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Faith and Liam’s POV

Faith’s POV

The first night was hell. I tossed and turned and sleep was not happening. I was used to Liam cuddling me and I had become the little spoon. I had to even Block Violet because she was whimpering and I knew why. She could feel the distance between me and Liam as it grew and it hurt. No one ever told me about this and I wonder why? I will have to ask May or mom about it because it is just confusing to why I would feel this pain as he gets further away from me.

I bolted up and headed for the kitchen. If I was not going to sleep I may as well do something productive. Time to cook a massive breakfast since everyone will be up in two hours. I was immersed in cooking when I heard footsteps join me in the kitchen but I just wanted to keep myself busy.

Are you trying to feed an army?

“No; I just thought it would be nice to make breakfast for you guys.”

Well we appreciate that but that is not the real reason you’re in here making this much food and noise.

“Sorry if I woke you up ...I just needed to do something.”

Already can’t sleep without him?

“Is it that overious? Why can’t I sleep and why does it hurt?”

I can answer the sleep question but the pain there is no pain associated during the break. You need him or at least his scent to sleep now that your bond is stronger so you just need something of his that has a strong scent on it.

“That’s why she wanted me to steal his coat.”


“Violet; had me still Liam’s coat last night before he left.”

Left? I thought he was staying in town

“No ; he had to go back home and catch up on work so he won’t be back until the challenges start.”

Ohh; well i am sorry to hear that honey but i am sure the phone calls will help with the distance.

“He can’t call or text me...something about his family rituals or rules during this time apart.”

Now I see why you are restless; but what about this pain you asked about?

“I don’t get why I feel pain the further he is from me. Violet could not stop whimpering so I shut her out for now.”

What hurts?

“I can’t really explain it; my heart; my soul really; they feel like they are being twisted and pulled apart. Why did you not tell me about this?”

If I knew about it I would have told you, but this is new to even me. I never experienced that and to be honest there are a lot of things you may experience that I have not. Now I think you need to get some rest and I will finish up the cooking and cleaning.

I heard my mother but my body felt like a zombie as she guided me to the stairs and with a light push I was going up the stairs. When I reached my room and sighed at the thought of tossing and turning all over again. Would I sleep at all with him gone?


“Shit… no need to scream in my head Violet.”

Says the human who shut me out for hours. I was screaming for goddess knows how long but you had a strong block up so I did not know when it fell.

“Sorry I just needed some peace from the crying or whimpering. Do you know why we are in pain? Mom does not know about it.”

No; sorry they say that some blood lines have stronger effects on their mates and the bond and since we are last of ours we may not understand most of them. But you are not alone.

“Scary as that is, I understand where is that coat?”

On the chair near the closet.

I rushed over and grabbed the coat instantly inhaling his scent. I felt the calm rush over me and before I made it to the bed a yawn escaped me. I dragged myself the rest of the way to my bed and crawled in clincing Liam’s coast to my chest. I fell into a peaceful sleep.

Liam’s POV

It was hard to leave Faith but I have responsibilities to take care of. As I got on our private plane a pain stung my heart. This is odd but it got worse the closer I got to home.

I pushed the pain from my thoughts... and thought about Faith melting into me last night aming my member instantly hard. That woman had no clue what she did and does to me but that might be a good thing. Don’t want my princess to turn into a power hungry wolf. I can still smell her arousal and release on me ...fuck she smells so good. Her scent calms me down everytime and I love it. I am alone in the bedroom of the plane and decide to relieve my members’ tension.

Giving him the space to breath before I took him in my hand and focusing on my thoughts of Faith I stroked. Up...down..up ..down and I felt like a teenager because it has been awhile since I had to take care of my own pleasure. But the thought of her pressed against me and grinding made me harder and I increased my pumping. I remember her full lips on mine and how she let me dominate her mouth with mine. I imagined her mouth on my member and the way it could feel and that did it along with the image of her full breast against my chest. I cleaned up my mess and hated wasting my seed but she was worth the wait.

Sleep was never a thing I carved until I was unable to achieve it. It has been three days since I slept and everyone is getting the raw deal from its effects. I was snappy and moody beyond a doubt because I was so far from Faith. This bond is strong and I had only heard stories of the pain and loss one feels when they are away for so long. My parents tell me it is due to our strong bloodlines that I feel like my insides are being ripped apart but I can handle it. I just hate knowing that Faith is feeling the same thing. I wish I could take on all the pain of our distance but it is to be shared when a bond has formed as a reminder of their other half. The goddess truly wanted her pairs to mate right away and this is only a part of that concept. To draw the two together no matter how hard they try to part. To relieve the pain they feel and become one. Knowing she was in pain I was rushing through my work but had to make sure it was correct so i ended up redoing it like five times to ensure it was correct. Which in hindsight I could he just focused and did it right the first time and moved one but no my brain was not working as it should at the moment.

I had received about 10 challenges for the chance at being Faith’s mate and I was pissed. They were powerful alphas every fucking one of them and they knew it was true mate bond yet they were after the power their pups could inherit from Faith. So many bloodlines were destroyed by the greediness for power and I just hope it did not happen to us. Faith deserves true love after all she has gone through and that made me train harder and longer while i was away from her. My parents were worried that I was over-doing it but even if I had to go against some of my closest friends to keep my mate I will keep pushing past my limits placed on me.

MINE! was all I heard from Hunter at the thought of these hungry alphas coming for Faith.

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