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Stupid Gravity: appendix (fins, tail whatever)

Why let your toys, eh, collectibles, sit on a shelf when you can play with them.

The title came about when the bloomin' mermaid would not stay on the horses...

Breyer model horse collectors have a tradition of photographing their models in lifelike situations.

These are not Breyers. They are a couple of Our Generation horses (American Girl scale, and nicer horses than the AG horses) rescued from yard sales and thrift shops, rehabbed and repainted. the formerly white mare was painted with Rustoleum 2X Oasis blue, then sparklied with ModPodge and glitter. Real mane and tail conditioners (or ones for humans) work fine on plastic horses. The mermaid came from the Baltimore Aquarium, and since I removed her tags, I have no idea what brand she is, nor can I find her online... it's like...

(cue Twilight Zone theme... or insert Doctor Who theme if you like)

You will recognize Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon.

Pics were mostly shot on Eastern Neck Island National Wildlife Refuge, Maryland USA, on the edge of the Chesapeake Bay, at the mouth of the Chester River, just north of the famous Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

My camera's sport continuous mode was useful for when the mermaid fell off the horses.

The fox cub is actually eating a fish dropped by an osprey. I used my van as a blind and shot about 15 minutes of stills and video before he vanished into the underbrush.

One or two beach shots (the darkish ones with bigger surf) were shot on Assateague Island, the mermaid greenscreened into it later.

You can make a greenscreen by painting a piece of foamcore or plywood or masonite bright green or bright blue, setting up your models in front of it, and eliminating the green or blue in Photoshop later.

A table with sand and reindeer moss, or other diorama materials, makes a nice foreground to place your models on. If shooting them on the ground, get your camera down at their eye level.

Go outside and play... with your toys.

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