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We were lost in each other’s touch as our second kiss was heating up. I tried to hold in my moans and purrs as he devoured my lips again and again. Pulling apart to breath was helpful so we could just continue making out. He lifted me up and now the only thing supporting me was his arms as he began to walk. I was confused at first but I was too into the kiss to stop and question his actions but smelling my home I knew where we were headed.

Violet was purring in my head and wanted to come forth and meet her mate. I told her I will ask him but for now let me enjoy this moment with him. I did not want to stop and let my head get the best of me by over thinking and regretting everything that has occured. I don’t want to be sad and afraid anymore I want to live and I mean really live. And this man mate makes me feel things I have not felt in years if ever and I am not ready to let it stop. I think I have come to accept he is supposed to be mine. I can just feel it but am I ready for this?

Don’t please.

“Don’t what”

I can feel you doubting something. I just don’t want that to be us doubting so please don’t...just let yourself go ..only for tonight..please.

His words and eyes were pleading with me and I wanted to give in but ….I really wanted to give in but I have my limits to how far I’ll go. I have never been one to fully let myself go and if i ever got close to doing it something always happened and reminded me why.

No limits for our mate; let it flow

“No; I am not ready for that..I need more time.” I tell Violet

“Can we go slow?..I am very inexperienced and I’m not ready to fully let go but I will try as long as you listen when I say stop.”

He doesn’t say a word, no; he just continues to carry me into the house and up the stairs to my room. Without letting me go he shuts the door with his foot and sets me on my bed. Bending down he takes off my shoes followed by my pants. I watched him mesmerized by his movements. I did not let my freaking out mind stop him ..not yet he did not seem out of control and was listening to my body as he continued to slowly spread sparks and tingles all over my body. He was respecting my wishes and i can say that alone was sexy as fuck a man who listens.

I was left in my tank top and underwear as he stepped back and looked at me with hunger in his eyes. He was taking me all in as if to memorise my shape and curves as he took off his shirt and bottoms to be only in his boxers. He did me the honor of allowing me to take him all in as well. He was fit and toned and I felt an urge to lick him all over every inch I am weird..”Violet was that you?” Sorry he looks so tasty. I agree with her but I am starting to get nervous this is the most naked I have been in a long time.

As he stepped closer I gasped as I noticed his package and well I never knew they got that big. He grinned at my reaction and the fact I was looking in that area after I said I was not ready here I am staring at it. I returned my eyes to his and watched as he came down and rested on his elbows over me. When did I lay down? he is good my body moved with and for him as he made his position clear. He was incharge and I was starting to stiffen up not knowing what was going to happen but his voice calmed me.

Relax; I heard you loud and clear we are here at this moment no requirements form either one of us just here.

I felt my body relax as I looked into his eyes deeper than I had before and I swear I could get lost in them. He took possession of my lips and I allowed him to take control as my lips and body moved in sync with his. Once again as if they were made to be one and I guess that makes sense since we are mates. Our breathing and heart rates were at their max and if I didn’t know better I would think they would come out and live a life of their own.

Liam rested his lower half to touch mine as he pressed inward creating a moment of bliss as his member rubbed against my sex. Even though they were both covered in this moment we both got goosebumps as we moved in a new rhythm together letting go of what if and all other issues we just let ourselves feel and got lost in eachother. We kissed as he continued to rub against me and I felt as my release was near. I clung to him and I moaned his name “Liam” causing him to stiffen as he said fuck ...Faith... you feel so good. He came down and kissed me with so much passion I almost came again. I was in a new state of being as i have never felt that entwined with anyone as if i had never felt at all until Liam.

After a few seconds we both washed up and returned to my room where we collapsed on my bed without saying a word we just laid there looking at one another. Hands tied together as his warmth made a cocoon of it’s own around me. We were starting to fall asleep when the sun had already made it way out and peeked in my window. Drifting off was easy being next to Liam. I felt us move around until I became the small spoon as his arms wrapped me up. Pure bliss is all I can say.

Bang...Bang...Bang; was the sound of someone at my door. Who was rude enough to bang on someone’s front door in this manner? Liam had jumped up ready to attack and protect me but relaxed when he noticed no one was in the room with us.

“Its the front door.”

Who is that rude to bang on a door like that?

“I was wondering the same thing. I will go check.”

Liam stopped me from getting up and looked at me and I now remember I am not dressed enough to go down and the banging is still happening.

I will go down and stop the banging and you can come join once you’re fully dressed.

“You know you are in no more than your boxers..right?

Yes; I am very aware but as a guy I can walk around in just pants. He says as he slips on his jeans and heads out the door.

I hear him on the stairs and am amazed at the fact we slept next to one another and other things but instead of focusing on that I got up and got dressed; put my hair in a bun and went to join Liam at the door.

I hear two male voices and I know Liam’s by heart now but the other sounds familiar yet not as I came down the stairs. The sight before me made me want to run and never turn back. My moment of bliss is ruined and it is all due to one person...


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