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I actually woke up to go to work this morning but it was only to get away from Lianna she is stalking me. She came to my place last night and tried to bed me like seriously… the very idea of her makes me sick. To top it off she was my best friends girl until he found his mate and he dumped Lianna real quick. I don’t blame him he did say she was fun but she was clingy as hell. I think she was hoping he would be her mate or he would reject his mate which could kill one of them...see she is a bitch. She started to come on to me when all I did was try to cheer her up and tell her there is better guys out there for her..well she took that as me saying pick me but I was not I was how-ever referring to her mate who is out there somewhere. See I try to be the nice guy for once and it backfires. So i usually try to avoid the power hungry she-wolves who think that I am interested just because I wave or say hi.

My father is an alpha but we are not hidden away from the human world no we found many centuries ago that human mates percentage had increased so we allow humans into our territory in turn we create new businesses in the pack lands to help with costs and stuff that a pack creates. The humans that live or work in our territory do not all know we are werewolves or shifters or whatever you want to call us but some do.. we even find that not all were and human mates create a werewolf pup so the open community allows them to have their cake and eat it to. I know weird way to put it but this way they get to stay together and with the pack all at the same time. Other packs still require the human child to be kept away from the pack and all pack related activities or to even give their human child away to prevent people from finding out about our species.

My mother and father started an event planning company and lets just say it helps with all the pack activities. We also get to help many mated couples celebrate their union...thus we get information about other packs but I know my parents also thought that this business could help werewolves travel and find their fated mates.. Or they could have just opened a moving company. My father is getting old so he travels less so now it is my place to fill while my mother is still full of energy she has been showing me the ropes even though they made me go to school and train under my father but she is my mom so i will listen. We had an event that was postponed due to a family member showing up and needing the help of the alpha and future luna of the..the...River pack… it has been three weeks since they postponed it so I was not expecting them to call and set up a new date.

After a few hours of directions of what to do from my mother i finally get to sit and have some food.. As a werewolf i should never skip breakfast but Lianna made this wolf skip to avoid her… the pack house is not the best place to be housed as the next alpha but my parents wanted me to socialise more with the younger group of wolves living there but they failed to remember they are horney, greedy, and disrespectful but i was that way once. Funny how that is the way things are until you come of age and your expecting your wolf spirit to find their other half. I was not for finding my mate but as the years went by I began to feel empty and my wolf was depressed and now i avoid the flirting girls who only want the Luna title. My parents think I may not have a mate or they passed away since most find their mate nearby or during a mating ceremony due to our business and all… anyway I don’t know if I am capable of loving someone anyway. My wolf wants his mate and I want him to be happy and get what he wants but since i am 24 years old now they are asking me to pick a suitable or compatible mate by the end of the year if I don’t find my mate. They want to travel more so they plan on handing down the alpha title to me so they can focus on the company. Mother believes that father is not traveling with the event company not just because of his age but due to the pack responsibilities and stress thus why i am helping at the moment.

Who wants to be an alpha anyway right...i would say i could pass on the title to another family member but my older brother died from heart issues and my younger brother left to live with his sisters even though mother and father tried again..and again ..and again they never conceived again ...they say you never get more than you can handle. I don’t want to be the one who breaks the alpha bloodline. My life and responsibilities are not fun and games.. Not i said the reality of life when your wolf and you come of age hits hard. The need for our soul to be complete is strong and i feel we are running out of options and time.

I refocus on work after I hit the all you can eat buffet…

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