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well it is that time again are you ready

do I really have a choice? change and meet me in five outside

The day after I shifted my mother and all my other family members made me begin training. They said I had a lot to catch up on and to make sure my wolf had a human with the same amount of strength. Something about rejection of my wolf spirit but i am still confused about that. They said my father’s bloodline was of royal warriors and it was one of the last ew purebloods...whatever that means. I feel as if they are trying to place a lifetime worth of knowledge in me in this first month as a werewolf. Just want us to be ready by the mating ceremony day you are not placed in danger...okay i can understand that since i was learning about respect to certain ranks. I have a spare match tonight but mom said she also asked John to stop by for another type of training.

I was kicking butt ..i think i am at least i am landing blows and dodging attacks so i think i am getting better. Mom asks me and my sparring partner to stop and that my next training was Alpha command training. I think they said that an alpha had control over all lower ranking wolves and their command was a way of showing dominance or something along those lines. Guess i will understand in a minute. John is waiting for me in the gym and as i walk in he growls like he is pissed off but i feel angry not scared..well Violet feels anger toward John for growling like that..weird. I continue to walk to him but he roars stop at me and i do but Violet i spissed i stopped...why did you stop?..he told me too and since he is alpha that is what i am supposed to do right? Yes.. but only when his power is stronger than ours and his is not... continue towards him. She forces a growl out of me as I continue to walk toward John who tried to command me again and I can feel his power or dominance but it is like a bug bite to my skin. He looks pissed off at this point and he roars a growl at me that felt like a blast of wind to my face but i did not feel the urge to listen or bow down as they said i will feel. Violet tells me to relax and focus as she radiates our power toward John and my mother

...”What is going on Violet?”... don’t be afraid I am showing him some of our power from our bloodline…”Some.. Only some because the power i feel is nice but it also scares me are you sure there is more?” I am very sure we have more but I do not want to take his title I only am displaying. Take his tile ..what?

Wow… I have never.. Felt that amount of power you almost made me submit.

well she made me and i am still stuck please calm her down so i can stand up..please

ohh, she said sorry mom ..

well looks like her fathers bloodline is still strong

violet said she did not want to show full power ..something about not taking your title..what does that mean?

that was not all of your power/strength never thought you would be stronger than your father was

seriously ..well I am glad your family because I would not want to be on your bad side that’s for sure…

I am confused since I did not submit to his commands ..what do i do when i face other higher ranks them me?

PRETEND!, as happy as we are that you carry the warrior bloodline we do not want to make you a target so you pretend to submit

who will I know when to do that?

Listen to Violet she will know and just remember she will not be happy to be dominated so just remind her that you need to do this your not ready for challenges.

challenges but that is for the mate claiming stuff..right?

yes and no.. you see if one feel they are disrespected they can issue a challenge to show power or dominance over other wolves. Since you are still new to all this we don’t want you to be seen as rude or an over powerful wolf. Just know i am impressed and am excited to announce your joining of our long as you are okay with it?

really you want me to join the pack officially?.. I would love that

Violet is overjoyed as well to join the pack as an official member. I am just glad John did not get pissed off over us being more powerful than him. After that i feel energized so i figured a run would do me and Violet some good.

A month later it was time for the mate ceremony and I have adjusted to my new form and training was advancing. I barely think of Luke and his betrayal but that doesn’t mean I am ready for a mate or any type of relationship for that matter. Violet is begging me to be more social so I plan on talking to the females tonight. I knew she hopes I will fancy a male wolf so I can see how much better they are at wooing a woman and showing her love but let’s face it all men wolf or human are the same in my mind.

My mother and sister took me shopping since my body has changed all my old clothes were a little snug on my new curves. I think they just really wanted me to get a few dresses since i never really wore them except for they are using me as a doll and dressing me up over and over and over again.. Help..please.

I threw a fit when they tried to get me to buy a tutu seriously as much as i am glad my mom and sister are getting along torturing me i had to put my foot down.

you have enough dress up clothes for me so how about we head home.. I am done I say

come on one more store ..we need to get a dress so you can mate me and mom for the ceremony tomorrow.

They used their puppy pouty face on me and i broke like seriously I caved...i agree with you i am done with shopping i want to go for a run so let us just get this over with...see this is why you are my best friend Violet i think i love you.. will you marry me? Only if I get to wear the pants in the relationship because all those dresses and heels is a deal breaker...really then i don’t think this is going to work if we are exactly the same…. Let us split our assets and divirced before the have come a long way since we first came together… I am happy as well..but i want it all..but you can keep...The dresses...haha we rock let’s get this over with so we can go for that run.

I have to admit my mom and may know fashion or what looks good on me at least because me and Violet are speechless at the dress we have on for tonight. I had a long light rose gold colored gown on that was laced at the bottis long sleeve and a flowy bottom that had hidden slits so my legs could breath and i could really move in stiff dancing for me.. It was lower in the back showing my back off as well as my neck which my mother insisted on being on display..i feel as if someone is hiding something from me about the whole ...neck on display thing.

After the mating ceremony and wedding all in one go..covering all the species basics; i guess. I recognized so many wolves today since many were there to welcome me to the pack. I watched as May and John took off to have a private moment which i think they were sly but we all noticed and giggled about. I heard some weird talk about marking and sealing the bond but I never was told about what that was so i just pushed it to the back of my mind. I was noticing a lot of men eyeing me as I danced and talked to the guests around me. I felt like they were eyes raping me and violet was not interested in any of them so i was glad that never came up. I don’t think I could handle the pressure from the other ladies and violet to talk to a suitor as they called them.

I was successful in avoiding the men who wanted me to dance with them. Me and violet decided if they caught us they will earn a dance but seems they all give up too easily which is fine with me.

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