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Open MInds

Open Minds (longer chapter: almost 3000 words)

I met Liam’s parents and even got to see Hunter in person and Violet was right he has the cedar smell.

Best smell ever and now i will know when he is in control.

I was confused for everyone is talking about me taking on challenges but Violet said that would not occur until I laid claim to him as well. Something about not having a full mark until after the mating ceremony. I am lost but May said we are going for a girls day today and she will explain it more to me.

May was 3 hours late so I assume she got busy and forgot about me. I messaged her that i wasn’t mad but next time to message me so i could avoid waiting around. I could have gone training and given Violet the long run she has been begging me for. I heard the doorbell before I smelt chocolate. Wait is that actual chocolate or Liam?


That is what was repeated over and over in my head once I had opened my door to a shy, nervous looking Liam… A flirtatious smile upon his face as he looked me up and down… So shy,nervous and flirtatious Liam smells like chocolate and not just any chocolate dark chocolate. The smell alone made me look at him like he was a snack…. "Hello"

Hey Faith I heard from May that she would not be able to come by today so i thought i would stop by and see how you are doing.

“Stop by as if you leave close by. You could have just called me.”

You still have not given me your number or i would have and i wanted to see you not just talk to you.

“Well I guess that makes sense.. Come on in”

Thanks...ohh May said to answer any questions you had as well.

We sat in the living room staring at our shoes as if they were the most interesting thing in the world. Now I am really a teenage girl avoiding talking to a boy who I invited into my house….What do I do or where do I start?

“I am going to get something to drink, do you want anything?”

Sure; any ice tea?

I brought out some tea for Liam and a bottle of tequila,lime and salt for me. Ohh i also brought out corona and some chaser juice just in case….liam looked at me confused but i can understand why.

“Well if I am going to ask you personal questions as well as mate related stuff i think i am going to need something stronger than tea.”

In that case you got another shot glass?

“I brought two just in case”

You are one smart woman.

“Thank you.”

After pouring us both a shot we cheered ; To liquid courage! As the burn comes with the saltiness we break out laughing because we both just admitted we needed to loosen up. We talked about ourselves for a while getting to know one another. We laughed and poked fun at one another’s likes and dislikes as if we have known one another for years. He had a thing for moon figurines and art. I laughed since he is a werewolf and all…

“Really! Do you howl at the moon often? Sorry that was cheesy as hell but you know.”

Hey that is not as bad as the fact you like the movie Cry-baby. I thought it was not as good as Grease.

“No fucking way Cry baby was so sweet.”

They drank their own tears and it was just strange the way the characters were.

“You will never change my mind. I love that movie.”

We were laughing at our banter. I even started to play slapped him which caused him to smile. We were now out of tequila so I went to the kitchen and found sour blue raspberry vodka and jolly rancher mix. I made some mix and brought out the new bottle. It was so sweet at first after the tequila but soon it was all good.

“So now that I am relaxed at a point i will ask about this mate thing.”

You sure; I don’t want you to if you are not comfortable.I know it is a serious subject and all.

“I was hoping to be drunk by now so it would not be an issue but i seem to have grown a tolerance for alcohol or something.

Ohh.. well that is because of our immune system we only get the bzz for like a miller second at a time… but most have a special blend that we can get drunk on. I thought you had brought that out at first but it was regular tequila. Let me go check…

“Special alcohol for werewolves?”

Well it is for all shifters in general we cannot get messed up on human liqueur and if you do it would only last for a miller second like i said. Ohh found it.

“That bottle is fancy looking.”

I watched as he poured us a shot and after a cheer I was surprised. It was smooth and tasted like berries.

“Wow that taste good”

This is a really good bottle but I will replace it for your parents. I think they will understand how much we need it.


“So what do I smell like?”

I was not expecting that question but well you smell like a few things and i am figuring out what they belong to.

“You too… I mean you smell like more than one thing but it goes with your manners or emotions. I found it odd since most everyone else smells like one thing.”

Well i believe it is a mate thing since we are supposed to know one another inside and out.

“Wow; someone who knows you that well… man you have your work cut out for yourself.”

I figured but so do you for I am not that ordinary either.

“Stop stalling and answer the question.”

Fine you smell like wild berries, daisies, vanilla and lavender. What do I smell like?

“Well, your wolf smells like Cedar. When you flirt, or shy, or even nervous you smell like chocolate, you smell like rain or nature after a fresh rain when you are at peace or relaxed. But you also smell like fresh cut grass but i have not figured out when you will smell like that. I am still figuring it all out getting to know you.”

Wow; you have me beat. I have just been mesmerized by you most of the time that I have not associated them to pacific aspects of you...Not yet.


Oh no, I am flattered that you already know that much about me. A smell is personal and it tells others who you are and what you represent and the fact you took the time to know me that well...makes me hopeful.


Yes; hopeful for us..i know it is still a lot for you to think about since your past and all.

“Did they tell you about it?”

No; they said you will when you are ready.

“Not the best memory but I will in time… it is nothing that will cause issues in the mate thing.. Just personal stuff.”

Okay so any other questions?

“Yes, why is everyone worried about the challenges?”

Because I laid claim to you and we are both from original bloodlines.

“Okay but Violet said that until I return the claim we will not have to worry about them.”

That would be true if I was not from royal blood.

“What?”....well this changes everything.

Royal blood lines are required to report claims right after they are done to give other wolves the chance to take claim to my mate. this rule was created due to so many centuries of powerful bloodlines always being mated to powerful bloodlines and felt that others had the right to be mated to them as well so the royals caved and allowed challengers to come forth and prove they are worthy of another’s mate. I was able to postpone my announcement of my claim due to your situation but that will end in 2 weeks.

“Just two weeks? Do they think I will gain the strength of someone who has been training their whole life in 2 weeks?”

I know and since you are the last of this bloodline you will be in high demand.

“High demand...what about your bloodlines. Not that it matters you are sexy as all hell i am sure you have girls flocking to you from all over the world. I barely started to train and no matter how powerful a bloodline i cannot protect myself from jealous females after my mate. Why are you smiling? Do you find this funny?”

No; i and just smiling because you called me sexy and your mate.


He had come closer to me lifting my chin I had dropped to hide my red face. His smile and eyes had me frozen in place. I felt odd and needed to shake this off for the time being and act as if i did not want to kiss him.

“I need another shot.”

That is what we did drink until the moment had passed or so i had thought. I found myself wanting to play so I snuck off and retrieved a squirt gun from my room. Filling it up I crept back down to the living room to find him sitting in the same place so I shot him….

What the hell ...ohh you are so dead… he came chasing after me and i ran one knew my house like me. Too bad I was drunk so I stumbled over a rug and he was able to grab me by my waist. I tried to escape but he started to tickle me which caused not only me to fall to the ground but him as well. He did not stop his tickle assault on me but I started to try and escape once again.

See if he is ticklish as well.

“Violet I have not heard much from you today….”

I was letting you two get to know one another. I am glad you are getting along and having an open mind about him.

“I am just doing as you suggested to stop putting blame on him and I am trying to see who he is and why someone would place us as mates in the first place. I have to say so far he is fun and I could see myself talking to him for hours on end.”

“I tried his sides and under his arms but he was not ticklish. If this keeps up I will pee my pants but I am laughing so hard I cannot speak to tell him….Violet, help any ideas?”

Just say his name that should grab his attention….

“Weird but okay….L-Liam.”

He stopped and stared at me as if I had just said the most beautiful thing in the world. I could get lost in the way he looks at me. There is so much emotion in his eyes and I can feel he cares so deeply... that scares me. I am trying to move past my fear that my ex placed in my life but this is a different kind of scared. This is scary that one feels starting new things because it is exciting yet the unknown is what causes one to doubt life itself. At this moment I have to choose my safe zone or the excitement of starting something new with the possibility of failure in the end. My bladder made the decision for me i had to pee and that meant now...I didn’t say a word as I turned and bolted to the bathroom. For a split second I thought I had seen disappointment in his eyes but I was moving really fast and could be wrong.

Upon exiting the restroom the house was very quiet and I mean like erie quiet. I walked into the living room and saw that Liam was nowhere to be found. Thinking he was just looking around i went to search for him but i already knew he was not in the house i felt it but wanted to be wrong. Why would he just leave when we had ...had a moment ….

You bolted to pee without a word.

I knew ...I saw right… So where would he go?

Mate is close ...just focus and you should be able to not only smell but sense him.

I took a deep breath in and focused ….he smelt like fresh cut grass and he was sad or upset… Why?... I opened my eyes and headed outside. It was darker out tonight since the moon was not even nothing was lighting up the night sky. I tapped into Violets super sight.. Awesome by the way almost like night vision. I went to the right feeling he was that way and I was right; I jogged up to him. He was leaning on a tree and did not meet my eyes as he said:

What are you doing out here?

“Ohh ….you know I just felt like going for a walk. Why do you think I am out here?”

Look it is not safe to go walking at this hour and you don’t have to worry about me I was on my way out.

“I know you are not that stupid to think I was really out here for a walk. Why are you leaving anyway? I thought we were having a good time?”

You ran off when….

“When what ...i had to pee so bad and that was your fault….”

What? You had to pee?

“Yes; because some hot guy had been tickling me to death.”

I thought you… never mind.. Did you say hot?

“That is a better look on you”

He looked at me confused so I cleared it up…. “The duffis. Now what did you think I was doing…...running away?” He didn’t have to answer me. I could tell that was exactly what he had assumed I was doing. I knew he was looking at me like he wanted to…. Fuck it….

I captured his lips with mine and I felt him stiffen but relax soon realising I was not pulling away. Wrapping his arms around my waist he pulled me closer so i returned the gesture by wrapping my arms around his neck. Our lips were now in sink but i felt a desire to deepen the kiss and I did not fight it… thanks to the liquid courage I have had plenty of tonight.

He growled in response to my actions not only turning me on but causing my knees to go weak. He felt me slipping and tightened his grip on me while spinning me around so that my back was now on the tree. The bark was about to become a part of my second skin but i was not complaining; i was melting into this man. He nibbled my bottom lip asking for entry but I was too fuzzy that I did not respond so he brought one right hand up and squeezed my left boob. I let out a moan of pleasure but that was what he needed as he slipped his tongue into my mouth. Tongues battled for dominance but I was not as skilled as he was...I claim defeat but I don’t think I have lost in any way.

The need for air was coming yet he lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist without breaking the kiss. As much as this kiss was rocking my world I needed to breath so I pulled away feeling and hearing the whimper from us both. Gasping for air as our chest rose and fell from our encounter we looked into one another’s eyes followed by me leaning my forehead to his forehead.

“Wow” was all I could muster up to say after all that just happened. We moved together like we were made that way and my actions did not feel foriegn or guided by him no it was our bodies responding to one another as if they had been doing it forever. I have never kissed anyone like that.. and I was eager to try it again.

Yeah; that was the best kiss ever.

He lifted my chin and looked me in my eyes as he leaned in...connecting our lips in a hunger that told me he has been starving until now.

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