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One More Day

One More Day

Faith and Liam’s POV’s

Faith’s POV

The weeks we had to train went fast but the time we spent getting to know one another flew by even faster but it was enough to show me that I was ready to fight for him… well really us.

My sister reminded me every time I started to freak out that there was a high chance that no one would challenge a fated mate bond. This is the one thing that makes me see a peaceful end to all this stupid challenge stuff. I miss the human aspect to this area for when they choose someone they can ignore others but a werewolf mate or bond can end in death. I love my new life and possible future but I would be lying if I said I was completely fine. I still feared myself and my choices even with Liam being there with me every step of the way. I have not allowed us to get as close as we had that one night.

Tonight would be the last time I see Liam for a few days as the rules apparently state that the chosen mated couple will spend at most 2 days apart while challenges are collected. Something about us knowing if the bond is strong enough to hold out while away from each other but it is only two days so what is the big deal...right?

I waited for Liam on the porch as I got lost in the reality of my nightmare. I only remember my emotions from it now but they are very strong ones that’s for sure. Violet has been happy with me letting Liam stay over and talking to him more about well everything. Hse has a very dirty mind which I came to know over the last few weeks. With that in mind she sends me an image of Liam without a shirt on. I feel the drool starting to build and I am pissd off at the same time for she never lets me just enjoy his presence; she sends me images and thoughts beyond my knowledge. I find it hard to look at him most of the time because I almost feel myself gravitating toward him to try some of the things Violet shows me. Well almost because my worries always come in stronger than the desire so I come out of my lust and distance us to help the ...pull they call it.

I went over the conversation my mother and I had about the mate pull.

Faith since you have a limited understanding of mates and werewolves in general; let’s talk.

“Mom why do you look like you are going to have the sex talk with me?”

In a way you can say I am. Since it has been so crazy since you came home and found out about everything and then you were claimed and that is a lot to take such a small amount of time. You are a strong woman and I am proud of you no matter what the challenge outcome may present. However I do not want you going into this confused about the requirements or pain that comes with a claim and its pull.

“Really? I am not that strong but I appreciate the compliment.”

You may have a negative set of mind on who you are but not many can regain their wolf spirit and stay calm when a man she doesn’t know claims her. I for one was unable to resist your stepfather long before he claimed-marked me.

The simple remark about her and my father and I was praying she did not go into detail.. They are my parents and I cannot .ugggg. You get it so i’ll just keep going.

“Everyone keeps saying claim-marked what is that really?”

Well Liam’s wolf claimed you and in a way accepted the mate bond and pairing. He was marking you as his but it is not a permanent mark and overtime his scent will fade but the effect will remain.


Yes; the claim enhances how you feel about him and it makes the mate pull 20 times as strong so seeing you not fully mated is one for the record books. Any way the effects will remain for as long as you are mates unless you lose in the challenges which; he is to mark his new mate you will feel the pain of his mark and claim disappearing. The fact is that you are fighting the mate pull and I just want to go over it with you. So just listen and let me get all of it out before any questions.

She looks at me for an answer but I do not speak. I simply nod for her to continue.

When Liam and his wolf found you you not only ran in hopes to free yourself from the feeling you had for a stranger but also for the fact it was an instinct to initiate a chase. A Wolf desires a strong mate to insure strong pups and you showed your mate you were not only strong but stubborn. Your father would be so proud to know who you are mated to and that you were a fighter until the end.

Now I know you went through a lot with Luke and all that but please do not place your blame or worries on Liam. he is your fated mate and no one will ever love you as much or as deep as Liam will. The moon goddess paired you two for a reason and I just hope you fight with all of your heart for the chance to feel that love.

When he claim-marked you he gave acceptance to you being his mate but once you lose or win the challenges you or he will be required to claim to mark another wolf. Upon doing this you are breaking the moon goddess pairing of you two wolves as well as the mate pairing of the wolves who win.

If you and Liam win the challenges and remain mates you will have to finish mating without the mating ceremony. This means you will not have a mate ceremony before; unless you have no challenges. Based on the amount of challenges you both receive will determine how long you are to be seperated no matter these two days for collecting the challenges. You may not understand it yet since you have been around him everyday lately but the distance will be hard on you and your wolf.

My mother continued to tell me about all the things to expect and I was listening but I was more confused for the fact I will have to let him bite me again and the last time that occured I was out for a while.

That was because you were fighting the claim-bite.

That is true so maybe it will be less painful?

It will hurt more for he has to bite deeper than he did before but the pain only lasts a few seconds.

The idea of being bitten deeper is not the best but I was more freaked out when my mom said I would have to bite him back to claim him as wella s seal the mate bond. But my sister never said she bit her mate so I only assumed it was the males who bit and sealed the mate bond. I had to know so I waited until she was finished explaining all the ins and outs of the pull which I now fully understand but the mating process only left questions mainly why I had to bite him too.

“Okay main question… Why do I have to bite Liam too .. I don’t remember saying anything about that?”

Ohh; well you see me and your father or stepfather are not of high ranking bloodlines so May and her wolf have no reason or desire to mark her mate.

“But her mate is an alpha.”

Yes; but he is not from an original bloodline so he is strong and dominant but not as much as you and Liam are.

“So because of my father’s bloodline; Violet will need to mark her mate to seal the mate bond?”

Yes, Biting and claiming him fully will help seal the mate bond.

“Why are you saying help seal the bond?”

Well you will have to consummate the bond as well mixing your scents as one.

“Ohhh; but I have...never gone that far before.”

What were you not in a relationship with Luke for almost over five years? Not that i am complaining but i am shocked. Luke doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would be happy about that.

“Believe me he did not appreciate it…. hints to him cheating on me. I wanted to wait. I felt it deep inside to wait for the right person or once I was married.”

I see ...well do you have any questions about that part of the whole mate bond sealing?

I was red as a lobster at the fact I was really being offered the sex talk this time. “No! Sorry no offense but we do have the internet and at my age I already feel embarrassed talking to you about it.” I had done research before when I thought of giving in to Luke but he always did or said something to change my mind. If I was nervous before I am terrified now for I will have to give myself fully to Liam who I find attractive but have not known that long.

Liam’s POV

Once I reached Faith’s house; I stopped to just watch her as she sat on the porch. It has been great justbeng with her but I felt her holding herself back. We have become closer and gotten to know one another and I was falling for her even without the physical aspect of our relationship. I had hoped she would allow me to kiss her again but it seems that Luke had ruined that from happening when he showed up and reminded her of all her pain. She had finally told me about him or atleast taht they were together for 5 ears before she foudn out he was a cheater and down right stupid even as humans go. He let something as great as Faith get away and I am thankful for that. As fucked up as it is I am happy he fucked up and cheated for I would have never had the chance to find her.

I pushed all that away as I watched Faith’s face show her emotions and I wondered what she was thinking about but at the same time I just enjoyed how honest her body was as I watched worry, anger and embarrassment cross her face. She was not as closed off as she once was but that could be just me since I am getting to know her inside and out feeling the mate pull and bond growing with each breath we take in each other’s presence. It was getting harder to hold myself well really my wolf back from just taking her in our arms.

The reality of having to be away from her for two days is killing me inside. I do not know how many will challenge her for a chance at mating me but I already know of many ready to come fight me for Faith. She may not know it yet but she is one in a million and fucking sexy as hell. The fact of how she was put down by her ex makes it that much sweeter because she doesn’t know how beautiful she really is. I plan on letting her know everyday how wonderful she is but I just hope we make it through the challenges.

I had to touch her before we got upset about the possibility of losing her. I heard her mumble something about research and I had to ask “research for what?” which caused her face to turn redder than i have ever seen before. I loved the way she looked right now; like I just caught her hand in the cookie jar or something.

Ohh; nothing just something I need to read up on. I felt she was holding back on some details but i could tell she was not in the mood to tell me what it was so i will ignore this feeling and move on. I do not want to fight before we have to be apart because she doesn’t know that I will not even be able to call her.

I have to return to my territory and catch up on work I have slacked on and my parents have been awesome trying to give me space but they cannot do it all so I figured the best time to do it all is why I cannot have my mate with me. I know a distraction I have to tell her tonight about it but mainly my family tradition requires complete distance so no calls no late night visits nothing and that will be hard enough if I am in the same town.

We have all agreed wella ll but Faith knows of my royal status but I don’t want to tell her as of yet not until I know she will be mine forever. This is why I don’t see her receiving that many challenges for me but as I said I have already heard word from friends about many powerful alphas coming to claim the last of her bloodline. I hoped that with my request and favor of not providing her picture would lessen the amount. I knew the fact of her bloodline would still create a lot and I would be truly fighting to keep her and I will until my last breath if need be. She is worth every thing and I will not miss the chance to continue to be her everything and her mine.

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