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False Betrayal

False Betrayal pt 1

Training was my daily routine along with werewolf education which I never had since my wolf was thought to be dead. It was something one would never think about needing to know but it explained so much for me. I learned about scent, behavior, desire and how me and my wolf were one but two at the same time and how to build a relationship with her. I have been using some of the methods to not fight with her as much as we had recently due to the pain and lack of sleep.

I know you are thinking about the fact I have his coat… well that went out the window not literally but about a day ago I had an unwanted guest. dear ex helped himself to my house while I was out for a run. I had not locked the house up since I usually cannot open the door with paws and I prefer to shift naked in my home so no one sees me. The door was cracked so I could use my snout to push open the door and my hind legs to kick it shut before I shifted into my human form but this time I smelt him before I entered the house. My sense of smell has increased recently and I think it is due to the desire of his scent. Like it is searching for it and expanding his distance of which I can track.

I rushed into the house happy he did not shut the door and ran to the laundry room to get some clothes to wear. After getting dressed I tracked his scent to my room and almost ripped his head off. Why do you ask well he was laying on my bed which doesn’t seem bad but he was laying on Liam’s coat. I rushed over and grabbed it from under him, not caring. I just used some of my wolf strength to pull it from under him. I closed my eyes and calmed myself down but almost lost it when I could only smell Luke on the coat.

Kill that son of a bitch.

“Ohh how I wish that was possible but in reality how would I explain to the police that an animal attacked him but I survived without even one injury?”

Fair point; but if I ever get a chance he is dead….

I am snapped out of my angry dark thought of what we could do to him and get away with when he speaks.

Baby you never told me that you had such a comfy bed.

“Cut the crap Luke; what do you want?”

Obviously, I want you baby and based on the lack of Mr. Muscles I assume you’re free?

“You would assume wrong..and his name is LIAM! Now explain why you broke into my house and why I don’t need to call the cops on your ass?”

Where was all this feistiness when we were together? Not that I am complaining because I love it...really a turn on.

I felt gross the way he was eyeing me and he noticed but took my disgust as something positive. “What did I ever see in this guy?”

I asked that question for five years…..

He stepped close to me and I did not want him thinking he had power over me so I stayed put but that was a mistake for he planted a kiss on me. I pushed him away and started to spit and wipe away his very touch. I wanted to barf and Violet wanted to kill him. I had to try really hard to not let her. I had used my wolf strength to push him away as fast as I had and he slammed into the wall. He was shocked and there was never going to be time for me to process the next words out of his mouth.

Well looks like my new friends were telling the truth about you and your change. So when are you going to tell me about your secret?

“I don’t understand what youre talking about.”

Ohh Baby you think I would come back to get you just because you’re way sexier I hear you have backing now that you’re in power and that my dear is what I am here for. I want you to use this new set of power and help me get my job back. Your little stunt of not coming to dinner set me back so I need something and you owe me.

“I don’t owe a fucking g.. dam thing. You are a piece of shit that I should have scrapped of the bottom of my shoe years ago.”

Sweet talking me is not getting you out of this or did you forget you burnt down my house?

“Really; tring to set me are we?”

What ...wait when i saw you last you admitted it.

“I never admitted anything except that i had a new boyfriend who you assume is your key to blackmailing me for help.”

Luke was shocked and I wanted to laugh so hard at his wide eyed face but I now know why he is here. I at first thought he found out about the real me but in reality someone pasted information together for him to use me..but who and why? I have no enemy that i know of since I left my old life behind. I may not know that information as of yet but I do know I heard him press something right before he asked me about the fire. If I am correct he is recording this to get me on record and use it against me or to send me to jail. Which also means he lied about the evidence he had.

“Luke, you show up here without being invited, you enter my home and now you accuse me of criminal activity. You broke up with me yet you’re here..again to try and get me back. I am sorry Luke I have moved on.”

You cannot do this to me. Did the last five years mean nothing to you?

“Of course they meant something to me… however you made it very clear that they meant nothing to you when you were sticking your dick in other girls.”

That is not did not provide me sexually what did you expect from me?

“Loyalty… I expect...ed loyalty from you Luke… now if you are sorry for that, that is great but please do not come here and expect me to forgive you and help you after all you have done.”

He stared at me and just when he looked pissed enough to try something else I heard my dad enter the house. I knew he could smell Luke and was not happy about it as he ran up the stairs to my room. Fuming and just as ready to kill he spoke.

Is there a problem here?

“No father; Luke was just getting ready to leave..right?”

Y-Yes i was just heading out s-s-sir.

One thing I loved was how scared of my father Luke was. No matter how much of an ass he was to others he could never get past the fear of my father. I used to feel sorry for him and sad my father never liked him but at this moment I was happy as a clam. I still felt sick to my stomach and it got worse as I killed over causing both Luke and my father to worry. My father looked pissed as he saw my actions but I focused and pushed them back as I reminded luke he was just leaving. I watched him leave and heard him drive away before collapsing to the floor in pain. I reached for anything to help me up but I clenched my chest instead as a sharp pain shot through me. Swallowed up by darkness for a brief moment and the pain was gone.

“What the fuck was that?”

I am going to kill him….

“Dad chill Luke is gone and hopefully never coming back.”

Him as well but this time I am talking about Liam.

He noticed my confusion and filled me in and it hit me hard.

“No there is no way he cheated on Liam”

Sorry Faith but you just went through what it feels to be betrayed by your mate. Did he re- claim-mark you?

“Yes; but what does that have to do with what just occurred?”

It makes the effect of betray stronger for he reclaimed you creating astronger bond and it will also… fuck he is a dead man.

“Dad; you are making no sense and I feel fine now.”

I am not happy about this. My father stormed out of my room and out of the house and based on the sounds I heard he shifter as well. He must really be upset to have to shift and calm his wolf off.

“Violet; what is going on?”

Father is right we just felt the effect of our mate’s betrayal.

I rushed to the bathroom and literally threw up this time.. I was upset and the reality of it all hit me hard. I was alone and didn’t even have Liam’s scent to calm me. I know he just betrayed me and here I am worried about having his scent near me but I cannot help it after he re-bit me I have been in an addictive phase that had anything to do with him.

I stayed in my room for the rest of the night as I found no rest for not only my body but my mind as well. Wait if I can feel his betrayal when Luke kissed me did he feel as if I betrayed him as well. Was he retaliating against me? This sent my mind into a frenzy thinking about it and I know I was overthinking because I was losing control to Violet who was only seeing red and wanted to kill someone for touching our mate.

I lost not only my calm but myicomfort of his scent as well since my room smelt like Luke now… never realised how much he stank.

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