Foundations of Infinity: The Last Divine Day (Book 1)

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The sun came up eventually, lighting up the house as it reflected off the light colors painted on the walls. If it were a weekday they would already be mostly ready and be thinking about heading to Old Stuff by now. But as it was both siblings were still asleep, did humans really need this much rest? They only had so many days to live, what was the point if they wasted them by sleeping it away?

At long last Felix eventually dragged himself downstairs, wrapped in a soft blue blanket covered in white clouds. His slipper covered feet scuffled lazily across the floor as he made his way to the couch where Destiny was watching him, an amused smile tugging at her lips.

“Get enough beauty sleep?”

Felix mumbled a reply, still not even awake enough to open his eyes all the way. But that didn’t stop him from pulling out his phone and playing his usual game.

Destiny rolled her eyes and stood up, walking the few feet over to the kitchen. Felix was tired, and coffee was always a good remedy for that. Only problem was the Infinity had absolutely no idea how to use anything in a kitchen. Infinities did their job, Òrìsà provided the rest. Whenever they needed something, food or coffee or anything, Fortune or Demise would go to some place in Òrìsà and bring it home.

But Destiny had an idea, though her sisters would be so disappointed if they figured out she had done it. She closed her eyes and went to the Fate checklist. Scrolling to the very bottom so her sisters wouldn’t notice she attempted to edit it. Destiny hadn’t even been sure it was possible, but it never hurt to try something out first. Smiling at her work she noticed the task had been added in successfully. She then selected that task, intending to carry it out.

It was only a few minutes later when Destiny was walking back to the couch, a steaming mug in her hand, that she crossed of what she had added into the list. Operation make coffee for Felix was now complete.

Handing him the coffee, she waited until he took a few sips and started to look more alive. He had to be awake enough to at least register what she was saying. “I was thinking of going on a walk today, If that’s okay.”

“I’ll tag along if that’s cool by you. We need to go to the supermarket anyways, Lili says we need salsa.”

Destiny bit her lip, she hadn’t expected Felix to invite himself. But she couldn’t exactly say no without hurting his feelings. This would certainly complicate the whole visiting other Infinities houses thing. But she would have to deal with it for now.

“Salsa? Why not butter or eggs or anything normal?”

The brunette shook his head and drained the rest of his coffee. “Apparently Sunday is Mexican food day in the Tavera household. Don’t ask me, I haven’t been living here all that much longer than you.”

Tavera, that must be their last name. How had she gone this long without knowing her own hosts last name? But what he said was true, they had only been reacquainted on the day of her Test of Classification after all.

Felix went back upstairs to change into a clean set of clothes. When he came back down he wore his usual attire, jeans and a hoodie. He must have owned load of them, seeing as everyday he had a different colored hoodie on. His hair was still a mess and he hadn’t showered yet that morning, but he was decent enough to be seen in public.

Destiny found a sticky note and scribbled out an explanation to Liliana, letting her know not to worry when she woke up. If she ever woke up that is. For a self-proclaimed morning person, she sure could sleep in when she didn’t have to be at work.

Felix threw on a large coat that made him look very similar to a blue marshmallow. And, after a few minutes of arguing, even Destiny had a light jacket on. Of course the Fate insisted she didn’t need one, Infinities weren’t affected by weather. But Felix would have none of that, and he refused to let them leave until she put at least something on to cover her arms.

Destiny felt ridiculous as they left the house. There was absolutely no reason to have a coat on for an Infinity. But it was the middle of December, and she had to try and fit in with the other humans. Besides, it was the only way to shut Felix up so she humored him and adorned a jacket that she might have borrowed from Fortune’s closet.

Felix walked them out to the Ladybug, being a perfect gentleman and neglecting to hold the door open for the lady. Destiny stuck her tongue out at him and teased him, and in response he turned on the radio to a Christmas station, jamming out to the music and turning it up to full blast.

He drove them down to town and parked along the sidewalk. At the moment it was traffic free, a lot of the humans were still at church. They got out of the Volkswagen and Felix linked their arms, forcing Destiny to skip along beside him. And of course he just had to keep humming. Destiny swore she would never get that Rudolph song out of her head.

The buzz of the coffee wore off pretty quickly, thank goodness. Pretty soon they were walking at a much more normal pace. Skipping took a lot of energy and wore one out fairly quickly. As they walked Felix pointed out popular shops and cafes and some winged statue on top of the lamppost. Some things he knew more about than others, depending on what he remembered from when Liliana gave him the same tour.

Felix insisted that they stop in a restaurant called Wings to Go and grabbed a ten piece wings to go. “Come on Red, you gotta try it. Best wings in Middletown. The sauce is amazing! The wings are amazing! Everything is amazing!”

The Fate protested, she wasn’t hungry at all. She had eaten more with these humans over the past few days than she had eaten in the entire month. And she wasn’t particularly fond of Felix spending money on her when Liliana was always saying they were tight on cash. But the food had already been bought and Felix persisted. And no matter how much she denied him, Felix gave the sad puppy eyes and gripped her arm gently, and she simply couldn’t refuse him then.

So they sat on the steps below the lamppost with wings and ate the chicken wings. The ground was icy cold and everything was covered in a thin layer of frost. Snow Clouds floated overhead, a bright whitish grey.

As they sat and ate, they watched the town slowly come alive. Children ran down the streets, parents chasing after them, eager to be first in line to see Santa. Carolers began showing up, singing as they decorated a large fake Christmas tree. People rushing about trying to find the perfect gift. Everyone was kind to each other, sharing smiles and hugs. They were all gathered here for the same reason, ’tis the holiday season. It was noisy and chaotic, but it was also truly beautiful.

“Okay fine, you win, I admit it. You were right, these wings were great. Happy now?” Destiny licked the remaining sauce from her fingers as she finished her share of the wings. She sighed and gave in, noticing the look Felix was shooting her.

“I usually am right, and don’t you forget it. Life is a competition and I must win.” Felix smiled triumphantly, proud that he had made his point.

“Well mademoiselle, you aren’t going to let this boy talk to you like that are you?” The familiar voice walked around the lamppost, showing himself to the pair. Of course it would be Chance, who else?

He had probably been following them around for a while in his Abbaxa form so as not to let the humans think he was a stalker. They had passed Old Stuff to get to the wings place, and that was where they had agreed to meet. Destiny rolled her eyes at his words, but decided to play along. “Well good sir, do you intend to save me from such a dreadful man?”

“Well my lady thou do deserve a proper man.”

“Correct you are. And where might I find me one of those?” Destiny smirked, knowing that response would irritate him.

“My lady, your words do wound me. At least have the courtesy to introduce me to your companion?”

Destiny turned back to Felix, color flushing in her cheeks. She had almost forgotten he was there. “This is Felix, I’m living with him and his sister Liliana. Felix, this is —”

“Charlie. So you are the one taking care of our Des. You have done well.” Chance shot Destiny a look, silently telling her not to blow his cover.

Felix’s eyes widened in realization. “Oh, you two know each other.”

Chance nodded. “Yeah, we have a bit of history.”

Felix eyed them with a suggestive smile. At least he took no offence to their previous banter, he knew Destiny thought more of him than that. “Just remembered that I have to be somewhere that isn’t here. Salsa, I have to get salsa. Catch you later Destiny. You children be safe now you hear?”

Destiny rolled her eyes at Felix’s choice of words. Both of the Infinities were several hundred years older than the human, yet he still called them children. Not that he would know he was wrong, Destiny had yet to tell the humans the truth. Just then a powerful gust of wind hit the town, causing both Destiny and Felix to shiver. The Fate brought her hands up to rub her arms, unconsciously trying to warm herself.

Both men eyed her warily. They each reached for their own coat, but before Felix was halfway done unzipping his Chance had already stripped his jacket and placed it on her shoulders over the thin jacket she already had on.

“T-thank y-you.” Destiny’s teeth chattered as she quickly wrapped the coat around herself tightly and zipped it up.

Felix frowned as he zipped his marshmallow coat back up. “Told you to get a thicker jacket. Make sure she stays warm, okay?”

Chance nodded instantly, a sincere look on his face. “Of course, she is safe with me.”

Destiny could tell Felix wanted to stick around, he wasn’t too keen on the idea of passing his friend off to someone he didn’t know. He wanted to keep an eye on her, make sure she was safe and all. But eventually he gave in and left, glancing back as he waved goodbye.

As soon as Felix had disappeared Chance turned to Destiny, grasping her shoulders with a fierce look in his eyes. “Tell me you were faking; tell me you aren’t actually cold. Tell me you were just shivering to act human, tell me!”

Destiny was shocked at his sudden outburst and nodded her head quickly, not wanting to anger him further. But anger was a secondary emotion, something to cover up something else. So what was his first? He raised his eyebrows disbelievingly, gesturing to her pink cheeks and shaking hands that told a different story from her words.

Not even bothering to look if the humans were watching Chance took the Fate’s hand and took her to his home in Òrìsà. Even an Infinity like a Coincidence would normally follow the rule of hiding their powers from humans. And it was that act that told her where the anger came from, he was worried about her. She felt her Rouhk fade away, leaving her in her Abbaxa form. That was much better, she wasn’t cold as an essence. The chill was in the body.

“You good now?”

Destiny sighed and nodded, this time for real. “Much better, thanks. But what if someone saw? You could at least have taken me to an ally or something. You shouldn’t have done that.”

Chance shrugged like he couldn’t care less though he still eyed her worriedly. Her shivering had stopped the moment they entered Òrìsà but his brown eyes were still wide as saucers. “Well you shouldn’t have been cold.”

Destiny bit her lip and nodded. “Touché.”

“That shouldn’t have happened. Something isn’t right.” His right hand came up to his face and he rubbed his stubbly chin in thought.

Destiny fidgeted and flexed her fingers, uncomfortable with his unblinking stare. So she turned the tables and changed the subject in an attempt to throw him off guard. “I like your eyes, they are pretty.”

It worked. Well, he blinked at least, and that was a start. His eyebrows scrunched together worriedly, maybe there was something wrong with her besides just the cold after all. “My eyes are brown. Everyone has brown eyes. You have brown eyes.”

“Nah,” Destiny argued, stubborn as ever. “Sure, brown is the basic color. But around the pupil you have a star of lighter brown and little flecks surrounding it. Look at them in the right light and you have gold eyes.”

Chance blinked slowly, not quite sure how to respond to that. He rolled his eyes, thinking she was full of nonsense. “Right, well common. Karma is waiting upstairs for us.”

“Alright then Charlie, give me the tour.” Destiny raised an eyebrow in question, referring to the name he had given Felix.

Chance sighed and turned around, facing his home. “Right, well our names aren’t exactly normal you know. So we have fake names when talking to people. I’m Charlie, Karma is Kevin, and Luck is Leo.”

Destiny nodded and looked up at the house for the first time, slack jawed in awe. “Woah. That’s different.”

Okay, so maybe house wasn’t quite the right word to describe it. More like several houses, all suspended high above the ground by some invisible force. The Coincidence Concept lived in treehouses.

There seemed to be no order whatsoever, they would just add another house whenever they needed an extra room. Each house was connected to at least three others by a ladder or bridge made from rope and planks of wood. They were all unique, built in different shapes and sizes and woods. The houses went on and on, Destiny had to strain her neck to look up at them all and even then she knew she hadn’t seen all of them. Some attached to the large tree, others just hung in the air by the power of Infinity.

The grass on the ground was long and wild, growing freely nearly up to the knees. There was a worn down path leading off to the left that looked as though it had been walked frequently, leading off into a dense forest. The trees on the ground were normal sized, between thirty to sixty feet. All except one, that is. A stone path lead to the biggest tree of all, easily several hundred feet tall with a fifty-foot-thick trunk. Steps were carved into a spiral round the base, leading above the treetops and to a door. A portion of the trunk had been carved out, having the first room actually inside the tree itself.

Chance shrugged as nonchalantly as possible, though it was pretty clear he was proud of his and his brothers’ handiwork. “Yeah, everyone just builds a house, we thought it was too mainstream. So we mixed it up a bit.”

He led her across the stone path leading to the mother tree. But Destiny couldn’t help but keep glancing down the path leading into the forest. “What’s over there?”

Chance’s face hardened as he started to climb the spiraling carved out stairs. “That will be a journey for another day.”

Though curious, the Fate figured it was best not to push her luck by asking. Besides she hadn’t known him all that long, and this was definitely a conversation that was supposed to only be had with friends. Destiny was on his property, that was enough for now.

Chance had it easy, with his long legs he was able to climb the stairs two at a time. It was rough on Destiny, she had short legs and was out of shape. After a thousand years of hanging around her mansion all day with no exercise she was wiped. Though her Rouhk and Abbaxa was average thinness, stairs were still hard.

The Fate glanced down uneasily, her body hugging the left where the thick tree base helped her keep her balance. She was rather prone to clumsiness seeing as she was still new to a body and working on getting used to it. “You should get a rail or something to keep someone from falling. That’s a long drop.”

“Don’t tell me your scared of heights Des.”

She wasn’t in all honestly, she knew she couldn’t get hurt unless a Creator had it out for her. But it would be reassuring to have something there instead of just the hard ground hundreds of feet below. “This is a safety hazard.”

“Just don’t fall. I never have.”

They climbed so high they were above the tops of the trees, and even then the rest of the treehouses didn’t start appearing for another thirty feet. Way too many stairs, way too much work. They stopped outside the door for a moment, mainly for Destiny to catch up. Destiny panted, gesturing to the painted number on the left of the door. “What’s the number one for?”

“It’s like an address, to help us find our way along. This is the first house you come to so it is number 1. Luck’s bedroom is number 2, Karma’s room is number 3, and I got room 4.” He pointed off in the general direction of his brothers’ houses, and pointed up for his own.

Chance lead her through the door once she had regained her breath. The trunk had been hollowed out twenty feet up. A few carved out holes towards the top of the room worked as windows, letting light shine and reflect against the bark, illuminating the circular room.

Inside was plain, the only thing on the ground was a book stand like what a priest might put a bible on in the center of the room. The walls had pictures and descriptions thumbtacked in, like a giant scrapbook. Each description had a page number in parenthesis.

Destiny walked around the room in bewilderment. “The Luminary Virtuoso would be proud of you three, this is certainly creative.”

Chance smiled and grabbed her hand, leading her over to the book stand. “And this little masterpiece is our history. All those pictures have a fun little story, so we wrote them down in this book here.”

Destiny reached for it, flipping through the pages. There was a noticeable change in handwriting from each of the Coincidences when they took the pen. Large handwriting with big loopy letters, a small elegant cursive, and chicken scratch that couldn’t be read at all.

“Also included is information on our Tests of Classification. How old we were, where we were, what happened, and who gave us our name.”

Destiny glanced up at him, tilting her head in confusion. “When I saw you after our tests you said your brothers watched you. But what about your Creator? And it isn’t when you become one thousand years old?”

Chance rolled his eyes. “Nope, it just happens. We do our thing and the other two watch, then we wait for the test taker to do something significant to be named after.”

Destiny’s eyes went wide as she screeched, “But that is so disorganized! Without a Creator to oversee how can you be sure the results are accurate?”

Chance laughed, an amused sparkle in his golden eyes. “And waiting around anxiously is so much better? First time around humans ever, that’s what you get named after.”

Destiny was speechless. He was right though, in a way. Years of learning and preparing weren’t enough. She had never been around so many humans before that day, and she was under a lot of pressure. How differently would the test have gone if she had been like all the other Infinities and been able to interact with others before her test? But Destiny was stubborn and proud, and she had already started this argument. So she was determined to see it to an end.

“Well at least the way we do it is consistent and orderly.”

“Your Concept, not, all Infinities from your Creator, take the Test of Classification way too seriously. The test doesn’t define you, it doesn’t make you who you are. Yeah it gives you a name and body and job or whatever, but it doesn’t change who you are. Like if you had been named Evil instead of Destiny, would you suddenly change all your ethics and morals?”

Destiny looked away in silence, she knew she had lost. She had always been taught the Test of Classification was the most important day of her life. It was supposed to define everything, tell her who she was and what her purpose was. And now being told that something that was so important to her was no big deal was hard to accept.

But of course Chance couldn’t leave it at that, he had to further his point. “Take the Sins for example. They don’t even have a test. They used to be a horrible, fearful Concept. But The Compelling Annihilator decided to teach them a lesson. He took their worst traits and used it as a curse against them.”

Destiny was appalled to hear this. To not be properly supervised was one thing, but to not even have a test at all was another. For so many Infinities to take the test so lightly felt wrong on some level. “Whatever, just take me to Karma, that’s why we are here after all.”

Chance smirked slightly, knowing that on some level he had proved his point and won. He walked out the door, waiting for Destiny to follow before he chose one of the various bridges and began crossing it. He led her through the treehouse maze, not bothering to look at some and passing straight through others. Across bridges and ladders, constantly moving at an incline.

Chance had said that each house had an address to keep them separate. But there was no rhyme or reason to the order, room 7 was next to room 394 was next to 725 was next to 86.

They were halfway across a rickety bridge when they heard a crash from the house they just walked past. Chance flinched and did a double take, groaning when he saw which one it was. Another crash and the sound of something shattering was enough to make Chance turn around.

“Again? Freaking again? That’s the sixth time this month.” He ran a hand through his hair and sighed in defeat. The Coincidence squeezed past Destiny and walked back the way they had come and to the house with all the noise. Chance rolled his eyes and threw open the door with no warning.

“You need to stop; we can’t keep replacing that thing. Well we can, but that’s not the point. I thought you agreed to stop watching that show?” Chance had his arms crossed and his foot was tapping, waiting for an answer.

Destiny poked her head around the door frame, trying to see what was happening. The room appeared to be a game room, or at least it had been at one point. Now it was just a sad room full of broken things. A foosball table had all the plastic men ripped off, sticking out from the dartboard and around the wall. The actual darts were embedded in the head of a karate practice dummy. And the most recent damage, a remote thrown through the center of a flat screen television, shattered glass littering the floor.

The Fate looked around, searching for the source of all the destruction. He was curled up in a ball on the torn up leather couch. Loud obnoxious sobbing was coming from the sad excuse of an Infinity.

A light green button up shirt, black dress pants, and a loose fitting tie. He had a perfect jawline and forest green eyes. He was probably an attractive Infinity when his Rouhk was first created. Now however, it was apparent he had been in his body for too long, never changing to an essence and back to his original form. He had dark circles under his eyes, chewed up fingernails, disorderly blonde hair that hadn’t been groomed in ages, and to finish it off he looked far more malnourished than an Infinity should.

Chance glared at his brother and entered the room fully, kicking some empty bottles out of the way. His tone was simultaneously sarcastic and disgusted. His lip curled in distaste and he practically spat the words out. “Destiny, I am so honored to introduce you to the pride of this Concept. This is my charismatic and charming older brother, Luck.”

The blonde still paid the pair no mind, perhaps he was ignoring them or perhaps he still hadn’t noticed they had even entered. He wrapped his arms around his legs and started rocking himself, crying all the while. “Oh sure, you win the lottery. And you win the lottery. Everyone wins the lottery. How Lucky of them. Those humans must feel so blessed to have so much Luck.”

He spat the last word as if it tasted terrible on his tongue. And considering the current state he was in it probably did.

The Fate leaned in closer to Chance, whispering in his ear. “Is he always like this?”

Chance clenched his jaw, all traces of amusement gone from his golden orbs. Begrudgingly he nodded. “Unfortunately yes, at least the past few centuries. We should go meet up with my other brother. Hopefully this mess will sober up before you leave.”

Chance turned and swept out of the demolished game room, not a second thought to his brother. This must happen a lot if he was willing to leave him be in this state without worrying about his health. After a second Destiny followed after Chance, closing the door gently behind her. Chance was tall, he had long legs. She had to run for a few seconds to catch up to him.

They walked in silence, Chance was still angry about how that first impression went and Destiny didn’t know him well enough to know what to say to cheer him up. After a few minutes he stopped in front of a peculiar looking treehouse. From where they stood on the ground this one was hidden from view, blocked by all the others. Now it was plain to see that this just might be the most unique of them all. It had no roof to begin with. Where all the others were a plain wood, this one was stained with several blotches of various colors.

Chance smiled fondly when he realized Destiny was staring. “As if a treehouse wasn’t bizarre enough Karma had to improve it. A while back he and Sloth discovered paintballs and had a bit of fun. Sloth brought along Lust, said his fellow Concept mate had to blow off some steam but wouldn’t tell me why. Come to think about it that’s about the time Luck went all — well you saw what he became.”

Putting together pieces of the puzzle from what Lust had told her back at Old Stuff Destiny formed a theory. So Lust and Luck had a thing going on, but then broke it off. Luck turned into a wreck of an Infinity while Lust got over it during a paintball game. “What was he like before? Luck, I mean.”

Chance shrugged, stuffing his hands into his pockets. “He used to be wonderful, a little too wonderful. Happy and excitable, he loved life and interacting with humans. When he found something he liked, like a turtle or clover or falling stars, he would use his power so that anyone who saw it and enjoyed it like he did would have a good day. He used to make peoples days, spreading smiles and laughter. Now he stays cooped up in that one room yelling at game shows.”

“What can we do to help?”

Chance laughed humorlessly and rolled his eyes. “I have tried everything Des, truly I have. He is my brother and I love him, I don’t enjoy watching him destroy himself. But there is nothing to do. Not until he wants to help himself that is.”

Destiny nodded and looked down at her purple Abbaxa. She quickly debated on whether or not she should put on her Rouhk before meeting the other Coincidence but decided against it. She wasn’t particularly fond of the cold. She then nodded, letting Chance know she was ready.

He stood to the side and leaned against the wall, far out of the way of the door. Tapping it lightly with a knuckle he called out. “I know you have been listening. Now get out here and meet our Fate.”

Without missing a beat, the door swung open and Destiny was enveloped by warm muscular arms tackling her in a bear hug. The scent of pine surrounded her nose, suffocating her. Good thing Infinities didn’t need to breath.

Destiny laughed as the was lifted off her feet and swung in a circle. “Well hello there. Nice to meet you too, I’m sure.”

He pulled back and let go, though not stepping away. But that was fine, who needs personal space anyways? He glanced her over up and down and let out a low whistle. “I like the essence. It really brings out who your Creator is. Any friend of Chance’s is a friend of mine, blah blah blah. You know the speech. I’m Karma, the best of this Concept.”

Destiny raised her eyebrow at him in a is-that-so manner. But he was better at meeting guests than Luck had been, she had to give him that. “Destiny, but I’m guessing you already knew that right?”

Karma winked and straightened out his red shirt that had been ruffled from the hug. The chains around his belt and hanging down his leg jingled as he led them inside his room. Tattoos up and down his right arm, leather biker gloves, way too much eyeliner around his bright green eyes, raven black hair styled into spikes on top of his head, he looked far more intimidating than he acted. “Chance said you stabbed him with some fancy trinket. First, good job, I’ve been meaning to do that sense he ate my last brownie. He had it coming. Second, mind if I see this shiny new toy?”

The elder Fate sisters had warned Destiny that the old pipe could be some ancient weapon. But the only harm she could see it doing was to a human lung, so it couldn’t hurt too much to let him see it. Besides, he was Chance’s brother, so he couldn’t be all that bad.

Destiny reached inside her pocket and brought out the case. Opening it and gently taking it out of the velvet she handed it over to Karma. His dark eyes went wide as he reached out for it. He almost seemed to be under a trance. “This is weird… Like it has its own gravity and is pulling me in. I felt it before too.”

Destiny and Chance both nodded in understanding. “Same for the two of us. My sister’s Fortune and Demise also felt its allure.”

Karma nodded and handed it back, stroking his goatee thoughtfully. He had fabulous hair, long and silky. His skin was smooth and tan, like a human from Spain. “Well I’m afraid I won’t be of much help to you. But field trips are always fun, who’s in?”

Destiny rolled her eyes, she had expected as much. Chance had warned her that Sloth might be involved. “Do we have a choice?”

“Nope!” Karma responded cheerfully. From the few minutes she had known him it seemed like he did everything cheerfully. He closed his eyes and began mouthing words. Destiny knew what he was doing, he was telepathically talking to another Infinity. Though if he was still moving his mouth he wasn’t nearly as much an expert as the Fates. By the looks of it they had shared original names pretty recently.

Slow as a sloth would move, a flaming orange Abbaxa appeared and a Rouhk began to form. “You called?”

“Slothy! I missed you soooo much! I knew you help me out!”

“I can’t just very well ignore blue pineapple, can I?”

“Nope!” Karma clapped his hands together, squealing in delight. Then the friends proceeded to do some long elaborate secret handshake that nobody would have been able to copy if they tried.

Destiny had sort of expected Sloth to look like some fat lazy middle schooler, a couch potato who only ate junk food. Instead he looked like a nerdy high schooler who was the star of the math club. He was about Chance’s height, an inch or two shorter. Scrawny like a toothpick, bend him and he breaks. Jeans and a plain shirt, but with bright yellow suspenders and a matching clip on bowtie. Close cropped black hair and glasses with clear tape on the left side wear there was a noticeable crack.

Chance shook his head as the finished up. “Sometimes I wonder if those two should have been in the same Concept instead of Sloth and Wrath.”

Destiny turned to Chance, blocking out the boys and their catching up. “You don’t like Wrath?”

“Nobody likes Wrath; she causes too many wars.”

Destiny nodded, it sounded like it made sense. Sloth and Karma seemed to have finished their discussion and Sloth turned to glare at Chance, though it was clear he wasn’t actually mad. “Hey watch it, that’s my sister you are trash talking. Only my fellow Sins are allowed to insult the baby of our Concept.”

Destiny giggled and shook her head. “Come on, I came here for a reason. We should get to work.”

Chance nodded, his smile fading. He was having a good time, introducing the Fate to his more stable brother. It was clear he wasn’t found of the idea that this was purely business. “Right, Let’s begin, shall we?”

Sloth grabbed Destiny’s shoulder and Karma grabbed Chance. To get to an Infinities home one needed to know the original name of a member of that Concept. And seeing as both Karma and Sloth both knew Sloth’s name this would work out just fine.

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