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I Am Alice

By Amy All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Fantasy

Chapter 1

Prologue: Down and out the Rabbit hole

The Village News

August 25th 2005

Missing Child?

On August 10th 2005, Teagan Miller, a seven year old girl, was reported missing to the police.Before her disappearance, she was with her mother Hillary Miller. Mrs. Miller had walked into the kitchen to check up on dinner, however when she came back, Teagan was gone.

Supposedly, it wasn’t uncommon for her daughter to randomly wander off. She would usually be found in the attic, or out in the back yard staring at the sky.

¨She was always a very curious child¨ Mr. and Mrs. Miller informed the police.

Teagan was last seen by a local Hunter, Frank Goodwill. He had just come back from a hunting trip with some companions, when he spotted Teagan running to the forest. Before going in, however, she stopped and looked around, then proceeded in.

“She looked scared,” Mr. Goodwill said “Like she was being chased by something…”

The police are on the case. Searching not only the town, but the forest as well. Anyone with information on Teagans whereabouts, are asked to contact the police immediately.


August 8th 2005

In the dark, overgrown forest, a girl no older than seven was found running. Her short, small breaths came out into little clouds as she looked around frantically. She had to hide quickly, or else. Still, even in her frantic search, there was nowhere she could. The trees transformed into grotesque faces, their branches clawed like hands. Everywhere she looked, she saw enemies.

With a loud scream, the girl tripped on a protruding root, snagging her dress as she fell. Tiny hands fumbled with the delicate fabric, yet it was almost impossible to get it unstuck.

Malicious laughter echoed through the air, sending a shiver up her spine. Forgetting about her task completely, she leapt back up. Fear soon propelled her forward and she continued to run. Her dress ripped, leaving a long white piece of fabric on the root. Bursting through the last of the trees, the little girl found herself in a field bathed in moonlight. Flowers of every kind, and clovers covered the ground. The little girl stood awe struck for a moment. Blue eyes widened in wonder. It was a beautiful sight, found only in storybooks and fairytales.

“Alice! Alice! Come out and play Alice!” The voice was growing closer. She ran, not wanting to face what was behind her.

It might only be her imagination, but the girl could have sworn the flowers were parting, as if to make a path way for her. Following it, she wound back and forth to the center of the field.

When there, she stopped. Bent over and breathing heavily. Looking up, a very odd sight was seen before her.

A Rabbit hole.

More laughter reverberated through the air, causing her body to stiffen in fear. There was no time to waste, it was now or never.  The hole looked big enough to fit her. Yet, that’s not what scared the little girl. It was too large to be a normal rabbit hole.

With a deep breath, she stepped forwards, and allowed her body to tumble into the darkness.  At first, she felt like dead weight, seconds later, she was light as a feather.  Opening one eye she was met with a marvelous sight. The walls of the hole had grown bigger, and lined along them were various old and broken objects. They glinted, and glimmered in the fraction of moonlight that came in. Before she realized it, her feet had touched the ground.

Looking up, she saw a single dim light from the outside world, but slowly it it began to darken. A shadow crossed over the hole, revealing a pair of ruby red eyes and an devilish white smile.


Spinning around, the girl was faced with another tall figure. This on, however, was surprisingly different from the other. Pale blue eyes examined her over a pair of spectacles, and his smile was kind, not murderous like the one above. Remembering her pursuer, her head snapped up, but he was gone.

“Don’t worry,” the figure said in a wise and very proper voice. “You are safe now," She looked back. He had walked closer, showing off stark white hair and two lumps on his head. A gloved hand reached towards her.

“Come," he whispered, “there is much to do and so little time…”

The Village News

December 12th 2011

Alice in Wonderland?

Six years after her disappearance, Teagan Miller was found stumbling through the snow covered streets with a ‘dazed look’ on her face.Locals said she was dressed in a ‘bizarre’ outfit, and almost couldn’t tell it was her. If Mrs. Miller hadn’t gone out that day, she would have never found her daughter.

When the elder woman had found Teagan, Mrs. Miller was more than insistent on taking the girl in for a blood test.

“How did I know she was my daughter?” Mrs. Miller said. “Well mother’s intuition of course. I could tell she was my daughter from a mile away.”

It was positive, this was Teagan Miller. When the Police, her parents, investigators, and the press asked where she had been, and what had happened, she said only one thing:

“I was in wonderland.”

The doctors say either she had been so traumatized that she created a world to fight the pain, or her captors convinced her that she really was in wonderland. All in all, the one thing we know is that Teagan Miller's disappearance is still a mystery yet to be solved. Police are still trying to figure it out, but all they keep finding is dead ends. For now, Teagan has been taken to an asylum to help with her delusions of wonderland. But who knows? This “Alice in Wonderland” might be something more...


December 5th 2011

Hidden deep within the forest, lay a secret haven. Graced with flowers in the spring, and lined with a thick blanket of snow in the winter. For years it has sat silently, and patiently waiting for one purpose it was created for.

Among the snow, and bare trees, an odd sight began to take place. The ground shook with a mighty tremor, disturbing the once tranquil field.  A crack began to form in the field, soon transforming into a hole, which closely resembles a rabbit's own. Yet, oddly enough, it was larger, allowing more than just a rabbit to jump in and out.

Suddenly a hand flew out of the rabbit hole, gripping the edge with dear life. Another hand came up next to it, and in one quick fluid motion pulled a teenaged girl from its depths. Instead of the white dress she had worn when she first fell into the rabbit hole, was a long grey sleeveless trench coat with a few odd and colorful patches. Underneath was a red shirt with various black and grey patches like the coat, and white shorts and suspenders.

She looked around the field, noticing it was now covered in snow instead of flowers. The grey coat dragged across the snow, and each footstep made a loud crunch sound as she marched home. She had to hurry, or all of it would have been in vain.

The girl walked down the street, her knee high boots clicking loudly against the ground. It was so odd to see everything so…normal. The people around her gave surprised looks, and whispered amongst themselves.

“What is she dressed in?”

“Who is she, I’ve never seen her around before”

“Maybe she’s a foreigner. Never know what the style is like there.” Pulling at her clothes, her nose scrunched up and her lips pursed in confusion.

“Do I look that odd? If anything, I’d say they were the odd ones.” She muttered in an almost rhythmic tone “Just a shirt and pants? Quite plain…Wonder what he would say if he came here?” she shook her head, the smallest of smiles appearing.

“T-Teagan?” A voice said from behind. The girl turned around, and faced an oddly familiar woman. Teagan? Was that her real name? She was so used to being called Alice, that she had almost forgotten.

“Yes…I think so?” Teagan cocked her head to the side and stroked her chin. “But you never know, I just might be Alice as well,” she began to mutter and laughed hysterically.

With wide eyes,  the woman grabbed her hand, and began to drag her across the street. “Oh, is it tea time?” Teagan asked, “I could really go for a cup of earl grey at the moment, but please, not in a white cup. That would just be horrendous to do so.”

The woman said not a word. Instead, she stopped and stared at Teagan with a horrified look. Teagan wasn't sure why she looked so shocked. Her words had seemed normal enough, at least, they were back in wonderland. The girl cocked her head curiously to the side, a small pout begin to form. Maybe she had said something rude, or even offensive. However, before she could apologize, the woman spoke up.

"Don't worry sweetie," she said with a smile, yet, her voice noticeably cracked, while a trembling hand held Teagan’s cheek. “We’re going to get you some help. You’ll be better in no time.”

Was this really helping though?

The prison was cold and dark; something she had always hated. All she wanted was to get out, to be free once more...but not the way they had planned.

The ‘doctors’ were coming to ‘help’ her finally. She never had a say in this, but her parents didn’t care. They just wanted their sweet, normal daughter back. Tears fell out of her dark sea blue eyes. As if the storm inside them was finally leaking through.

“I’m sorry,” Alice whispered to no one in particular. “I’m so, so sorry. I’ve failed.” The door opened with a squeak and three men, along with her parents, walked in. “I’ve failed you Matthew, and everyone else there." She paused "I’m sorry, but we won’t be see each other again” The doctors gave the girl worried looks, fearful that her ramblings were another bad sign. Hillary clutched her husband’s arm tighter. It pained her to see her little girl like this, especially considering what was going to happen.

“Teagan?” the doctor in the middle started, but fell silent. She looked at them through her black locks of hair. Then, a large almost insane smile crossed her lips.

Remember, whenever you are scared just smile. Smiling always makes you feel better, and chases the fear away.

A giggle escaped her lips, and slowly grew to loud laughter. She couldn’t help herself, like he said once before, a smile can lead to laughter and then insanity. If she was going to lose it like him, better it be now than never.

She wasn’t going to remember it anyway.

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