The Blood Servant

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Chapter 2

The word blood servant, was enough to send a sickening feeling in my stomach. The thought of being kept against my will, trapped and used for my blood made me want to run far away and never come back.

As much as I wanted to escape, I couldn’t. I wouldn’t do that to my mother and besides I was trapped. I could not move. Couldn’t even if I tried. All around me, I was surrounded, crammed tightly against boys and girls my age waiting to be auctioned off. After this, our lives will be ruined because of this punishment. A life that is no longer ours. Never again will we see our families. In time, it will all be just a memory. A painful, distant memory. I glimpse at all of the boys and girls around me. Each and every one of them look frightened and they have every right to be. Not all of us will be fortunate today. The unfortunate ones who aren’t chosen will be executed and fed to the werewolves and other evil creatures. I’d rather be executed rather than be used over and over again for my blood. But if I were to be chosen, I can only hope that whoever purchases me will grow tired of me and set me free. I cannot remember a time when us humans lived in fear. Before the rebellion, our people lived in peace. They were happy and woke up every morning without worry. But now, we constantly look over our shoulders, worried that some creature will seize us and slaughter us. Where once we were equal, we have now become the prey.

I shiver when I see sudden movement coming from the stage.

From what I can see, they examine each one of us for weapons, then we’re pushed to the front of the stage where the monsters observe us and decide if they wish to purchase us. From what I know, mostly vampires will be taking part because we are their only food source, but that doesn’t stop the other creatures from coming to the auction to enjoy the show. They only wish to see our kind suffer and humiliated.

“Be good.” I repeat my mother’s words as I follow the crowd forward, closer to the stage.

I shiver again, wondering whether or not this will be my last day on Earth.

I fight the tears that threaten to fall and thrust my chin up towards the sky. I roll back my shoulders and straighten my posture. I won’t give the blood suckers the satisfaction of seeing me tremble in fear. Although, I am scared of the outcome, I will remain strong through this. I have to. For my mother. She would want me to be brave and strong.

I look around and notice the vampires watching the spectacle in amusement. Their faces show pure joy and excitement. No sign of remorse anywhere at all. For them, this is like a buffet. To them, we are nothing other than food and it sickens me. My jaw clenches when I see a boy being led up to the stage. He was wailing loudly for someone to kill him, to end his suffering. A suffering that has not yet begun. A girl was brought up next, then another then another. Immediately, one of the girls was led over to a vampire. I hated myself for thinking him beautiful. He was tall and lean, with a wicked look on his face. The vampire looked at the girl with a predatory look in his eyes, and when he comes forward and leads the girl off the stage and through the crowd, my stomach drops. As more people were brought forth, the vampires grinned and licked their lips. I watch them with a hateful glare when I feel someone coming to stand beside me.

“Jane?” A soft voice calls me by my name.

I turn around slowly towards the person beside me, and gasp when I see who it is. “Noah.”

I had forgotten about my neighbour. He looks at me with a warm smile. His bright, green eyes gave me comfort, but only a little. I am glad he is beside me. Noah has always been courteous and respectful. He would always acknowledge me when he saw me strolling around alone, and when he saw me he would always strike up a conversation.

“Jane, are you okay?”

I could not answer him.

Even if I did, I would not be able to answer truthfully.

“Are you afraid?”

I tilt my head up towards him with a cold stare. “Of course, I am afraid. Aren’t you?”

Who would not be afraid at a time like this?

“Afraid? No. I am more curious as to what awaits us.”

I scoff. “If you are chosen. You do understand that if you are not chosen, you will die.”

“I know that, but look how much blood suckers are out here. They are hungry and are in dire need of human blood. Our blood! I will be chosen and so will you, I am sure of it.′

“Lower your voice! The vampires can hear every word you say, and I don’t think they would approve of you calling them blood suckers.”

“But it is true. Each one of us will be chosen. Without our blood, they will die.”

I look away in disgust. “If we are to their liking, and besides I have heard that vampires can live perfectly fine on the blood of animals.”

“Why would they turn a human away when they can drink their blood at any time they want? An animals blood isn’t going to feed them. Not fully.”

“Some vampires turn a human away just so they can watch a human getting ravaged by a beast. They are evil creatures. Don’t forget that.”

“But also fascinating.” He murmurs.

I frown. “It sounds as though you wish to be chosen.”

“I told you, I am curious.”

“Wouldn’t you rather be at home with your family?” I ask.

“Our homes are no longer ours. There is nothing for us back home.”

I look at him in bewilderment and point repeatedly at myself. “Well, I wish to go home. Back to my mother. Not here waiting to be someone’s servant.”

“It could be a better life, Jane. Have you ever thought of that?”

My eyes widen in shock. “Noah, do you hear yourself? I cannot believe you are saying such things. We’re about to be sold to monsters.”

He motions with his arms around us. “Look around you! Each and every single one of us is starving. Yes, we are afraid but only because it is something unbeknownst to us. Our homes are falling apart and we have no money. This could be a new beginning for us.”

“You do not know what you’re saying.”

But what he says is true. Our whole village lives in poverty. Each family suffers differently. My mother and I have no money. None at all. Our home is crumbling apart and it is cold. In winter, it is unbearable.

A part of me is relieved that I won’t have the worry of freezing to death, but the other part of me fears for my mother. Without me caring for her, she won’t make it. That is why I am hoping that whoever chooses me will become tired of me. As soon as I am released, I will run back to my her.

“I know that I do not wish to return home.”

I frown again, preparing to ask him his reason for uttering such words, when Noah is taken roughly by the arm and pulled on to the stage. I watch with wide eyes as the vampire in charge of the auction searches Noah from head to toe. When his search is successful, the vampire pushes him to the front and immediately a beautiful woman with long, dark hair wearing a white, silk dress marches up to the stage and claims him. She oozed confidence and had an evil glint in her eyes.

Noah had been chosen and his reaction was appalling to witness. He does not seem at all fazed of becoming a blood servant to the evil looking vampire, who is now dragging him away. He is now at the mercy of that woman. My whole body begins to tremble when I think of what she will do to him. She can do whatever she wishes to Noah until she has no other use of him. She could kill him if she so wishes. We are merely toys purely for their enjoyment.

I was distracted with Noah’s sudden disappearance that I did not feel the hand wrapping tightly around my upper arm. I try to remove the vampire’s grip on me, but he was too strong. Trying to free myself would be pointless.

“She looks delicious.” I hear one vampire say to another.

I give the vampire a disgusted and horrified look, but he merely grins.

I am led through the crowd and pushed on to the stage.

I did not know where to look. My heart was racing from the adrenaline.

I slowly scan the crowd and wonder which one of the vampires will choose me. I hope it isn’t the one who grinned at me. There was something sinister about the way he looked at me. He will no doubt drain me dry.

“Give that human to me. I want it.”

I search the crowd for the buyer, and when I see him my whole body recoils. I could not even look at him. He was hideous, an ugly looking thing. His hair was greasy and unkempt, his whole body was hunched over. Had warts and scars all over his face, and not to mention his yellow, cracked teeth. He clambers on to the stage and brings his face up to meet mine. His breath smelled as though something has died inside it. I turn my head away to avoid vomiting when he grabs my hand and pulls me off the stage. Again, I try to remove his grip on me, but he only tightens his hold even more. I should’ve escaped when I had the chance because now I truly am trapped.

I’m doing my best to remain calm and putting on a brave face but deep inside I’m slowly falling apart.

I wanted to go home, back to my mother and the life I loved. Not here, living the rest of my life with this creature that I know will end up in death.

“Stop!” A voice shouts from the crowd.

The males voice boomed with authority. His voice was enough to bring me to a standstill including everyone around us. The vampire holding me surprisingly lets go of my arm.

I should have ran right then and there, but I wanted to see the face of that spine chilling voice. I notice around me the crowd murmuring to each other that are then shortly followed by loud gasps. The crowd parts like the Red Sea to reveal a huge male striding in our direction. I knew just by looking at him that he was a vampire. Vampires were ridiculously beautiful creatures, some but not all. Without a word he comes to a stop in front of me and stares blankly at the shabby vampire next to me. I could not take my eyes off of this vampire. He had pale, porcelain skin, white as snow. Had shiny, jet black hair kept slicked at the sides and eyes big and daring. His frame was firm and perfectly sculpted. You could tell just from looking at his white shirt that he was well built and strong.

The vampire next to me gasps and bows out of nowhere. “My prince?”


I looked at the beautiful creature in awe. This creature standing before me, was a prince?

The beautiful creature did not answer him at first. He instead looked at him all over then motions his head to the side. “Leave.”

The ugly thing next to me looks up and frowns and asks with worry etched on his. “Your highness?”

The prince looks up to the stage. “Give the gentleman his money back. I will be taking the human.”

The man beside me grabbed my arm and squared his shoulder. “I paid for her therefore she is mine.”

The crowd gasps.

“Remove your hand or I will remove it myself.” The prince snarls.

Again, he lets me go instantly.

“Is there a problem here, your highness?” The auctioneer asks, his voice trembling.

The prince grabs a coin pouch and throws it up to the auctioneer. “Keep the change. This human is coming with me.”

Why me? Why on earth would a prince want someone like me? He could have anyone he wanted and yet he chose me. A bag of bones.

I swallow heavily as I look at the crowd. Each one of their faces had worry and fear etched on to them. What kind of prince was he?

The reaction of the crowd, begins to make me worry. I don’t blame them. The prince was large, muscular and oozed confidence. His intimating aura leaves me in a trembling mess.

“You, human.”

I look up to the prince to see his gaze focused on me.

“Yes?” I ask, my voice quivering.


He does not wait for my answer. He instead turns abruptly and continues forward, leaving me stunned.

This could be the only chance to escape. If I do not take this chance, I might not get another. Ever.

The prince must have read my mind because he stops and looks back at me. He sighs. “Do not make me ask you twice.”

I glare up at the prince and follow leisurely behind him.

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