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Late (longer chapter over 2000 words) not edited... sorry

Faith and Liam’s POV

I had to take care of another event two towns over while my mother handles the River Pack event and I was suppose to be there like two hours ago but I was hiding...yes hiding..from a certain she wolf who followed me to the event. Lianna was getting on my last nerve no matter what I say to her; she takes it as flirting leave me alone you slut...she took it as a cute nickname ..seriously.. She did not even get mad at being called a slut. I say you let me at her... I could scare her off my wolf was trying to show how wise he is.

After hiding my scent and staying in a room for almost two hours my friend told me she left with another wolf. He was laughing at my expense but I give him props he dealt with her for years while i was not even dating her and as being tortured. Heres to hoping the guy was her mate ..she could obsess over him and leave me the fuck can hope.

I was getting yelled at via mind link by my mother who planned on leaving earlier to get back to father but after I explained it to her she just laughed at me like it made her night. I should have just shared the shit out of her with my command but I think she might have liked that as well…. so I hid like a five year old. I fixed my suit and walked in through the kitchen checking all the sections and making sure all was on time and flowing while i saw my mother rushing out the back door..i see not even a goodbye to her son...whatever i need to check the floor now. I feel like my wolf is getting excited but I don’t have time for this so i push him down as I start giving orders for the floor manager to fix the tables and chairs and the waitress to take away the empty plates...i need to get the music ready for the final dance for the mated couple which i think should be back soon i heard they had slipped away.. We all know they are sealing the bond and she should be sporting his mark when they return.

I start to smell something mind-blowing to me and my wolf but he is just jumping around in my head like what the hell. MATE...MATE...MATE find MATE...what are you sure?...yes; scent of mate is strong ..she must be here..find her. I take another whiff of the room and smell wild berries, daisies, vanilla and i could inhale that all day...someone bumped into me causing me to almost lose my balance but them I realised I smelt like her she ran into me but did not recognize me? I felt Hunter getting upset about the idea of our mate not recognizing us… I tried to hold him back but he won in the end i felt and heard the owl come out and so many..well all of the wolves submitted knowing i was in charge or top of the chain in this room. I looked around to see which was my mate but I saw one she wolf standing up not fazed by my command. Her eyes were perple .. but if you look you can see silver mied in wiht it..beautiful and her scent hit me full force this time but before i could speak she smiled and ran...what the fuck..why, did she run?

I fell Hunter getting excited at the idea of a good chase.. This is why i did not understand why she ran because that only makes me want her more and werewolves love a good chase. Guess my mate wants a little display of my chasing skills.. Her wish is my command...MINE.

Faith’s POV

I was still running the room to avoid the persistent men..or wolves. I tried to be normal and accepted a dance but the guy got handsy. So he ruined the opportunity for any other guy to get close to even say hi to me. The way he touched me made me disgusted and pissed me off when he did not listen to me as i asked him to be respectful. I twisted his wrist the wrong way and ran off. I bumped into another man..ohh he smelled really good but I didn’t get a good whiff since i was running so fast but all of a sudden I heard the sexest growl i found a growl sexy ..i think i fitting in here already.. Shaking off the chills his eyes meet mine and violet takes control in that moment.. She smirked and bolted. He bolted from the main building straight for the trees. What is going on? Fun chase with sexy man...wait why did we not pretend to submit to him since he had a ballroom full of wolves that submitted to him? We will submit to him in time..just not yet… let us have some fun first. I don’t know what is going on but i trust let us see if he is worthy of a dance.

I heard another growl and i felt as if someone was following me but violet would not let me come to the surface to see my surroundings. I feel she is hiding something from me but I could just be paranoid i am still not used to all this. I feel like this is a test of sorts but that doesn’t make sense.. Why did she want to run.. Think what did May tell me about male werewolves...think..think..noo.. they love a good chase when it comes to display of power between possible mate. Violet seriously you started the aspect of a chase that male wolf and you knew he would chase full on...just trust me Faith and i know you are mad but it was bound to happen sooner or later.

I am still running but i can hear him getting closer to me..fuck he is fast… I let Violet take complete control so she can increase the speed but as the hours passed, we still were in the woods like he is smart he is making us turn back before we could get to a clearing or a house..he is setting a trap but Violet is allowing it or she doesn’t sense it is a trap...this is not a trap he has not caught us...he is corralling us like we are what do we do now?..listen let me take control i have an idea.

As I regained control i listened and I could hear a quiet movement to my right so I acted as if I was going to go to the right and as they stopped to catch me i took off to the left. Almost to a clearing but as i was about to pass the last row of trees a dark gray wolf blocked my way… great we were so close…

Look dude i don’t want to dance so can you let me go? He did not seem to hear me or did not care he shifted and there stood a naked man in front of me and remember i am a virgin so this is new to me..i closed my eyes to avoid the urge to look over his whole body. Violet said the one word I did not want to hear at this time ..MATE!..great… take that back.. I am not ready for a mate please say your mistaken ..Violet...please. Sorry he is our mate.

Mr sexy growls MINE! As he puts his head between my neck and shoulder areas and inhales… it seems to calm him down.. So i do soemthing stupid i try to get out of his hold but that is alli did was try he is strong and man he smells so good wait he smells like Violet said our mate would ..fucking great; there went the idea of him being just a possible mate that i would cut loose. I need to stop inhaling his scent i feel like it is making me melt into his touch. I start to fight again remembering the whole Luke betrayal and heartbreak for the last five years. I got out of his grip and ran but he was fast and smart he pinned me betwwen a tree and him.

Liam: Naughty mate ..why do you run after i already caught you?

Faith: I don’t need a mate not right now at fuck off

Liam: don’t test my patience mate

Faith: I have a name you shit..

whoops I made him mad again how do i know that his eyes are switching colors from silver to gold..his wolf is fighting for control.. you really pissed him off. Well we are one so we pissed him off.

Liam: I think you need to stop fighting and behave like a good mate should…

Ohh no he didn’t just tell me to behave like i should i am so done with that way of life he can fuck off….

Faith: never going to happen buddy see i don’t feel anything so i think you got the wrong idea about us being mates

Liam: is that so. Let me see about that

What is he saying let him see about that but as i was thinking he kissed me and I felt like putty in his hands. Fuck i am in trouble no one said it fel tlike this but i feel Violet purr seriously she is enjoying this too much...well he deepend the kiss and i felt his lust for me and it was a good thing his arms were wrapped around me because my knees gave out.. Yep they were just like noodles at this point. Stupis body betrayed me like i understand he can kiss like no bodies buisness but fuck i wanted to get away.

Liam: well i think you were mistaken my dear are mine and your reaction is why not just give up and behave

Seriously i know i seem like i am over reacting but for five ..yes five fucking years i let a guy tell me to do this and do that and do it properly and to behave like a lady..i will not go back tot hat so aginst my better judgement i said “Bite me you prick”...

Liam: those my dear sweet mate were not the wisest set of words to tell your mate…. But your wish is my command.

His eyes were gold at this point I must have pushed him to far..but what is the worst that can happen another mind-blowing kiss? He began to kiss me and them he trailed kisses alon gmy jaw line then down my neck stoping and nibbling..fuck that feels good and i let out a moan of pleasure. Well i didn’t mean to do that but I figured he would finish making me melt and leave me alone soon after.. Mates cannot hurt one another so i should fine… i was enjoying the kissing and nipples wheni felt a niddle like a bite fuck is he going to kill me.. Seriously.. I started to squirm but he held my in place but I could not hold in the scream of pain any longer and here i was not wanting to give him the privilege of im causing me pain but then it felt good warmth flowing from the bite and before I blacked out he licked the bite clean and looked me in the eyes. I swear he looked upset with...himself and his eyes were no longer red but silver with clouds of white in them… so beautiful ...well Violet i know you enjoyed the bite of death so what happens now? I wait but all i hear is purring like what the hell we are dying here but she is still enjoying the feeling of being death.. Sicko.

Stop your whimpering.. We are not dead… see you soon Faith rest for now.

She seems so happy but i don’t understand what is going on at this moment. I should have remembered to pretend but he kept telling me to behave and I am still bitter about that word from my past with Luke. Stupid sexy wolf man..shit i am horrible just like Violet I am focusing on his features and ohh good his scent was heavenly. Snap out of it Faith; what is happening to I think I might need to follow Violets advice and rest.

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