, tell me what is the name of your father?”

“Not that it matters. His name was Luther Ward.”

“Ward?” He repeats the name several times then shouts his name out loud. “Ward!?”

He looks down at the human with an evil look in his eyes, and just as he reaches for the amulet once again, the door to human’s quarters shoves wide open.

A deep and masculine voice comes from the doorway. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

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