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Several and I mean several trains and busses later I stood in front of my family home...well the path to it at least.. My childhood home was surrounded by the forest and ohh how I missed it… nature was my first love...anyway I felt different recently and I don’t know if it was due to the heartbreak that broke me or the fact I was going crazy at my age of..ohh.fuck..I forgot my birthday. Great I could have drink my sorrows away..that’s right ladies and gentlemen the big.2..1..21!; baby well at least I can drink when I get the lecture of my life. I am no t ready for the told you so looks and words.

So anyone else leave family to please someone unworthy of their…..come-on I know I cannot be the only one.

Okay I can hear the littles see my mother started a daycare for the community we live in and that is where I got my desire to be a teacher from her. I wanted to be just like her and we were so close... now five years later I was a stranger she never reached out to. You see I was stupid and followed my boyfriend who basicly through a tantrum to get me to abandon all of who I was. I emailed my family and even tried to call once in awhile but all to no avail..never a reply or an answer so if not for the messages being opened and read I would assume they never even looked at them. Then again if they were like most people they opened and exits the messenger before reading just to get rid of the annoying dot reminder… yes; I am guilty of this as well. I just hope they still cared and read them once in a while but in all reality I also hope they never did so they don’t ask about ..Luke.

Standing in the trees I felt a presence behind me ..weird most likely I was just over sensitive at the moment… that really you? So I was on point as I turned as saw..... my sister.

Y-yes...h--h-Hi.. I felt nervous looking at my little sister...May.. who by the way is gorgeous. She is 18 by now but her raven hair flowed down her back way past her shoulders but you could get lost in her green eyes. Guys fell at her feet even as a pre-teen her full lips had kissed many frogs. Before I knew it, she ran and hugged me as if she really missed me..did she?

Faith: I missed you

May: you better have..I am so happy to see you

Faith: really?..I thought you all hated me by now

May: what?...never we are come one let’s... go everyone is waiting to see you…

Faith: what.... how do they know I am here?

May: ohh .. ummm.. I mean they will be excited to see you

As weird as she was being I was super excited that they didn’t hate me so I followed her past the children in the yard and straight to the front door. I froze as the door opened and my mother stood in front with a wide smile. I heard the feet of others coming down the voice has a mind of their own but... agreed. I am finally home and with family that actually missed me..finally...home.

Happy was how I felt until they asked...where is Luke?

I was seeing read as I said "that unloyal piece of shit… left me" I was shaking ..but why? my mother and sister looked ta me with wide eyes and i thought i saw my mothers eyes change for a brief second...feeling as if my inner self was calling for my mother... i started to see spots....

how is this possible?

I don’t know..she never showed any signs

What are they talking about but before I could calm myself down and ask them what they were talking about I blacked out. Really.. I know ...I have not been sleeping but passing out at a moment like this was not only embaressing but stupid in my opinion not to mention I am not this weak. Don’t worry I am here for you...ohh hey th-there voice g-glad I am not alone but my body is heavy ...just rest.

......Family Secrets....

I feel like I am regaining my strength but still cannot open my eyes or move my body almost like I am as heavy as lead. I feel like people are around me and my suspension is verified by the voices.

this doesn’t make sense.. All these years..

well apparently you were wrong because it looks like she is really part of the whole family.....the pack

no use in arguing… when did she show up and pass out?..

seriously your worried about the time span...look at her she looks broken

we can feel it too she is hurting…she has lost so much weight

I can feel her calling to me and her other mother...

I knew she should of never left us...fuck we never prepared her for this...but she was safer... I thought...

well she was brain-washed by that ass-hat ...Luke and would not listen to us but she is back now so we can fix all of this

Honey are we sure it is a full change coming not a simi change?

I don’t know but when she was pissed earlier she smelled so powerful and that cannot be a simi are you going to be ok with it since she is not your blood?

blood never mattered before when it came to Faith why would it now...she and I will have a lot more in common now… if she accepts it that is.

does it matter if she accepts it because we all know it is not going to stop what is happening to her?

I agree with May.. even if she rejects the reality it will not reverse the change that is taking place.

you agree with her all the time… new mated pups are whipped but; I am glad she found you....

mom..really not the time.. And John we will have to postpone the event seeing that we have a new quest....

Good thing i have not sent out invites…. But this will postpone our lives together too... you do understand that?

as much as I want to start our lives together we need to help my sister through this change.. We all know how it is when one of our own goes through this alone…sorry

So I can tell May and her mate (what ever that is? ..her friend or boyfriend i don’t know name is john but who else is here … I am focused on their conversation and realize the things said were from my mother and my step-father .. but why would they keep that from me I would of loved him no matter what..he was my father in my eyes.

I am starting to feel alone at this moment thinking of what else they have kept from me… like ...what change? Don’t worry about it for now keep resting so I can prepare your body for the change and we can but your a voice in my head; how can we meet.. we can't really; right.. Ohh my goodness what can be going on with me… did Luke really break me? Will you stop they jerk was never worth your time or love and you need to get over it and I thought my mom was demanding but nooo so was my own voice in my head.

I could not focus on my family and their conversation any more I used up a lot of energy I had just regained but now I feel tired once again I drift into the peaceful. Home not even an hour and I got so worked up about the ass-hat as my mother had put it ...Luke the boy who stole and broke my heart that I blacked out. I cannot be mad at my body for I got to hear my family talk about me ...and now know that there are family secrets that they will be explaining to me soon.

I have not heard the voice since it told me off basically not that it was was wrong; Luke was not worth my time but I had rose colored glasses on for five years of my life. I was still sad but for some reason I was not as upset as before. I have placed walls around my heart and I will not allow another unworthy man in my life again. I am just happy you are not writing off them forever man I need my mate but I will give you time… this mate thing again but I can feel that the voice has drifted back I know weird but I can feel the voice as it comes and goes as if ..ohh.. Split personality ..this has gotta be it.. Seriously I just want to rest and prepare but you keep talking...can you please just relax and rest so we can wake up soon...well...fine.

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