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First Fight

First Fight (unedited)

Faith’s POV

I was pissed was furious at that sexy as wolf because after resting for a while I started to dream. I saw a dark grey almost smokey looking in the distance and I felt drawn to it. When I was close enough i looked at its eyes and they looked familiar.. I just cannot place where i had seen these silver eyes with clouds of white in them..wait.. The fucker who bit me had those eyes. I stumbled backwards after realizing this and this caused the wolf to whimper.

Violet: don’t be afraid.. He is our mate… well the wolf version of him that is…

Faith: why am I seeing my killer in his wolf form.. Is this my hell to be around this man...wolf forever?

Violet: we are not dead i told you; he is our mate

Faith: great so why did he bite my neck then because it hurt like hell..until the warmth took over but that had to be due to the lack of blood on my part.

Violet: no he was laying claim to us

Faith: no he cannot claim me ..not without my permission

Violet: you gave it to him..technically

Faith: no i did not i said fuckoff. And bite me...ohhhh

Violet: yep bite me was not the best set of words to tell our mate on the edge of his desire for you

Faith: seriously, I didn’t think he would have actually bit me it is an expression.

Violet: well nonetheless it was permission and that is only an expression in the human world.

Faith: why do you sound so happy about this whole claim thing anyway?

Violet: he is our mate.. Now the fact he is strong and his bloodline is top notch is a plus but he is damn sexy and you cannot say otherwise.

I wasn’t about to argue with that logic for he was one damn fine specimen of a man but he still claimed me which if i remember correctly meant that me accepted me as his mate and the start of.. What was it ..fuck .. challenges can begin.. Shit i am not ready to fight wolves for the love of a man I don’t even know. What is it with men and me they lay claim and try and control me well he is not going to have an easy time… I would say I could just give him to the first she-wolf who challenges but that would mean I lose my right as his mate and for some reason that hurts to think about.

Me and Violet have been going at it for a while now when she told me she accepted his claim I was pissed at her I wanted to fight it as long as possible no matter how much it would hurt me. She repeats that amate is destined and we cannot fight the pull and bla bla bla… I am so tired of hearing how special our mate is and that I need to give him a chance. He may be a sext ass man but i wasn’t going to act like what he did was okay in my book he would have to win me over because at this point i am not happy.

Faith: I don’t understand why you already like him so much when he chased us down and tried to kill us.. How twisted is your meter for love and her ei thought my desire and love for Luke was stupid…

Violet: do not compare our mate to that ass-hat you called a boyfriend..they are nothing alike and his wolf is nice

Faith: so you are still talking to him even after i asked you to really he is going to get attached to you and it will only hurt him more while I am still mad at him..and I am sure that he lost control as well as his human side...stupid werewolf urges.

Violet: will you give up on this whole fight the claim shit.. We are not going to change anything, just that we are torturing ourselves as you fight it.

We were not seeing eye to eye but I knew she was right my mother had said that a claim was forever unless a challenger was able to beat my so called mate for my hand or some shit like that.. Okay i know overreacting but i am pissed and since it is not a forced claim i cannot truly fight it so it is up to Violet in this matter and i wanted to convince her to fight so we could choose our own path and worry about a mate later down the line but i failed. The issue of this is that we are now in the midst of our first ever fight. Sure we argue or disagree about things but one of us always gives into the other. I just dont i can win this one and I am not giving in to her wishes either so we are at a stand still.

I feel tingly sensation in my right hand i having a heart attack?.. No that would be my left side..right? What is happening i ask out loud hoping that Violet will answer me but she is off on the other side of my mind with him… great now i am freaking out and soon I am panicking about the tingles even if they feel good as hell. Stop it is fine the tingles mean he is close by...he who...our mate he will help us recover faster as well so stop panicking. Easy for her to say she knows what to expect from the mate bond while I am new to all things werewolf. I was not ready for this ..not now..i was just starting to get over Luke and what he had done to me. I know he may never hit me and I should be thankful for that but emotionally he destroyed me to the core. I only wanted to make him happy but he i was never enough for him. I never even thought of looking at another but he was still acting as if he was single.. Like that song SINGLE by Killumantii feat. Omeretta… man i was as straightforward as in the song.

I feel a change in the way I feel toward him.... sexy but my walls will stay up until I can see if it is just the mate pull and bond he started when he kissed you thought I would say bite nope that kiss shattered a wall right off the bat, I have since began to rebuild it. The rebuilding of thus wall was due to the bite he gave me. All I have to do is avoid the dude from here on out and i will be golden. Let me be honest he is a dreamboat and if i was not still getting over the ass-hat as everyone calls him i would more than likely give him a chance.

Man; I feel like a teenage girl all over again.

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