The Blood Servant

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Chapter 4

The faerie blinks in surprise, his gaze raked over me in disdain.

As I stood from the ground, I wanted to shrink away from his intense stare, but somehow I manage to square my shoulders and narrow my eyes at him.

Be brave, Jane. No, be good!

“Why is there a human in the palace!?”

A moment ago, he was cheerful. Now, he was anything but.

“Who I bring inside the palace should not be any of your concern, Phoenix.”

The faerie responds by hurling one of the lounge chairs across the room. He does it without even touching it. “Get rid of it!”


Lilith chuckles. “I told you he wouldn’t be happy.”

Alexander swings his head towards Lilith and growls. “Be quiet.”

She responds by rolling her eyes.

Using his vampiric speed, Alexander appears in front of the faerie and grabs him by his black tunic. “Leave this palace quietly and accordingly right now before I personally remove you.”

“Remove me? You!? You are of no match to me, Alexander. Surely you know that.”

The prince scoffs. “Do you have any idea of the things I can do? I can suck you dry in less than a second, and you wouldn’t even know what hit you.”

“That may be, but your powers are of no comparison to mine. I can make your insides feel like they’re being ripped open without even touching you. You’re weak compared to me.”

He leans into him and snarls. “Do not test me, Phoenix. I am not in the mood for your smart mouth.”

“Do not give me a reason to test you.”

Lilith sighs. “Boys, aren’t we forgetting what the real problem is here?” She glares in my direction.

I was a problem?

Alexander scoffs. “He’s my problem by not leaving my property.”

He points at me. “I’ll leave your property when that thing is removed from my sight!”

“That’s not going to happen any time soon. She is my blood servant and this is her home. Deal with it or not, I do not care either way.”

They stare intensely at each other, then Phoenix roughly removes Alexander’s hands from him and marches towards me. He stops in front of me and because of his towering height, I do my best to try and keep it together, but deep down I’m scared. Terrified.

With a look of distaste on his face, he takes me all in and shakes his head. “Why does your kind exist? You are a nuisance and all you do is whine.”

I hide my hurt reaction and stare at him in defiance, refusing to back down. “I could say the same about your kind.” I spit.

In a split second, his hand wraps firmly around my neck. “Watch your tongue, human. Faeries have a very short fuse when it comes to humans giving us shit.”

Alexander warns. “Stop it, Phoenix.”

I stare at him with a hateful glare. “You do not scare me, faerie.”

“No? We’ll see about that. He growls, squeezing my neck tighter. “How I would love to crush your windpipe. Humans have such a delicate throat that all I would have to do is give one sharp tug, and you’d be dead. It’s a quick and painless death, you wouldn’t feel a thing. Asphyxiation is not the worst death I’ve given to a human, but it’s definitely one of my favourites.”

Fury shoots through me at his words and without thought, I bring up my hand and with a bit of struggle, I jump upwards and strike him. I bite my lip to stop from screaming out in pain as my hand begins to hurt. It was like hitting a brick wall. It almost made me think that for a second I thought I’d broken it.

I glare up into the faerie’s golden eyes. There’s no emotion at all in their endless depths. None.

The faerie glares back at me, his nostrils flaring. “How dare you strike me, slave!?”

Phoenix lets go of my neck only to backhand me painstakingly hard. I whimper as my body falls effortlessly to the ground.

“Enough, Phoenix!” Alexander yells. “Leave before I banish you.”

Phoenix ignores the vampire and looks down at me, with pure hatred in his eyes. He points at me. “This isn’t over, human.”

And just like that, he was gone. Vanished into thin air.

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