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Liam watched me as my whole body went stiff and I had no smile as I came closer to him. He soon followed my line of vision and darted from Luke to me and back again a few times before he spoke.


“Yes; Liam”

This gentleman said he was here to see you on an important matter.

“And what is this important matter?” I say with venom in my voice to let him know unhappy I was to see him.

Well; it is good to see you too baby. He smirked at me.

I wanted to run and smack that smirk right off his face but I knew if I was okay with my actions toward him that Liam might feel free to act out his frustration at seeing a guy whom I used to love come and interrupt our time together. So i breath before replying to calm myself somewhat.

“Don’t call me that. You lost that right. Now what do you want”

Liam had stiffened at the fact Luke called me baby and he even grabbed my hand in a way to claim me in the human form. Glad he can control his urge to growl and rip Luke apart right now. Luke is lucky he is human or this would have went a lot different.

Look I wanted to talk about what happened between us not to mention that you set my house on fire.

You set his house on fire? Liam had a what the fuck look on his face.

“Yes, I did and I know you would not be here on your own unless you wanted something from me; so why police?”

I got my evidence but I feel that the insurance I will receive will cover all the damage you caused but I also wanted to see you. So why not send your friend home so we can talk about us and everything.

“There is no 'us' ...Luke and this is not just my friend..he is my... boyfriend so whatever you have to say you can say it infront of him as well.”

I was afraid of what Liam would think of me telling Luke he was my boyfriend before we even had the talk. I was so worried he was going to be like boyfriend since when? but he just sneezed my hand to show he was okay with it or attest that is what I thought it meant. I am lost over thinking my own words when he breaks the silence for me.

So this is Luke? I was expecting something more based on the little I heard of him. Liam was not happy now that he knew it was Luke standing in front of us. He had no clue who Luke was or what happened between me and him but he knew that he hurt me and that was enough to hate the man.

You sure moved on fast. It took me a good minute to get you to go on a date with me but here this man is already at your house staying over. You never let me stay over so what is so special about him over your .....fiancee?

“You are not my fiance and unlike you he cherishes me; so what do you really want?”

Liam is squeezing my hand so tight that if I was not a werewolf it would have broken by now. I squeezed back to assure him I was still his. Yet; I knew and he knew I was no longer as brave as I was last night. I was no longer going with the flow of the moment no I was now back to my let no one in phase.

I had just finally started to come out of it but now I can’t not now with Luke here. I feel like the old me and I can hear Violet telling me to not cower before him but he broke me and I was not done healing yet. Liam noticed I was not doing okay and I felt him pull me closer to him but Luke was enjoying the reaction he still had over me.

Look my parents want you to come over for dinner.

“Take your girlfriend or another girl you might be seeing”

There are no other women at the moment ..just you baby. My parents don’t know we broke up and are hoping to see you so I thought I would stop by and tell you I wanted to give it another shot. I think we started so young and I know we can at least try to have some fun together before we decide to really seperate or not. So what do you say?

“Are you serious? I don’t think you understand my message of burning your house down. You and I are over ..finished. So whatever your offering is of no importance to me nor is the fact you can’t man up and tell your parents that you fucked up. So I think you can leave and never come back again.”

I rushed that out as fast as I could and hoped he would leave but instead he fucked up. He grabbed me and yanked me toward him. Just as I was going to force release myself from him he captured my lips. I was now pushing him off of me but I didn’t want to hurt him so I didn use more than my normal strength. I had to use more when he refused to let me go as if he could make me fall back in love with him with a forced kiss. I felt disgusted by his touch and he smelled so bad. What did I like about him again?

I heard his growl and knew I was acting nice toward Luke but I did not want to hurt him. It is not that I still cared for him but he did not know about werewolves and I didn’t want to be one who exposed it by trying to get rid of my human ex boyfriend. I had to think of something but all I had to do was go old school. I kneed him in his crown jewels and finally he released me but I was not free for Liam grabbed me like his life depended on my contact.

I was wiping at my mouth and felt no matter what I did he was still on my skin. I excused myself after telling Liam to “behave”. Looking back on more time I see Luke still hunched over putting pressure on his manly-hood. I had to brush and use some mouthwash because the smell from Luke was so gross and Violet was ready to kill him. I returned back down stairs to a sulking Luke and pissed off Liam who had fist clinched so tight they were whiter than a ghost. I walked to Liam and placed my hand on his shoulder to give him a non verbal thank you and support for not killing Luke while I was away. I stood up ready to tell luke to fuck off ..finally having the courage to do it but instead he tried again.

Now come on baby you know you felt the spark; plus all I asked was for you to think it over and come to dinner with me and we can see where things go from there. You now know I am not a one woman man so all you have to do is know you are the main one. So what do you say?

I was pissed he wanted me to be okay with him seeing other people all to avoid telling his parents he fucked up. See he didn’t want me no he wanted the idea of a relationship with me. In this thought he would look balanced and an average man but instead he had a craving for the party life but knew he would be cut off if his parents knew.

“I don’t understand why you care about being cut off since you landed the job before I left. You had a new girl and everything, so why do you need their approval?”

You really are smart ...well turns out the boss was her father and she was engaged to be married to one of the founders son's of the law firm so I might have lost my job and been blacklisted. wow he even is rubbing his neck as if it is no big deal he ruined his career for a fuck.

“Wow; that is fitting.” I say this with a chuckle behind my words knowing that karma did its thing to him.

What? Why are you laughing at me? You cannot be happy with him. Just get your things and we can leave here and be at my parents by 5 and we will find a new home later just hurry up.

He was demanding I do as he says and if I was the same person who fell in love with him I more than likely would have but my heart and soul was never his I am where I am suppose to be.

“You really are a new kind of stupid. You have no power over me... not anymore. I was trying to be nice earlier but I think you need to leave before I let him do what he wants to do to you. I don’t know if I will be happy but it is still early in our relationship so I am willing to see where it goes.” I did not look back at Liam no I smelt how he felt about my words. His anger was not the strongest emotion at the moment.

I walked to my front door and opened it to jester he went..Now.

He flared his nostrils but still got up and left and as I was going to shut the door Liam came to me grabbed me and kissed me in a possessive manner and I knew he was sending a message to Luke. I guess I should help deliver it; so I wrapped my arms around his neck and returned the kiss letting a moan escape my mouth as he released me and we both turned to see a shocked Luke who had never seen me this active but he was not Liam.

You have changed no just physically but your manner as well. I think I might be willing to be a one woman man if you show me such attention as you do him. he is pointing at Liam but he is wrong he will never stop wanting more of things he does not have. he is the type of person who wants it all no matter the cost and my happiness was at stake. I am not ready or willing to give my all to Liam but I refuse to allow myself to wallow in self pity at the hands of a man who doe snot see my worth. I was a fool to not of seen it but my eyes are open and Violet has my back.

“Never going to happen and good luck with your parents.” That was the last thing I said as I slammed the door. I fell to the floor and Looked up to Liam knowing I had to relive my past so he would better understand what just happened. I think he understood that I was mentally exhausted at the moment because he said.

We can talk later... for now shall we go back to bed?

“I could use some sleep and time to think are you sure you want to stay?”

As much as I know a little bit of time apart will help us both my wolf is on edge and you my dear mate are the only thing that can calm him.

“Okay and before I get in trouble for not telling you earlier violet my wolf would like to come out and meet you.”

Hunter said he would like a second chance at meeting you as well since the last time ..well you know.

He looked so cute because he was nervously rubbing his neck as if he was embarrassed by his previous actions.

“Well; Hunter I know you can hear me so; I would love to get a chance to see and truly meet you on common grounds but for now let us get through this and when the time is right we will do a meet and greet.”

He said he understands and will be waiting for the day you think it is appropriate....

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