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A man, a werewolf, who’ve been alone for centuries. His features never aged, his body never weakened, his alone is immortal. Every packs fears him eventhough they never seen him. Just a mere myth is what it takes for everyone to be afraid of him. The myth stated to never appear in front of him. If you want to live. He placed himself deep in the forest, solitude from others. Until one day, the golden brunette made herself appeared near his territory. No one has ever dare to come to this area. She is the first.

Fantasy / Romance
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There are no sounds surrounded him as his focus are on the deer. The deer is not on alert, not knowing that it's about to be killed. The deer continued to be unfocused and slowly move towards the grass area.

He has always been good at hunting. He's very good at being unnoticed. He's good in getting what he wants. And right now, he wants the deer.

His wolf hearing picks up at any unfamiliar sounds, searching if there are any competitors to even want to claim the deer. Theoretically, he awares that no one has ever enter this area.

He takes his time, slowing the time when it is okay to plunge himself on the deer. He can't wait to taste his meal.

Hunting animals is one way he gets his source food. He knows where the animals would be. At this time, deers are always found to be lurking around as if there are no dangers.

When the deer looks up and move its four feet on the left side, he quickly jumped out of his hiding spot and jump on it, plunging his teeth on the deer's neck.

What a meal.

Deers are always the best among others. He find their meat suits his tongue the best. His wolf couldn't agree more. His wolf love to devour deers rather than lions and tigers.

If there are no choice, then only he will choose to eat lions or tigers.

His cabin, deep in the forest are always been stocked with food. When he goes out, he makes sure to always buy and fill his stocks with foods. But he would very much prefer hunting than eat frozen foods or can foods.

The meats sold on the human town, are not as fresh as when he's hunting. He could kill them in a blink of an eye, with his sharp teeth and long wolf nails. It's not that hard, he's been doing it forever. It doesn't take a rocket science to do hunting.

Fucking easy.

After making sure that the deer is dead. He shifts to his human form and wear a short he brought earlier by tying it to his feet. Dragging the deer and lift it up on his shoulders. He walks to his home.

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