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Faith’s POV

I had to travel to a neutral territory for the challenges to find out if I had any. No one was willing to tell me anything before the day we were to start the challenges. All I ever heard was you will find everything out when you get there. Even the location was a mystery as if I would go and check it out ahead of time or something but who really knows. I was curious because if there were challengers they would already be at the location preparing. That’s what I overheard my parents and May talking about the other day.

Training was a bitch but after the whole mate betrayal thing I went into it with a new rage never knew i had. I pictured Liam’s face as I punched and kicked my partners ass but in the end I was heart broken. Had he changed his mind about me? Was he just doing this challenge thing for kicks now and not for me? I was full of questions. Questioning if he was loyal or if something else had happened. Was this my fate to fall in love and be rejected yet again for another woman who was willing to do things I was not?

“Wow; what a time to realise I was falling in love with him.”

It is impossible to not fall in love with our mate...we are to be one.

“Well let’s just hope he is worth all this end the end. I don’t want to repeat my past ...not with Liam.”

I already have to travel for over a day to get to the location. And i am getting nervous knowing I will see Liam but what will I say if I get a chance to see him?

Liam’s POV

I had spent the last day in my office finishing paperwork and even fell asleep at my desk. Not the best idea because now I have kink in my neck and I am running really behind. Trying to stand up I notice the back pain but push past it. I am five hours behind schedule and will have to run part way at full speed to catch up. If that even works but flying will take me much more time than I have.

Rushing down the hall to my room and when I get in I smell it. Lianna has been inmy room and fuck she rub her scent all over my room. This is fucked up of her for this is something a mate does to claim her area to create a den territory. I don’t even want to be in this room anymore I will have to burn everything.

Will you hurry up? We are going to be late for announcements.

“Do you think we will see her before it all starts?”

We can only hope but do you really want to ..what if…

“I know but I miss her and if that means seeing her ….one last time; so be it.”

I showered and almost gagged when I smelt her perfume everywhere I turned but I had to get going and all the clothes I had were here in my room. She even rubbed her scent on my clothes in my closet.

Hurry, I am going to gag.

“What am I going to do? Her scent is disgusting but I have to go so I grabbed my spray and smothered myself in it. It did not fully cover it all but it will do for now.

At least we can breathe without wanting to barf. Now move we need to go.

I send a link to one of the pack members going to the event and tell him to bring my bags and have someone wash the contents when you arrive. I did not wait for a reply before heading out I started off in my human form until I felt it was safe to shift and travel the rest of the way.

Faith’s POV

This trip sucked balls. I not only had to travel for over a day I also had to be escorted by a pack member I didn’t know. My so-called family had to stay and finish some stuff before coming. Like what the fuck I really need their support at this moment but my father is still mad about the who brtrayal thing. Okay maybe it is a good thing he is coming later because I don’t think he will be able to hold himself back if he sees Liam before I do.

The pack member who escorted me says we are getting close. He is all business not even telling me his name or trying to make small talk and if i tried he just groaned. Yes; a fucking groan as if I was the most annoying perosn he has ever had to deal with ...or something. So I sat in the back of the car waiting to arrive at our destination and if it weren’t for my phone dying I would be reading or playing a game. I would say call someone but the only people I associate with is Liam and my family. So one I am not allowed not to talk to and the others are busy and won’t tell me anything.

Stop being a baby about all this, you’re not the only one who has ever had to travel and be uninformed before challenge announcements.

I know she is right but everything in my life has been rushed at this point and if Liam still wants me and wins any challenges that come his way. Well we will have to do the deed to finalise our mating but why am I worried no one knows me and I am nothing special. Liam on the other hand is gorgeous and the power that comes off of him is addicting. But I am still hoping that May was right and no one tries to seperate fated mates.

Once we came to a stop I was so excited I hopped out causing the driver to groan once again. Guess I was not acting proper in his eyes.

Find out if we have time to stretch and shower before…

She was interrupted by someone bumping into me.

“Ohh sorry I didn’t see you.” I say to be polite even if it was not my fault.

Well you should watch where you’re going.

Okay this girl is rude. “Most people would say they are sorry as well.”

Well I am not as common a wolf as you are; so I do not need to be polite. She steps closer to me as she speaks and I wanted to gag. She was wearing way too much perfume. Which was confusing since I was told human products such as perfume and body sprays were only used to cover one’s own scent. Well at least I will be able to smell her a mile away and can avoid her at all cost.

As a future Luna I don’t need to waste my time on you any longer. She once again pushed past me.

Rude as hell.

“Relax we may never see her again.” I feel Violet relax at my words and decide to continue on my way to find out if we have time to stretch and shower before all the crazy happens.

I finally found someone who was working the event. They are seriously calling this an event like who else is having challenges today? Based on the amount of wolves where I assume more than a few. Well misery loves company and I feel bad about that. I was happy to not be the only ones here but I have seen only one female so I wonder where all the others are?

I went to my assigned room and saw my luggage was already here so I went straight for the shower to relax. I found out I was not allowed to shift and go for a run. Something about my safety or some shit but that just sounded weird. That may be the reason I only saw the one female because the rest were relaxing as well. The males were out exercising and chatting among themselves.

I found myself deciding on a bath instead of a shower but I ended falling asleep. The drive finally got to me and I found I was once again in a similar situation. Ever since Liam bit me or as my father said re-claimed me I have been having some very ..well.. erotic dreams. Violet loved them since it was always with Liam but I was freaking out. I know we have been in some steamy situations but the things we did in my dreams were beyond even my knowledge.

Mature Content Ahead Warning.

Liam was always holding me close and I seemed to be the first to break the stares with a kiss. Straddling him as I begin to undress him inch by inch.

The tingles and goosebumps from him kissing down my neck causes me to moan out. His touch was always my downfall as he reached around and grabbed the back of my neck then came down to dominate my lips. Licking and nibbling my bottom lip asking for entrance which I grant him without question.

With snip its of us tossing each other around our clothes go flying, some in tack and others ripped to shreds. Not able to keep our hands to yourself I’m tossed to the bed as he hovers over me. A quick kiss to my lips as he ascends to my lower regions. He begins to trail his fingers down my legs sending chills throughout my body as he spreads my legs. His head descends out of sight and just as I feel his tongue dominate my other lips he stops and looks at me straight in my eyes. I had lifted myself up some to see him take possession of me in his mouth. Sucking and licking made it hard for me to stay silent.

I begin to rock against him as if I had been doing this with him forever. I could feel I was close but just when I thought he was going to let me finish he stopped. He grabs me and lifts me up to be against the wall. He tapped my legs and I instantly wrapped them around his waist as he positioned his head to my entrance. I felt a little bit of panic rise up in me but it all melted away as he kissed me. His kiss deepend as he pushed inside of me. I screamed into his mouth as the pain of losing my virginity hit me. He had done one full push and stayed in me for a good minute before he moved. I watched as Liam and I moved as one never missing a beat. We were short of breath and were getting close to our release. My wolf came forth when he asked for her and his canines came out and….

End of Mature Content

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