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Faith’s POV

I felt my cheeks heat up because there was no way I was going to admit the whole research of sex talk and all that I had with my mother eariler this morning. How do you tell your possible mate for life you have never had sex. Luke hated that I was a virgin and as much as I hate to compare them I am worried it will be the same. Liam has never even gotten mad at me for avoiding kissing him again so I can hold out hope his reaction will be better than Luke’s was.

I looked up at Liam and saw he was worried about something and I am nosy so I ask.

“Why the long face..Liam?” i know he loves when i say his name as if it is the greatest thing that comes out of my lips. To be honest when he says mine it is like a wave of chills run through my body. The closer I get to Liam the more I feel electric sparks on my skin and melt when he looks at me like I am the only one for him.

Well; I don’t want to ruin our day together but when we are apart we for the next few days we will not be able to see or talk to one another.

“Seriously, I already know about that; my mom told me and we will have texting and phone calls, so don’t worry.”

That’s just it, Faith we won’t have any communication at all. It is not just the common rules that apply to us. My pack had traditions that go back way before your mothers does and that means I will also be going back to my territory until the challenges start. I need to prepare as do you and being together stops us from fully training.

“So; you are leaving tonight?”

Yes, after our date I will fly back. I have been slacking on my work and it has piled up so I will have that to keep me busy.

He is worried I will be mad at him for leaving and I am. How am I going to get through the days without hearing his voice? I had promised Violet that much during our time apart which i assumed would be for at the most 2 days but based on this new information it will be much longer.

“Why did you not tell me beforehand so i could prepare violet for this… she is the one who will be up my ass about you.”

Ohh, I didn’t think she would be the only one upset.

Shit; I said the wrong thing of course I would miss him too but Violet is more outspoken about how we feel and I just basically told him I didn’t care. “That is not what i wanted to say.”

Well can you explain that because I am a little upset to hear you do not care I am leaving but your wolf does.

“Of course I care that you will be away. I am not good at expressing myself so forgive me for the moment of misspeaking. I just have come to depend on you and I don’t know what I will do. I prepared myself for two days away with texts and phone calls to aid me and Violet through this.”

Here I am making a huge deal out of this when I myself was like it’s just two days but I really was depending on the text and calls to Liam. He was the calm to my storm of crazy thoughts and I have grown attached to him being around.

You depend on me? Well then what can I do for you to make this news better?

“Tell me you’re joking about all of it.”

Sorry love but I cannot lie to you not about this… I know of all the horror stories about claim-bitten mates being away from one another and I don’t know if it will affect us as much but I will be back in time to beat up all the wolves who want to take you from me.

“I doubt anyone wants me.”

My love, you do not know how wonderful you are and that is one thing I like about you. No matter what I will be back in your arms. Now let us enjoy our time together and forget about the rest of the world.

I liked the sound of that because I just want to get as much of him as I can for now before I am overthinking this whole challenge stuff that I still have no clue about. Okay i understand i will be fighting she wolves to keep Liam but i am still banking on the fact that not many challenge fated mate bonds. I just hope no more surprises arise because I cannot handle too much without Liam around to calm me down.

We had dinner but this time we did it in wolf form so our wolves could get their time together. I had to remind Violet not to push past my boundaries of affection. I found I had the power to switch us back as long as my human side emotions were in check. Violet is not a fan of this but it helps me keep her from playing out her fantasies.

We let Violet and HUnter run for a few hours before I asked Violet to let me surprise Hunter. She was upset I interrupted their time together but she is just being greedy right now. I took control and headed back to my clothes and shifted and dressed in record time as Hunter came up wide eyed for a wolf.

“Hey; Hunter i know i interrupted the run between you and Violet but i felt it was a good day to come say hi.”

He looked at me listening to every word I said before hopping around like a rabbit with four legs. I take it he is excited about this. I sat down on the forest floor and waited for him to come to me. He did a few more excited jumps and I thought his tail was going to make him take flight at one point but soon he came over to me and licked my face. Yes he licked my face and I do mean my whole face.

“Seriously Hunter if you wanted me to smell like you all you had to do was rub yourself on me.” Liam had told me how Hunter disliked the fact I was smelling less and less like him but that was normal for the mark was not a full on mark. I honestly think Liam was getting upset about it too because he would find ways to touch me or insisted on helping me fold my laundry. May said he was placing his scent on all my clothes to tell other male wolves you have someone already and at first i was like what? But I get it because Violet has had me rub our scent on him many times already. Liam doesn’t mind it but I feel weird knowing what I am doing but it is apart of my life now and I am trying to embrace it.

Hunter is smelling me and decides to lay next to me or that is what i thought at least but no he was smelling to see where I lacked his scent. He rubbed all over my sides and even nusseled me to stand up so he could rub my back side.

“Wow, almost feel like I need to lay out all my clean clothes and let you roll in them to please you.” Hunter shot his head up and wagged his tail ..fuck should have not tried to make a smart comment he really likes the idea of that.

“I was trying to be a smartass..sorry Hunter. You know I have been around you a while I am sure my room even smells like you. So, relax I know you are uncomfortable with being away from me but we will be here waiting for you to come back..okay.” He was calmer now after i said that to him so i returned to the ground and waited for him to come sit with me. I talked to him about my likes and dislikes. I even found stuff out about him based on the snout rubs and licks I got. He loves to hunt and I thought that was funny because of his name but I kept that to myself.

“Hunter, I know you want to be with me forever but can I have Liam back?” he gave me a pout which is odd since he is in wolf form; but I think I just understood his eyes and expression by now. “Okay how about I let Violet out to say goodbye and after you let me and Liam do the same?” he nodded to me agreeing to my idea. I returned to the tree I was dressed at and came out as Violet who tackled Hunter to the ground.

Thank you. I was getting a little jealous of all the attention you were getting.

“Ohh; I know I could feel it but I had to deal with it when you hung out with Liam alone. You fought me for almost 16 hours to stay in wolf form with him.”

That is because I knew you would freak out when I licked him and not let me see him for a while.

So she wasn’t wrong about that fact but it was before I knew about the scent stuff. I had gotten a little weirded out and jealous since I was the one watching him smile and be happy with another even if technically it was still me. So I understood her at this moment and just let it pass as she and Hunter rubbed against one another but all of a sudden HUnter disappeared behind a tree and out popped Liam. i thought that meant he wanted me to change but instead he came over and spoke to Violet.

Hey Vi; i just wanted to say I will miss you too.

After he said that Violet rubbed our scent all over him and she let me come out after.

“Thank you for doing that. She is much more relaxed now.”

Well you sure did surprise Hunter. He is one happy guy right now so thank you for letting him see you. He is upset you were joking about the rolling in your clothes but I reminded him that your room sure does smell like us.

I giggled and took his hand. Yes, I am feeling brave at the moment. I d o not know if it is because he is leaving or I want to remind him I am here and worth it but I decided to let myself just feel for tonight. So we held hands and walked for a while and talked. Most of the time we were silent as if we didn’t need any words but my mind was full of Violets images again so I would bring something up here and there.

We stopped at a bench..well a fallen tree turned into a bench really. Anyway we sat down and cuddled together but it only took a moment for me to look up at him and see his handsome face and know I wanted I needed him to kiss me.

Liam stared at me for what felt like hours waiting to see if I retreated myself like I have been doing but once he noticed I was not running he leaned in and captured my lips. He moaned into our kiss and nibbled my bottom lip asking for entrance which I happily gave him. His tongue caused me to moan as he dominated my mouth. I was melting into his touch and found myself straddling him.

Grabbing a hold of my waist he pulled me closer to him as if we were too far apart. We were getting lost in the moment and I almost stopped myself but Violet reminded me he was leaving for a while and we both needed this at the moment. So I wrapped my arms around his neck and allowed my body to move on its own. He growled as I began to grind my hips to him but he didn’t let my mouth go.I felt his member getting harder than it already was and it only made me grind more against him.

I released my mouth some from his to get some air in my lungs before once again letting Liam dominate it. I moaned into the kiss and deepening my arousal rose to a new level. It was not long before I was moaning into each grind I did. Liam now was helping me in the my first ever dry hump and fuck it felt great.

“Fuck… Liam.”

That earned me a growl of what I hope of approval since I called his name with a voice I never knew I had in me. Since I was not ready to start the kissing again he took it upon himself to kiss down my neck and when he pecked his claim-mark I about lost it so he smirked and continued to assault my neck.

I felt my body ready to release and so did Liam but as I was starting to tingle he made his way back to his claim-mark and bit down, making me spasum out a much stronger release . this time the bite did not hurt and it felt so fucking good..why?

Sorry..I couldn’t help myself..did I hurt you?

“No; it was fine but why?”

Well Hunter took over and redid the claim-mark but since we have a stronger bond now and we were in the heat of pleasure it was smoother.

“Ohh, well that was fun.”

Fun...women you make it hard for me to leave.

“Good..just means you will work fast and return to me sooner.”

Depends: is This faith going to be here waiting?

“ I wish I knew but she is here now so don’t question it.”

Duly noted. Liam said as he adjusted his member and kissed me again. I loved that he never tried to push past my limits and allowed me to set the pace. He walked me back to my house and I knew it was late but I didn’t want him to go. I hugged him for a long time knowing that once I released him he would be leaving and not just for a day or two no he would be away until the challenges took place.

Steal his coat…

“What ..why?”

Just do it.. Trust me.

Violet never ever asks me things like this and I do trust her so release Liam and start stripping him of his coat. He is confused but allows me to undress him. It is not like it is cold out and I know this is his favorite coat since he is always using and taking care of it and never accidently shifts in it. I put on the coat as if to say i was cold but we both knew better.

I have to go now, but i will be back so no replacing me while i’m away

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” was all I said as I blew him a kiss and walked into the house wearing his coat.

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