Kona (Book 1)

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Kona is the only female Alpha in existence. After her family is taken or killed off, twenty year old Kona has no choice but to run to find help. With her brother, her beta, and a strong willed gamma, she embarks on a journey that will help her realize the only help she needs, is to wipe the blood off her hands.

Fantasy / Romance
M.C. Rivera
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Alpha- leader

Beta- second-in-command

Luna- Mate to Alpha

Gamma- soldiers/hunters, mostly male

Zeta-Teachers/Doctors/Cooks/Scientists, men and women

Xi- Trackers, male

Delta- Heir to Alpha

Bioforms- human-like form for Lycans

Biosuits-suits that wrap their forms in transformation

Lycans- a species that can transform from wolf to a human-like form at will.


The doctor stood there with the slippery, mucus covered baby in his hands and all he could do was stare. The nurses were still. The world itself stopped spinning. There was a wave of fear and no one dared to move.

Alpha Leo was whispering soothing words into his mate’s ear when he noticed their shock. Fear detached him from her and he barked out, “What’s wrong?”

His deep heavy voice spooked them and they all swept into action, taking the crying child, fumbling as they gathered around the newborn, cleaning the blood and bodily fluids from its tender skin.

The doctor and nurses whispered to each other in their little circle. None of them daring enough to turn to their Alpha to explain what was wrong.

“Alright, alright.” The doctor bit. He cleared his throat, fixing his hair, turning with a forced, pleasant smile. “Alpha.” He began slowly, approaching the couple. “There’s a problem.”

“He is alright?” Luna Margo questioned with panic, “Let me see him.” She attempted to get up but Leo latched a hand to her shoulder, keeping her down.

The doctor gently began, “That’s the problem. It’s not a boy.”

Leo didn’t comprehend such a statement. “What is it?”

“It’s a girl.”

He laughed, “No.” He rubbed his wife’s shoulder, “Risky joke, doctor.”

The nurses wrapped up the child and handed it to the doctor. Who in turn, brought the baby to Margo. “I’m sorry.” He murmured softly. “It is a girl.”

Alpha Leo gapped at the baby in his wife’s arms and he met the confused state of Margo. She began to shake her head, panic inducing her fear. She ripped the blanket down, revealing the truth. She stuttered on a response and then latched onto Leo’s hand. “It’s yours, Leo, please. Believe me.”

Leo stepped back, her hand falling from him as the sudden pain of betrayal became overwhelming and debilitating. He could barely breathe.

It didn’t make any sense. He would have smelled another man on her. He would have noticed the scent change. Even now the baby smells like his. But it couldn’t be. Alphas only produce Alphas. And Alphas are only male.

Leo locked eyes with Margo. Desperation shone in her gaze. She kept her shaking hand out, waiting for him to take it. It trembled from fear, from the adrenaline of birth, from pain, from desperation.

He had to make a decision here. If he trusts her, he’ll take her hand and accept that he’s a father to a mutation, to a flaw, to a baby girl. But if he walks away, he’s denying not only a baby, but his mate.

No matter his choice, their household would be torn apart. Their pact split in two. Everything he worked so hard to keep over fifty years as Alpha would be uprooted in moments.

If his life was going to be ripped apart anyway, he’d rather have Margo beside him.

Against his better judgement, Leo took her hand. Her relief caused fresh tears. He kissed her sweaty forehead, leaning over the both of them, touching the tiny fingers of his daughter.

HIs daughter, who would be the first female Alpha since time itself began. And in that moment, as he listened to the faint mews of his newborn child and watched Margo brush her little red cheeks, Leo mentally prepared himself for war.

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