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Event Planner's voice

Event Planner's Voice

Faith’s POV

Hello ...hello ..I wonder if their call dropped...i was about to hang up the phone when i heard a man speak. His voice drew me in and if my hearing had not improved i may of missed him saying Hello back.

Liam: hello sorry i was dazed for a moment but i am calling to talk to Luna River i mean the future Luna of River pack.

Faith: ohh no worries and your not far off her last name will be River.. And i guess since she will be Luna it fits but I will get May for moment ...May.. you have a call

May: who is it?

Faith: sorry may I ask who is calling?

Liam: Oh, of course I am the event planner for her mate ceremony

Faith: ohh she has been waiting for your call...May it the call you been waiting for

I love how I don’t have to yell for her to hear me and feel silly knowing how much i screamed so loud to get people to hear me when I never needed to do that ..teenagers and phone calls ..memories...oh yea the phone..i almost forgot..

Faith: sorry i was lost in thought..but she…

I was cut off when i heard May coming down the stairs with a huge smile on her face. She and my family have explained so much to me about the shifter community over the last few weeks and they said they plan on waiting until i get settled to reschedule the mating ceremony. I wasn’t having that I came to understand that it is like a wedding and how the longer they don’t seal the mate bond with the ceremony other shifters can challenge to take May or John as their own mate. So much detail went into understanding mates that I feel drained whenever they bring up new information on the matter. After my last relationship i am not in a rush to find my so called soulmate but my mother and sister tell me i will not be able to resist my mate even if I am still bitter over Luke. Violet and me have become close and i feel i can trust her with my life and she can trust me with hers. I feel more me recently and i knew Violet is a big part of that.

I walk back to the living room and sit on the couch thinking of my first meeting with Violet…

Flash back

May had left me dumb founded but i need to shower and get ready for what ever reason. I started the water and when it was warm enough I stepped in and let out a breath of relaxation and the water flowed down my back. I washed my hair and felt as if it was longer than it used to be but finished up. I decided to dry my hair first before getting dressed which was i did as i looked up I noticed the mirror was fogged over from the steam from the hot like anyone else I wiped the mirror to see myself. Now I jumped back shocked I freaked out when i say purple eyes looking back at me… scared someone else was in the bathroom with me i had jumped and looked around to see I was the one with purple eyes. Now i see why my family was shocked about my eyes they have changed from a very light blue that was almost silver looking to purple..fucking purple.

A few hours later I was taken to an open space of land and saw that my family had set up lights and had called other people too. I saw my father’s parents and I felt a bond to them unlike before when I had known them my whole life but this was their bloodline connection. They had tears of joy in their eyes as they welcomed me home and told me or really violet they could not wait to meet her. After saying hi to other family members i started to feel very hot.

Not like i am hot so i should take off a coat no the type of hot were it on the inside of you like a fever hot. No it like a humid hot that not even an ac or swamp cooler can relieve..that’s the type of hot i am feeling. I feel pins and needles all over my body and feel short of breath and a painful scream leaves me before I even know it was there. I started to fight the pain to try and keep it down but i hear Violet

Let it take over... allow the pain to leave your body.

As much as I wanted to keep fighting it i felt her need for me to trust her so i let go as i through my head up and screamed my family stood by watching but not in a way of not caring for i saw their tears and urge to help relieve my pain. I could tell they know what was happening and as much as they wanted to help me they could not. I saw my mother move toward me but father grabbed her holding her back. I wanted to tell her it would be ok not to worry even if it felt as if every bone in my body was breaking and moving on their own i didn’t want her to worry. I grabbed at the ground taking dirt into my nails but what was more freaky was the fur that was sprouting out all over my body. It tingles in a tickless way but I felt warm and complete as the pain stopped. I was pitch black from what I could see and when i tried to talk i barked and them growled as I freaked out over the bark. I heard my family laughing and I knew it was normal but I growled to them all in a way to stop. Whoa there Fa...Violet we are sorry it is not everyday we see one freak out over their own body reactions. I felt an urge to howl so i let Violet do her thing as she lifted her head and let out a howl that felt like saying i am home.

I felt complete at this moment and when I looked around, I saw that all my family had shifted …”time to lead a run and play” was all Violet told me so i did i ran and I felt a bond being created as we played chase and play fought. I had no idea how long we were out but I never wanted it to end nature smelt, looked and felt better in Violets form. I felt as if I belonged and I know that sounds weird but i had never felt.... I was home or apart of the community we lived near. I loved my family and we got along yet i felt i was just watching as life went by but i feel apart of it all this moment.

I have let Violet shift and run at least once a day so that I could get used to the process and it is working I feel little to no pain when i shift but I know I will have to continue to shift everyday until it feels natural. Thank you for putting your trust in me and allowing me to feel fully apart of i should thank you now that you are fully awake I feel whole and less depressed about Luke. we are quite the pair you and me but I really want to talk about the sexy voice from the phone call...he did sound sexy but i am still not ready to think about boys in that manner at the moment..sorry i know how important it is to have a mate but this is all still new to me and after Luke i don’t want to get hurt again.


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