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False Betrayal pt 2

False Betrayal pt 2

Liam’s POV

Work has kept my mind off of Faith so not going crazy missing her as much. Hunter on the other hand wanted me to find a way around the restrictions and email or something but my mom was on it and blocked that ability from happening.

I closed my eyes and leaned back in my chair when a knock came to the door. I knew who it was and before I could stop I said “come in” and now Lianna stood before me in a huge coat. I was confused since it was over 100 degrees this time of year.

She is naked under it and I can smell the lack of fabric.

“Great now I have to not only finish my work but deal with a horney she-wolf that I have no desire for.”

How much perfume did she put on?

I agree with Hunter that wolves should not use this much perfume. We have a natural scent that helps us find our mates but she is blocking hers all the time by using so much of a human product.

She shuts the door and locks it snapping me out of my thoughts as to why she was here dressed as she was? But the locking of the door sent a panic to my soul as to what she wanted and I had to get her to leave.

Before I snap her neck for her disrespect toward me and our mate.

I don’t need me killing a pack member before I am makes me look like a killing machine no matter the facts behind my kill. I have to think and fast because she is moving toward me and I am so pissed I am afraid to move. I will kill her if she touches me there is no if and or buts about it.

Stopping in front of my desk she runs her fingers along the desktop but does not come further she knows I am not happy to see her.

I saw the official report for the challenges.. So you really found your mate?

“Yes; I have found my Luna...why do you ask if you saw the report?”

Well you know sometimes Alpha’s have arranged marriages to ensure powerful bloodlines and stuff. So I was curious to what the meaning behind it was..that’s all.

“Well it is not an arranged marriage but true fated mates as the report for the opening of the challenges details so why did you need to come ask me?”

Can you blame a girl for wanting to come see you in person? So has anything interesting happened today?

“No, why are you looking at me like that?”

You have sweat pouring down your forehead. Are you alright?

I reached up and found she was right sweat was forming at my scalp and getting ready to run down but why. Before I could say anything I felt pain in my chest. I have no clue what is going on with me. Did she do something to me?

Where does it hurt? Lianna asked me as she moved closer to me but at this moment I didn’t care.

I clenched my chest to answer her question as I heard Hunter whimpering in pain as well. I have never felt pain like this before and I was starting to worry something was wrong with me. But just as quickly as it came it went if I imagined the pain.

How dare she! Lianna says with anger in her voice making me wonder what she was saying.

“What are you talking about?”

Your mate has no respect for you and your bond; that’s what I am talking about.

“I am confused how any of this has anything to do with my mate?”

You clenched your chest in pain and it took you to your knees. Nothing can do that to an Alpha as powerful as you; except for your mate’s betrayal.

“No; so would never do that to us.” I was trying to figure another reason for the pain but what she said makes sense but there is no way...right?

“Hunter, please tell me she is lying?” I plead with my wolf to tell me and relieve the panic building in me.

I wish I could tell you something; but I am having just as hard of a time as you at the fact our mate cheated. Hunter never sounded so broken then in this moment.

I was back in my chair wondering what I was going to do about this when I felt Lianna touch my shoulder and run her fingers under my chin. Lifting my face up to meet hers.

How about she let here feel the pain she just caused you? She says as she straddles me but I do not have the energy to stop her as she throws her coat off and doesn’t allow me to respond before she kisses me.

When I do not return the kiss she pulls back only a centimeter and says you deserve to have someone who will be loyal and here I am... in your time of need. Willing to relieve the stress she has caused you. Once she was done she leaned in and kissed me again but this time I opened when she asked but the minute her tongue entered my mouth I jumped up. Dropping Lianna to the floor and now noticing she is truly naked but why?

She knew this was going to happen but how?..she was way too prepared. With this in mind I leaned down and picked her up by her throat. “You planned this?”

I tightened my grip as she smiled at me as if to say took you long enough.

Kill the bitch…

“I wish we could but there are rules and I want answers.”

She was paling due to the lack of air so I released my grip on her throat and watched her fall to the floor with a vengeance. I was done being nice to her and this would be the last time I showed her kindness.

I ordered the guards to come collect the slut and watched her fight them with them as they dragged her away but she did not look upset. No, she was just mad they did not find her attractive enough to lust after. She really needs to read up on the rules because guards have to be mated to be sure they are trustworthy and ready to die to protect the pack and family. We train them young and when of age we send them all expenses paid to find their mates and bring them here. Some find their mates fast others it takes time but we find it works. So they had no desire for the naked slutty she-wolf that smelt horrible with all the perfume she was wearing.

I informed my parents of the issue with Lianna and what occured in my office so no one thought I was trying to get in before my challenges. I only want one woman and she has some explaining to do. I hated how my parents showed pity toward me and my situation but can I really blame them. They think my fated mate cheated on me and that my idea of Lianna orchestrating a plan to make us separate was crazy. Lianna was not answering any of the questions and since there was no other evidence of her crime she was set free.

Sorry son but it is your word against hers and she knows there is not much we can prove since we do not record in our private offices.

“This is what I get for trusting our rules?” I wish I had just let Hunter rip her head off at this point and I had a feeling she was not done with me yet. I did not voice my concerns with anyone else because who would believe me after they let her go already. No the next time she crosses me she will not be as lucy as she did this time around.

Bitch has a death wish and I am all for granting her that wish

“In time she will slip up ..that I am sure of.” I did not argue with the idea of killing her. No I was sure this was all her fault and even if it is just me feeling this I don’t care. I needed to blame someone at this moment and she was the best choice. The idea of Faith being with another breaks my heart and if it was her choice to do it…. I don’t know if I can survive the heartbreak.

Deciding it is near time to return to her was a pipe dream since it was also time for the challenges to begin. I had hoped to see her at least a day before the challenges but after the whole Lianna issue I had fallen behind on my work and training again. I have not looked to see how many challenges I had by now but I figure it had gone up. I just hope she is worth fighting for still or has she moved on? I may not know the answers ...yet. Nonetheless for now I will still give it my all.

If it turns out she was not loyal; I will just give the first alpha a victory and she can deal with what fate has dealt her.

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