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Waking up to Family Secrets

Waking Up

I don’t know how long I have been out but I am starting to feel as if as if this girl might wake up soon for the simple fact that my body is not as heavy. I can hear people in the house and oddly enough I smell ..well...everything… must be because I haven’t used my sight in a while that I can hear and smell better ...but if this is how blind people see the world I don’t know how they deal with peoples natural body odor. However the One thing I love is being bale to smell my mother’s cooking and I have missed her cooking. I cooked but had to change what I cooked for Luke only wanted high end food and that was not an easy thing to learn when you were taught to cook homemade dishes that filled not just the stomach but the soul as well. Luke may of never truly loved me but one thing for sure he loved my cooking even the fancy food he asked me to learn to cook was to his liking. I know stop reflecting on my past but he was my life and he had isolated me from my life line and friends… which made me depend on him and him alone. I can do this I can reflect and let go knowing what I know now. The attachment I had to him is fading and I hope it continues to fade this fast so I can truly move on. Chanting to myself seems I am cheering myself on in hopes I can really let go and not fall deeper into a depression... not again.....

My nose itches and to my surprise my hand moves to scratch it.. This must have alerted someone because I heard several feet rushing to me..weird how did they know maybe they have motion sensors placed around me… rasping out a “Hi”...I so need water.

ohhh thank heavens ..quick grab her some water.

you can open your eyes now they should be less heavy

did john notify the.. of her arrival?

Are we back to code names when she is right here and will know really I hated it before but now I cannot do it..not again

fine did John already notify the pack...happy… luna

What the hell are they really of all times and what they are talking about a ..pack.. and why did she call her luna instead of May? Back to code names really was I blind to something else in my life too?

can you two stop... I thought you would have grown closer after all these years. Really need that water by the way…

Oh, of course

I hear the running water into a glass before I try to open my eyes and like May said they are a lot less heavy.

May asked me how I was feeling as she handed me a glass of water but her face showed of surprise. something wrong?

ohhh.... those should explain a lot

you know all you two are doing is freaking me long was I out?

three weeks… the doc..well dad said you showed signs of exhaustion and lack of nutrition so I guess you did not eat or sleep for a while before coming home.. And well I am surprised because your eyes have changed

I know I did not take care of myself but I was in a state of shock and depression that was swallowing me whole until… never mind.

May I dont think we can wait for John..the eyes will freak her out when she used the facilities.

facilities ..really mom just say bathroom and don’t you dare say Luna … I know you only call me that when your mad at me..anyway I agree

now I am freaking out you two are acting normal but weird all at the same time and since when does mom call you Luna?

well, first I have to tell you that your father is not Mike.. but he loves you as if you are his own blood..

I heard you talking when I was asleep a few times and I understand but he will always be my father.. I love him

well I am very happy to hear that Faith.. And you will always be my little girl

well that was an easy one … but let me get this all out…

I watched my father take my mother’s hands and squeeze them before she continued..he was giving her strength to tell me something important... she looked as if this news will destroy her..was my father an bad man ..did he hurt her..oh man maybe i did not want to know..

you can do this Ally

well when I first shifted I was already in a relationship with..your father he was a beta and even though we were not mates we wanted to share something special with one another.. So we became each others... first but a few days after he found his mate and I was heartbroken… he moved on so fast that I felt as if our relationship meant nothing to him in the first place but I was wrong… he came to me one day to tell me how even though he loved me that the mate pull was too strong and that I would have to leave the pack to keep me safe from his new mate….They had not sealed the bond yet so she was worried I would steal him away from her...and he felt he may risk death to be with me again...he still had my heart but i knew he was already falling for his fated mate.

mom all the words your using are confusing me about this story..mate..shift.. Bond..pull…

Faith!; all will make sense just listen please…

I felt as if I needed to listen and keep my mouth shut this time even if I was really lost my father was not one to snap at me so that helped in me staying quiet.

I was to leave in a weeks time from the mate ceremony but I started to get sick and after seeing the pack doctor I found I was with… I told your father who was so excited even if we were not together... he was happy to be a father..his mate on the other hand was beyond pissed she wanted me to leave and accused me of lying about it being his child but the smell was of me and your father..Jack…he never thought was lying for he felt a connection to you already.

I saw the tears fall from her face and I also felt her pain.. But I had never met my father did he not want me in the end?

Jack started to take me to all my appointments and each day he would spend time with me and talk to you while in my tummy/whom ...we both agreed I would stay until you were born and that he and his mate would still complete the bond and I was fine with that because... I had found my fated mate...Mike; at the doctors he had just started…

I was shocked at first but after I talked to them both I understood and agreed to accept her as my mate….best decision... ever…

yes.. Yes it was; well we all completed our mate bonds and Jack was hoping that would settle his mates worries down but they increased her jealousy of me having his pup...the; You were born was the greatest day of my life and your father asked to have you for a few hours so that I could rest.. I agreed because he had every right to you as I did.. he loved you much…. His mate decided that she wanted to hold you and we all wanted her to accept you so me and your father agreed but once she had you in her arms… s-s-she..she...bit down on our little neck but before she could rip you apart.. Jack killed her...she planned on killing you and then me to show your father that he belonged to her and her alone but jack and his wolf went against their mate bond to save you… in doing so he lost himself as well… once a mate bond is created the loss of one slowly kills the other.. And you were almost dead as well…. You were all we had left of jack and his bloodline... but you almost died… when you finally healed you smelled different and after Mike examined you he found your wolf had died..or so we thought…

we thought that maybe your wolf had been injured and had hoped that it would appear later but as time went one you never showed signs of a wolf so... we decided to hide you from the shifter world… Jack’s family asked us to stay in the pack after all that had happened so they could be around as you grew up… Angle and Quinn are your grandparents.. We found this house a few miles from the pack grounds to keep you from the wolves but also letting you be apart of the traditions as well.

We never expected you to leave with that..that boy.. But we figured you could make your own decisions and Mike convinced me that it would be good for you to be apart of the human world...but when you come home you were different..broken in a way but when asked about Luke you started to shake and curse his name which was fine but the smell and power that came off of you was the first sign of your wolf…. And we were not sure if it was a full awakening or a simi...but your eyes..they tell us that you are fully awaken and that ..that...Jacks bloodline is still alive ...has she spoken to you?....

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