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Smack Down

Faith’s POV

I cannot believe the moon goddess thought I was worthy of this man before me. I love him more than anything and so I followed suit turning to the slut who smelt like a perfume factory explosion.

“I accept your challenge.” I had no other words to add for I planned on ending her desire for my mate once and for all. She has no right to him and no matter what she thinks I am not going down without a fight to the death.

She will wish she never touched our man.

I pulled Liam in for one last passionate kiss and as much as my body told me to continue I pulled away and watched as he fought the desire to seal our bond as well. I have never felt this way before..not even once in the five years I was with Luke.

Violet whimpered as I let Liam go and walked away to the man waiting for me. He will be escorting me to the ring I am to battle in as well as be my protection from those who wish to mark- mark me without a proper challenge. Like most warning labels this means someone has already done or tried to mark a mate without consent. Sadly that would mean the death of said wolf since a mate has to be accepting of a mark-mark unlike a claim mark well unless you’re me and are stubborn but we have moved past that.

Poor wolf died from rejection and heartbreak.

Violet says as if she can imagine the outcome but I am just guessing except there would be no reason for these guards if that was the case. I really need to focus and get my head in the game because the ring is in front of me.

So it is basically a cage not an actual ring.

Boxing rings are a quarter of this size so it will be fine for us to battle in it.

“I agree but there is a top. Do they expect me to fly out of the ring or something?”

We are not the only type shifters who use this ring for challenges.

Well that makes me realise I was too focused on wolf shifters and forgot there is a whole world of shifters out there. I sigh and release some stress as I am escorted to inside the ring.

“Wait, why am I inside?”

The challenger has asked to start the challenge following the meeting. That bitch thought she could catch me in a weak state of mind after the meeting..she is so wrong. I am more fired up than before the meeting.

I heard an evil like laugh and when I saw it came from the mystery girl I smirked at her. She froze for a moment while trying to figure out why I was not freaking out.

“Violet anything you want to say before we rip her apart?”

I know this is short but will add more later.

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