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Faith and Violet’s POV

If I really did would you even care to listen?

“I think you are getting more and more familiar with my personality.”

Time never seems realistic after returning home but Violet has helped me in ways I could never have imagined. She just gets me and I only hope I am doing the same for her.

Earth to Faith… seriously When you are in deep thought I cannot get you to hear me.

Sorry Violet I feel so much more emotional lately but…

“Hey ‘Bitch’ are you giving up already?”

Although my competitor is addressing me I decided to ignore her for the time being. She is not more important than me and my wolf’s conversation in my mind she is just…..

“Are you really going to pass me up for this mutt? I was always willing to give you everything I had and you still want your mate who by the way is not much.”

I feel like she is talking to someone outside of the cage so I follow her line of sight and sure enough, it is Liam. He doesn’t look happy and I am not either.

Our mate better have never touched this perfume factory.

“Agreed.” I did not like how this slut interrupted my train of thought or conversation for that matter.

Don’t show any emotion because I think she is trying to get into our head.

“This is funny she really thinks so little of us as if she knows us inside and out but little does she know we are not as nice or weak as we look.”

No matter what we cannot show full power or we may have to be tried and I know you are not ready for a powerful least not yet.

“Thank you, Violet, for always thinking of me but I think she is blowing kisses to our man so can we knock her into last year now?”

Violet does not say a word but she gives me her wolf strength as her answer. With this, I eyed my target and noticed Liam ignoring her as if she was not worth his time.

Smart man.

That is all I need to see to know he is mine and I just have to hold up on my end. I send a wave of power by stomping my foot toward her. When I caught her attention she smirked as if she was ready to play with me.

“Such a weak power aura but don’t worry if you beg maybe I will let you live.”

I hold back my laughter because she really sees me as a weak person.

“You are so nice to offer a way out.” Is all I say as if I am thankful to her for her mercy ahead of time. Sadly I do not believe I will show the same kindness. She has admitted throwing herself at my mate and if it was a few months ago I might not care but I have succumbed to the possessiveness of one’s mate.

Smirking and creating a stance I feel her pressing her power out and she is not weak but still nowhere near being able to beat me. She continues to push her power toward me, getting frustrated at the fact that I have not subcommand to her so she charges at me.

I stand my ground until she is just millier seconds from me. Turning slightly to the left she is caught off guard. He looks lost for a second as if she calculated wrong and missed me but she is just that slow. She stopped herself from falling and charges once again and I hear her claws come out.

I really love how well I can hear since Violet came back to me.

Concentrate. If this bitch gets one scratch on you I will do something you will not like.

Well, there is another motivation because Violet knows my deepest darkest weaknesses and is always willing to push my limits.

I dodge a few more times and see the frustration on my opponent’s face as her chest moves rapidly. Working herself into a state of rage which seems fast to me. I thought she could hold out longer before needing her wolves full power.

“Stop dodging me!” she screams at me as if that is really going to happen or something.

I see the cage light up and realize it is now fully dark out. They have turned on lights so that they can continue to see our fight but now I have no vision beyond the bars. I feel a flash of wind coming my way so I slide to the right just a little too late. My clothes get ripped by her claws and I hear her giggle.

Great now we are showing more skin but I do not smell any blood so still safe from Violet’s rath. A growl comes from outside the ring and the chills tell me it is Liam.

The question is is it a mad growl for her getting close to me or for the fact other male wolves can now see more of my bare skin?

“I think you are scared of me so you only know how to dodge my attacks.”

This bitch really thinks she is better than me. I smirk and await her next choice of attack.

She does not disappoint me as she tries to leap in the air and pounce on me but I was ready. A simple lift of my leg sends her back into the air and a thump when she lands.

By the sound of her growls she is pissed off and wouldn’t you know it she transforms into her wolf. Her fear looks brindle in color but dull as if it has no life.

I feel her wolf is starting to take over not only because of the aura from her wolf’s power but also by the increase of her speed and accuracy. I had to tap into more of Violet’s strengths and abilities to counter-attack and block or avoid her.

Out of nowhere, she starts to run circles around me creating some sort of dust storm blocking my sight and some other senses. Next thing I know she pounces on me. Pressing me to the ground, I feel drops of drool land on my face and arms.

Gross! This bitch at least smells better in her wolf form but her saliva really has no place on my body.

I reach out my arms to hold her back as she continues to try and chomp on me. You would think she has been starved and someone was offering her a free steak dinner. I am officially annoyed as I release more of my strength remembering to hold back. Pushing her off me and transforming in mid-air letting Violet out.

There is a difference in when I let my wolf out versus when my opponent did for we share space and decisions in this form as well as in our human form. My opponent is not human in any way at the moment she is fully wolf. This is her weakness she cannot cohabitate a single form she is all or none.

Giving Violet a strategy she uses her strength as a wolf to carry it out. In a blink of an eye, I have pinned her down and allow Violet to do as she pleases.

Chomp on the shoulder with claws out almost shredding limbs. I decide she needs to be swung around some. Clamping down on her right hind leg we begin to toss her back and forth stopping when we heard pops and cracks from the bones.

I smell blood all over me and feel it under my paws but I am enjoying this more than I would have thought. A wave of heat crashes into me. I stumble back but shake it off for a brief moment which was enough time for me to be bite by the slut.

Even though this means I have to put up with something I don’t like from Violet this attack brings me back to the fight. I shake her off and charge at her as I bite down on her once again. She whimpers as I dig my teeth deeper and deeper into her flesh.

I fall back when another wave of heat hits me even harder than the first.

“What is going on?”

This is not good, we need to end this fight now!

“What are you not telling me?”

There is no time to explain just…

She doesn’t get to finish as I feel pain overwhelm me but it is not from the fight no it is from me myself. I begin to stumble again and I hear a woman chuckling. I follow the sound and see that my opponent is now in her human form laying on the ground.

“This is great; even if I did not beat you I get to know you will be snagged away.”

“What are you talking about?” I ask feeling out of breath and overheated.

“Just listen,” she says before she passes out from all the blood loss.

I decide to focus and I can hear growling and fighting coming from outside the cage.

“What the fuck is going on?” I scream in my head hoping for answers from Violet but all she does is whimper from the pain we are feeling. I am now down to both knees and trying to hold myself up.

“Faith..Violet, please stay in the cage.″

I heard my father’s voice. When did he get here?

“Dad...why?” I can barely speak so I cut it short. I feel so weak and know if I cannot hold on that we will transform back to our human form.

“MINE!...MINE!” I hear his voice and growls as I collapse to the ground.

No!...I cannot give up. I need to stay focused since I cannot get up. I close my eyes and listen to the chaos all around me. I might get some answers to what is happening to me or Liam.

Growls and whimpers are loud but I feel drawn to a presence I cannot reach. Liam; it has to be Liam. I feel a wave of heat and pain as I whimper out loud.

A growl showing his possessiveness of me is heard and felt all over my body. I feel he is worried about me and angry but I do not understand why.

“Remember Liam you said you were ready to take the responsibility, you better not allow these purves get to her.” That’s my mother’s voice. Why did she say that?

“MINE! She is mine.” Liam is going full force. I feel his anger and desire for me all at the same time. I am barely holding on as I hear the cage being raddled to death as if it will be ripped apart any second.

Then silence as I feel arms wrap me up in something. I feel as if everywhere I am touched is cool, subduing the heat. His scent entered my nose and before he spoke I bit him. Mine; comes from my lips before he growls and kisses me.

“Hold on Faith I will get us somewhere more private and safe.” He sounds like he is in pain as well. Did he get hurt in the chaos or did I hurt him?

No time or energy to think or even speak as I finally blackout from the pain.

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