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Family Secrets part 2

Has she spoken to you?... what did that mean wait....

the voice is wolf that was considered dead when I was born… wow.. Ok where are the hidden cameras?

sorry... Faith but it is all true.. Sorry I could never tell you before….Shifter laws

really May you have never lied before so why start now? There is no way... I am going….

I did not get to finish that sentence when May and my parents shifted into wolves..fucking wolves… and to top it off the voice came back...well hello family…”Hello” whoa what the hell….sorry this is our family link.. I opened it…”thank you..?”..ohh sorry names Violet and I am so happy to finally meet you all.

I sat their shocked eyes most likely looking like a fish trying to breathe out of water. All my life I have been a werewolf shifter..but I was a broken one..great but why do I have a wolf now?

(Violet) after the trimatic event I was dormant almost dead in a way but I watched and was never truly gone. I hated not being able to communicate with you or other wolves I was lonely but I found I could influence you in ways like cooking choices and clothes so I felt I was still apart of you. You never knew but you always listened to me until ...Luke came along and he brainwashed you.. Never would have thought he would fuck up like he did but I have to thank him some day…

Why would you thank him?

he caused you to break and with your state of mind you grew weak and your body called to me for strength and I broke the barrier holding me back but you still did not sleep or eat so I pushed you to let go of the fake and return home… a way Luke brought me back to you.. But you needed me and without realizing it accepted me.. So I started your change; hints why you shook with furry before blacking out after hearing his name. He broke you down to a shell of yourself and you called me so that we could be the better..stronger version of yourself…..I am sad that our father is not with us...please take me to see grandparents when your ready… need to form a bond with them..makes me.. Us...stronger..sorry feel little weak at the moment...

wow you are me?...I think I get it but will I also shift into..a..a wolf?

All at once in the link: yes!

Well I think we shall take our leave and shift back…

why do you have to leave to shift back?

go ahead and head to your rooms I will tell her.. Well show her...

My parents leave and May uses her snout to close the door before transforming..or shifting back but I got my answer for she was completely... naked..great now I have to get over the fear of being naked in front of others.

I know this is going to be a huge change for you but I will be here for you the whole time while you go through all this ...not just because I am your sister but also your... Luna.

what is a Luna? ..a mate and all the other stuff I keep hearing because I am not aware of what they mean...and they seem to think that I would catch on to all the meanings but well I am lost, I asked Violet

a Luna is like the presidents wife so a first lady.. An alpha is the president they are incharge of a pack of wolves… and our father was a beta who is like the right hand man to the alpha aka like a vice president… the third in command is gamma i believe… I am rusty at all this been a few centuries since I was apart of a pack now...ok I must have confused you now… well you see a wolf spirit is carried from wolf to wolf ..the one thing that stays the same is my mate wolf spirit…

what is a mate? Based on my life story it is important enough that my father’s mate wanted me dead.

a mate is your other half well mine mainly he completes my soul as well as yours.. The moon goddess created them for us and us alone but I never liked the fact that we don’t know the name of our mate until we smell them.. Yesss... I said smell them. See our soul mate as you can say has a unique smell.. Our mate smells of fresh cut grass, rain, cedar and chocolate...this is how we know our mate if ...we ever find them.. Man I hope we do….I miss mine..I feel that in the past they were loyal and loving but what they look or sound like is erased and changed with each new shell or person who gets our mates wolf spirit.

ok that is a lot to think about but you do know..I am not ready for any relationship... if ever can say that all you want but you need this type of love in your life… it is the best thing ever… and the mate pull is way to strong so one cannot avoid it for long...most likely we will never find our mate for your wolf spirit was considered dead maybe they moved really know how to put a wolf down…guess I will let you soak up all this new information but I need to come out so tonight I need you to be ready… ready for what..hello Violet ..really you fade back after that...knowing this will only freak me out more..whatever…

I feel mentally exhausted at this point and I have a feeling that I am not even scratching the surface of this new way of life. Hey May; why do you smell different to me now.

Well your senses are heightened so you smell my natural smell as well as my wolves but this will change soon when I complete the mate bond with John...he is my mate... did violet tell you about them?

she did tell me a lot about things like your like a first lady called a Luna so your mate must be the pres... I mean... Alpha of this…

Pack..The River Pack..I know silly pack name but this pack history goes way back and they settled near the rivers so they got labeled the River pack..the alpha liked it as well so the name stuck. Anyway I am really glad your home and know it’s a lot to take in believe me I understand so I will let you freshen up because you my dear sis have been sweating in your sleep for 3 weeks and I know you can smell it as well.

well I feel embarrassed but I do... and I sense that after shift we smell something fierce as well..

Mays face became red as a tomato for she was hoping to get to me but I think I got back at her. I missed this messing around with her and we had such a good relationship before I left.

well sis I think I will see what all the fuss of my eyes was about and freshen up...ohh Violet said I should be ready by tonight...whatever that means....

really!..tonight! man she moves fast I will tell mom and dad to make sure everything is ready for you ...I am so excited..

She left without explaining it to me but at least she understood my wolf … I hope I get used to this because at the moment I am lost and confused and feel so full of energy… odd I should be stiff after a three week coma… plus of being a werewolf I guess.

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