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Knock Knock..Miss are you there? I hear from my door …

“Yes..yes; I say as I gather myself from the impact of my dream.

Well you are being summoned to the meeting room for the announcements. We start in 20 minutes so please get ready. It is a casual dress code for the meeting.

“Thank you; I will be done in a minute.” I breathe to relax my heart since it seems this dream went further than the last one. Well it seems to increase each time I have it. I am thinking I should have confined myself in May about all this and see if it is anything to worry about. But she was always with mom and dad when she came over and I don’t really want them to be a part of that conversation.

My father was already asking me weird questions about how I was doing and feeling since he found out about the second bite. Mother said he is just worried about me but if he was so worried why did he not tell me what he was waiting to happen to me. At least them I could be prepared or more willing to open up about everything.

Violet is silent and that only increases the worry I have about all this because she is my voice of reason and reassurance is what I need right now. I get dressed and head out to find the meeting room. Hope there is a map or a directory map really because this place is huge.

I find the meeting room with only a few minutes before it starts but I am frozen. I can smell him, is he inside or around here somewhere? I was about to open the door and go in when Violet asked me to look for him. I feel she is right and even if I am late at least I can clear the air with my mate.

I turn and only take a few steps when I feel like I hit a wall but the tingles tell me I found what I was looking for.

Why does he smell?

“How much spray did you use?”

A shit load sorry had to get rid of another smell. He said but I was just happy to see him so I hugged him and he became stiff.

“Wait I smell something else.” no this cannot be this smell is…

The same as the rude lady from earlier.

“You smell like the rude lady I ran into earlier but that would mean she is the one…. Why? Was it not worth waiting for?”

What are you talking about?.. Of course you are. Liam was talking but I was getting more upset when he asked like nothing was wrong.

“Mate betrayal… you hurt me and with someone... like her.” I felt the tears building up as I looked at him.

She is here? As if he did not know.

Look the whole thing is not what it seems and you hurt me with betrayal as well.

“Ohh; you mean the fact my ex forced a kiss on me?” I say but violet comes out and smacks Liam across the face. So I run and enter the meeting room. I lost control and she was pissed off as was I. I would have believed something else had happened similar to my situation if it was not for the fact he was smothered in her smell.

I was saddened but had to get this day over with and as I sat down and I felt him enter the room as well. He was sporting a red handprint on his face and a death glare directed at me.

We will finish this later. Liam tells me as he continues to walk to the other side of the room. I see his father waiting for him to join him and once he sits down I feel sad again. I hate this whole emotional rollercoaster I keep finding myself on. Broke, sad, angry and horny all in one person and I hate the fact I still want him.

Just as the meeting begins the door opens once again and in-walks the slut. She is late but is loving all eyes on her as she enters the room. She turns toward me and smiles before she blows a kiss toward Liam.

Can we kill her now?

“No I had believed she was here for her own mate challenges until I smelt her on Liam. Now I want to see what she is playing at.”

‘Now that everyone is here we can start the meeting and announce all final approved challenges. In the matter of mating between Faith and Liam we have had a record breaking challenge request. While the majority were for the mating of Faith and her wolf Violet we have had one request for the possible mating of Liam and his wolf Hunter. Mating is a serious accomplishment in the world of shifters since we only get the one mate who fasted for us. This doesn’t mean we cannot accomplish finding love in another but we will never feel the joy as we would with a fated mate. So I ask that if any of the challengers would like to withdraw their challenge request to please let us know before your challenge. I implore you to also rethink it in hopes to allow these fated mates to move on with their lives as one.Now i would like for Liam and Faith to please stand up and make your way to the stage.’

I see Liam stand and I follow suit and meet him at the stairs to the stage. I look up at him as he grabs my hand and smiles at me and even though I am mad at him I am honored to be his mate. The man on the stage presents us to the crowd and I remember his words. The fact so many of the requests or challenges were to mate me and that freaked me out ..why?

You’re the last of a very powerful bloodline and they are in need of a strong female for strong pups. My wolf reminds me.

I had forgotten that fact but at this moment I just want to stay hand in hand with Liam. His touch alone puts my worries at ease even if he was touched by that slut. I snap out of my thoughts as the announcer continues to speak.

If there are any of you present that would like to withdraw please state so at this time. I looked at the crowd as some of the men rose and left the room. Guess they are withdrawing their request. I wonder what changed their minds not that I really care ...I was just curious.

Some doubt mates are fated until they see them together so they came and saw.... now they believe.

“Okay so they are like respecting the goddesses pairing?”

Yes. but there still is a lot of wolves here.

She was not wrong there was s-shit load of male wolves in this room and I was feeling nervous and hid behind Liam. he chuckled at my actions and turned to face me.

You cannot hide from this. Wait, why are you nervous they are my challengers? You have one and she is not really a challenge if you ask me.

“Why? I can smell her on you and that alone makes her a challenge.”

You really are cute when you’re jealous.

“I am not jealous because you mister belong to me and that..” I pointed to her ...“had no right to touch you.”

That you are right about but you have to wait for her challenge to touch her while on this neutral ground. Do you understand that? He is holding my hace and making sure I am staring at him.

“Yes, I understand but if she dies; I do not want to be told I was too rough.” I plan on letting Violet have fun with her after I have mine, that is.

I would not expect any less from my mate. You are defending our love when you enter that ring. I plan on protecting our bond; Love and future with every challenger I take on. Liam says this to me and I feel truth in every word.

“I love you”Ii said it without even realizing it was out loud but what is done is done.

Liam takes this set of news with a smirk right before giving me a kiss that not only takes my breath away but soaks my panties.

About time you told me.

“Seriously that is what you have to say after I tell you that?” I am starting to double think my feelings but Liam is not one to play games so what gives?

Liam’s POV

I watch Faith look pissed and curious at the same time. I have loved this woman from the first moment she ran from me.

“Faith, look at me.”

She stops over thinking as I pull her closer and nipple down her neck. When I get to my mark on her I feel her shiver as I plant another kiss and nibble on it.

“This was how we told you we love you. There is no power that can keep us away from you. Even when I felt the betrayal I knew deep down you were still mine. You are MINE!”

I let Hunter come to the surface as we said these words for she needed to know all of me loved all of her.

“At this moment no one in this room matters only us and I expect you to uphold our bond.” I can smell her arousal deepening and I am intoxicated but I know I have to let her go so she may see the faces of the ones left in the room.

I turn to see who is left and I am pleased that it is down to a handful of males. I am unpleased to see Lianna staring daggers at my mate but she doesn’t know her like I do.

I release Faith and turn toward the males in the audience and simply say “In honor of our laws I will accept your challenges for my mate. You men know a good woman when you see her and I applaud you in your choice. However know I am not going down without a fight even if that mean to the death.” I squeeze Faith’s hand and smile at her knowing this could be the last time we see one another until after the challenges.

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