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Faith’s and Liam’s POV plus their Wolves

One simple phrase...BITE ME! Was my downfall to mating. A fucking loop hole was what everyone was calling it. I hear them talking and feel there are more people now in the house and based on the familiar smells of my loved ones; I do not know them.

We could go see who everyone is if you are ready to face the facts. He is ours and even with your crazy past he will want and love you with all his heart.

"What if I do not want him or anyone for that matter?"

Why are you being like this you have to be truthful with yourself. You are just scared. As much as i understand it you are misplacing this fear with our mate he is not the one who hurt you nor is he going to hurt you.

"Fine I am scared but I just can’t do it, not yet."

Time will not change the fact we are claimed but he is not so we still have time before the challenges can start.

"Wait...what? I don’t understand."

Well we have to give him a bite as well for the claiming to be official. When we return the claim we will have to fight to keep him from others who wish to claim us instead.

"Great so I not only have to worry about my so-called mate, I also have to worry about other male and female wolves who might want the claiming rights…. Is that right?"

Yes that is right. Ho…..

"I cannot believe why someone would do this to another person..I mean come on we are not cattle that can be bought and sold…."

Shut up!... I was not done talking listen and stop being such a rude; angry, bitter human. As i was saying that is true however only once you have staked claim back can it occur…

I can smell him and man he smells so good but the funny part is he doesn’t smell like all of the smells Violet told me about (see chapter 6). They seem to change based on him and his mood i think at least but i do not know how he feels at the moment but he smells like Rain. Not the rain itself but the outside after it rains as if it got a shower and everything is fresh. I really do love the way he smells...shit losing myself to thoughts of him.

You know there is nothing wrong with how you are feeling. We are meant to be with him so we are attracted to him in every way. His smell i s addicting and his wolf carried the cedar smell the most and that has to be his strength or serious side...i don’t know either but he smells good every time.

"But a smell that changes with emotions or manners..really...strange if you ask me."

Well wonder what we smell like to him?

"Now I want to know that too… maybe we smell like kiwi or lemon "…

Why those?

"I don’t know because I use them. You know my favorite lotion is lemon and my shampoo and conditioner is Kiwi."

Stupid human we do not smell like things we use… we are wolves we have a smell all our own.

"You know i do not like it when you call me stupid human… I don’t know much about this new lifestyle. I was stripped from the day I was born but I do have feelings."

Sorry, I am new to being out and fully with you and at times i forget that i am not an unheard voice deep inside. I do not know much about this life besides what I carry over with me from previous lives and that is limited as well. The moon goddess picks what we know and most is about mates and destiny...making sure our bloonlines continue and all that. We have knowledge but not of things we choose.



"Do you ever wish you had a clean slate… you know not know anything and have to be taught it from a young age and all like humans do?"

But that is just it… besides the knowledge of mates and the memory of what ours smells like, pack know how i have no clue. Life is still a learning experience for me too. If we were not given this knowledge by the Moon Goddess we may never understand why we are drawn to someone. Which is why I truly understand why you are scared.

"The truth never sets us free does it?"

No; it imprisons us in our knowledge and understanding. Take for example: a man knows he is going to die. Yet; he never tries to fight to live he simply gives up knowing he will die in the end anyway. In the end he limited himself when he could have tried to fight and live or enjoy his life. Instead he stopped caring, loving or even existing all together.

"Am I limiting myself to my past because I am scared?"

That I do not know for it is your truth... not mine. Mine is that i should be dead, yet i fought and now i am here.

I feel that my past defines me because i fell wholeheartedly for a boy i knew would break my heart. I thought we were happy but i was only lying to myself ..limiting myself trying to change a trust i knew. But no matter how hard i worked and fought to change that truth i still foudn it to be the same in the end.

A truth you had to face but the fact you fought even when you knew the truth deep down shows your strength and that you do not limit yourself. You fought to change a truth you felt false and that showed courage even if it was misplaced.

We did not speak more on the matter of truth for i already knew my next move. Odd how she was my missing piece to everything. I open my eyes to a dark room well almost dark. I see a night light next to a chair that Liam was sleeping on. He still smelt like rain so this is when he is at peace with himself. Well one truth down and countless to go.

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