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Mates (unedited)

Liam’s POV

Shit ..shit..shit..shit… this is not good… how did you lose control?...she is feisty and pushed me ..sorry… will she forgive us?...I don’t know if we basically used a loophole that she created and marked her.. Fuck her scent was driving me crazy and then she inisiated the chase and... fuck that was great... she caught onto so many of my tricks so i became the wolf and she the sheep..... she fell into that trap fast but she tricked me. We fucked up Hunter... what if she never forgives us for this? Well we cannot undo a mark so she will have to get over it sooner or later…

She is beautiful though..fuck … I need to get her somewhere safer than the woods ...already protective and you said you would not be able to show love to our mate. Okay I see what you meant now by it will be different with our mate… I feel so drawn to no male wolf will touch her since we marked her… but who is she? I was just thinking the same thing we don’t know her name or bloodline but i don’t care she... is already mine...Ours..fine ours. Let us head back to the event as ask if anyone knows who she is and try and explain what happened. I will link my parents so they can come down too hopefully we can settle this all at once.

My parents sounded so excited that I found my mate but I know my mother will be pissed i did not get her actual permission to mark her. They should be here in a few hours time fingers crossed my nor her parents castrate me for what we have done. I picked up my beautiful mate and carried her bridal style back to the event which continued without delay after we had left for our chase. As I entered the Hall all eyes were on me and my mate who was still knocked out and she would be for a few hours to adjust to the claim mark I placed on her. I felt her wolf spirit and man she liked the mark which did not help with my restraint on the matter at hand.

May: what have you done to my sister?

I felt threatened by the tone of her voice so i growled but i grab ahold of myself i really need to get a handle on this new level of possessiveness. I noticed a male wolf coming toward me reaching for my mate and I lost it… MINE! All of the people around me froze for a split second but the woman who had addressed me first spoke with tears in her eyes… was that much of a monster at this moment? I am so confused…

May: Tell me that is not what..i.. I think it is not ready for this not after…. Luke

What is she talking about ohh the mark she can sense it and I realise why she is the luna of the River pack. She is more connected to her pack members emotions but she is acting as if she knows her better than that based on her inability to hide her emotions. Lunas can look like cold hearted bitches unless something happens to their kin.. Ohh she must be family..

Liam: Family?..

May: Yes.. poor Faith.. I am so sorry.. I should’ve stayed with you

John: may she will be fine do not beat yourself up you know she would feel worse if you blame yourself over this.

Liam: Faith what does that have to do with this whole situation?

They laughed at my remark…

May: that is her name..Faith

Liam: Faith… the name feels so right on my lips and i can feel the smile I have as I continue to look down at my mate…

May: well i have linked out parents please follow me so she can get more comfortable.

A few minutes later I realise I will have to let her go for the moment but I lay her on her bed..yes i can smell her scent in this room. She doesn’t even know it yet but I am wrapped around her pinky...i will make it up to her everyday if she forgives me...that is.

Mike and Ally: who are you and why is our daughter ...oh my goodness her scene is different.. Please say you did not …..mark claim her… it will be ok honey she is strong she can do this.. But the challenges she is not ready for all that…

They are talking about the challenges but she is my fated mate so they should be small if not none existent.

Liam: why are you concerned ..we are fated mates the challenges should be fine?

John: she just awoke and her bloosline will have ot be eposed now that you have staked claim….fuck ..let us talk somewhere more private shall we…

I am even more confused than I was before, how is it possible that hse just awoke and bloodline..shit ..who exactly is my mate? I really should of controlled myself and Hunter but the urge to mark my claim on her was to strong after she argued and defied me but no she had to say bite me ...makes sense now that i know she just awoke but going back now. We enter an office like room and I see medical degrees and items ..he must be a pack doctor.

Mike: hi i am Mike and this is my mate and wife Ally we are the parent s of Faith and you my boy has just opened a shit storm.

Liam: don’t call me Boy..sorry my wolf is still on edge… I don’t understand what the big deal since she is my fated mate so the urge to mark claim on her is valid.

Ally: we understand that it is valid but I wish you would of had more control over the urge

Liam: It was going pretty well but she lead a chase and then defied my request for her to calm down and behave..which set her off more ..

Ally: what could she have said to set you over the edge becuase we all get backtalk from our mates

Liam: she said fuck off and bite my wolf... Hunter took it as permission to mark her…

John: well that sounds like our little firecracker and Ally before you comment as a male wolf that is considered permission so no it was not a forced claim.

I watched as Ally face went from angry to upset but not for my action but for her daughter. I opened the link to my parents so they could hear what was going on and they said they understood but my mother well i felt her anger.: We will talk later Liam; but i know you can feel me and i cannot block it at the moment. I could not be mad at her placed emotions at the moment i had done something she always told me not to do… mark my mate without a full commitment and permission no matter if she technically did..ok loophole..remember.

Ally: how far are your parents...i figured since you were linking someone one that it had to be I right?

Liam: yes ma’am..they are about an hour away but since this all happened so suddenly I just opened the link more so they could hear all of us and we would not have to wait or repeat all of this. No offence but i feel like i am in big trouble and I understand why but I would not like to go through this again.

Ally and John: smart wolf.. Now can you please stop masking your full smell so we can identify who you truly are

They can sense my blocking but how?.. Well here goes i took down my block to say they were shocked would be an understatement.

Ally: Faith just can’t catch a break.. And i can see why your could not fully control your urge to mark claim when she said that… stupid is not an insault to you…

Liam: sorry my name is Liam

Ally: Liam and you said your wolf was named Hunter..well, nice to meet you both but make sure that link is strong and keep it open because I don’t want to have to repeat this again either.

As me and my parents listened to the life story of my mate we were now the one dumbfounded at the reality of me marking claim on her. I may have just place her on disply for all male wolves to see and with her bloodline she is one of id not the most desired she-wolf to mate and breed with..fuck i will have to set up a mating ceremony fast or i might be fighitn for the rest of my life to keep her… not to mention those who will tak ethe opertunity to challenge her for me as a mate since she is a newly awaken wolf. They may think she is weak but HUnter told me her wolf is strong and possibly stronger than me...which is crazy since i am of royal bloodline but anything is possible. bUt now the whole story of what happened to the warrior bloodline is revealed and my memory of it sticking with me was because it was my mates bloodline…it’s freaky really to know my inner spirit knew before I did.

Liam: you said she just returned home in a bad state what had happened to her?

Ally: I am sorry that is not our place to tell you..when Faith is ready she will tell you.i hope…

We had finished our conversation and I returned to my mates side but as much as I wanted to be near her sister was shooting daggers my way. I know I fucked up but come one she is still my mate and I already marked claim on her so i really need to touch her before Hunter loses his calm.

Liam; I know you don’t like me at this point in time but if I don’t at least get to hold her hand wolf..hunter...well he will..

May: your an asshole.. And yes you fucked may have signed my sisters death wish when you marked claim...fuck what is wrong with men..first Luke takes her away and isolates her then you come into her life for a miller second and lay claim to her just because she is your mate… like what is up with guys and my sister…

Liam: who is Luke.. I felt Hunters anger and jealousy over hearing another man name associated with our mates…i could tell she just realised she said something she shouldn’t have and instead of answering me she gave me something i wanted to distract me.

May: you know her hand is most likely cold you should hold it …

After that she ran out of the room as if she had to pee but i knew she just wanted to leave and hope i would forget what she said. She said isolated was she a prisoner?...I don’t know and I don’t think we will find out anytime soon unless our mate tells us. Here I am lost in thought about the possibilities of her being kidnapped or was in a relationship with this luke guy… that would be horrible for me ...seeing her with another. My parents arrived and knew that things were about to be even more complicated as my mate began to stir in her sleep a sign she was coming back from the claim mark.

Me and Hunter are a little excited since it has not been the full length of time meaning that her Wolf had accepted out claim on her so she was not going thought he fight process as most do.

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