Foundations of Infinity: The Last Divine Day (Book 1)

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Strange Customer

Felix was lounging on the couch, playing that game on his phone. It was the same game Destiny often found him fiddling with during his work breaks or in the car rides. One long line that ran into little black dots and grew longer. Felix had called it ‘Snake’ and as the days went by the Fate noticed that he progressively got better.

Destiny jumped over the back of the couch, landing somewhat gracefully with her back against his folded legs. Just the typical Monday morning in the Tavera house. “Looks like you are having fun. Is Lili still sleeping?”

Felix heard her, Destiny knew he did. However, he ignored her, letting the silence drone on for almost a minute. He groaned in disappointment when he lost and his phone went DUN DUN DUNNNN. “Hope you’re happy, I lost my game for you. But I got a new record though. My sister woke up ages ago. She got an E-mail in the middle of the night, apparently we have an important client coming in today. She is upstairs getting pretty with make-up and such, what a girl.”

Destiny glared daggers at her friend. Just because he wasn’t romantically invested in women didn’t mean he couldn’t take a lesson about respect. “Hey, careful with that mouth of yours before I take it away. Don’t ever use our gender as an insult again.”

Felix’s eyes went wide; he was terrified of the sudden change in her demeanor. “Sorry Red, that came out way worse than it was supposed to. I promise to make you breakfast for dinner for an entire week.”

Destiny raised an eyebrow and thought it over. It was tempting, Felix was an amazing chef. Slowly she nodded. “Okay, apology accepted. So what do we know about this client? I mean I’ve only been with the two of you for a couple days, but to my knowledge shoppers don’t normally give you a heads up.”

“Not quite sure who exactly he is. But he did have a weird name, I remember that much. Couldn’t pronounce it if I tried. Think it was foreign, but not sure from where.”

“Do we at least know what makes him so important?” If Chance had been there, he surely would have been mocking the Fate. He would tell her that her interest in the mundane things was unhealthy. She couldn’t help but be interested. Liliana once told her all customers are equally important, so what made this person such a unique little snowflake?

Felix shrugged and stood up, causing Destiny to fall on her back seeing as she was using his legs as a support. “I didn’t actually see the message. Lili just said we had to impress them.”

The Fate nodded and stood up, brushing her bangs back into place. “We should get going soon, it’s almost ten.”

Felix looked over his own attire, dirty shirt and not as dirty pants. “I’ll go grab Lili, see if she is almost ready. I still have to change anyways.”

As soon as the Fate was certain the human was upstairs, Destiny walked over to the kitchen table where Liliana had left her laptop last night. She swiveled the mouse to turn the screen from black to blue, and instantly it started doing her bidding. She was so thankful Liliana was trusting enough to not have bothered with a password. Then again, she had only recently started living with other people. The internet was already logged on to the shop owners email. Destiny wasn’t the most computer savvy, but she figured it out okay. Clicking the received button, she quickly skimmed through the first page of recent mail.

Just as she thought. There was nothing new from the past twelve hours. And Liliana didn’t seem to be the type of person who would delete an important E-mail so soon after it was received. So then what got into Liliana’s head that she thought there was a special client today? An Infinity could probably easily scramble someone’s brain, especially if they were from the Memory Concept. But what business would they have toying with an innocent shopkeeper?

Destiny wasn’t quite sure what to think and she was honestly a little scared to find out. It could just be someone that Liliana had a thing for, that could explain the extra effort in the appearance. It didn’t sound like Liliana was the type who would lie to her own brother about something as simple as a crush. Something was off about the situation, something sinister was going on. And an Infinity having a bad feeling about something was typically not a good sign.

But she would worry about that when the time came. No need to cause any unnecessary distress for herself or her friends. One step at a time, just get through the day first. Besides, it could be nothing at all. Who was she going to tell anyways? The humans didn’t have any business with Infinities.

Liliana came running down the stairs, looking more beautiful than ever. Her long brunette hair had been straightened and was held back in a glittery pin. Her make-up perfectly accentuated her face without being overbearing. A pair of glasses with thick black rims sat on her nose.

Felix rolled his eyes as his sister ran around the house trying to find her keys. “Are the glasses necessary? I thought you preferred contacts.”

“They make me look smarter, more professional. Now get in the car, we don’t want to be late.” Liliana ordered them around as she snatched the keys off the table and bolted for the door. Destiny and Felix gave each other identical looks as they packed themselves into the Ladybug. Liliana was already stressed and they hadn’t even gotten to work yet. Today was going to be a fun day.

They unlocked the doors to Old Stuff six minutes later than they normally would have due to Liliana’s makeover. So of course that put the shopkeepers’ nerves more on edge even though they didn’t get any business until after the first half hour on most days. Destiny and Felix both tried to calm Liliana, but nothing seemed to do the trick. The shop was tight on money nowadays, as Liliana was constantly reminding them, so she needed this thing with the important client to go well.

Once the opening cleaning tasks and paperwork was done and people started fluttering in things started to get a little chaotic. Voices talking over each other, trying to hear what the other was saying, and gradually turning into shouts. They all seemed like normal humans, nothing unordinary about them.

With all the customers and commotion, the day went by fairly quick. It was two hours till closing time, about five o’clock when things finally started dying down. The town was growing quiet as the people all headed home to their families. It had gotten so busy through the day that neither of the workers had had time for a lunch break. So now they sat in Liliana’s office with take out from down the street, listening for the sound of the familiar bell to indicate a customer had arrived.

For the most part they ate undisturbed. After their break they went back to their stations. There wasn’t much business, a few stray people wandered in to look around. Destiny started following Liliana around, learning about the history of their merchandise. Felix was bored over at the register, nobody seemed to be buying much.

And then the bell rang again, indicating yet another guest. And everything stopped. The old classical music playing softly from one of the gramophones died down until it was silenced all together. Footsteps no longer made noise as they stomped against the hardwood floor. Even the dust seen from the fading sunlight through the window seemed to freeze. It took several seconds for this guy to take a single step, but at the moment it seemed the most normal thing. Time didn’t exist anymore as the man walked in.

A bleached white button down shirt was ironed to a crisp and the sleeves were perfectly rolled up to the elbows were polished golden cufflinks held it in place. The sleek black dress pants and waistcoat were tailored to fit his body specifically. A long black satin tie decorated with little hourglasses and numbers was tucked into his waistcoat. His shoes were polished to perfection, the entire shop reflecting off their surfaces.

His face was ageless; it was impossible to determine if he were old or young. His hair was still thick and groomed, though it was uncertain if it were platinum blonde or old man white. Pale green eyes, almost yellow, alive with years of wisdom. He didn’t fit a description; he simply just was.

His eyes glazed over to Felix and lingered on Destiny, before they finally rested on Liliana. He paid no mind to the other customers, and they ignored him right back. Had they not seen him? Just to be sure Destiny glanced to Felix, he too was speechless. That was good, at least she had confirmation that this guy did exist.

Destiny kept her eyes on him even as he disappeared into Liliana’s office where the shopkeeper had lead him. She tried her best to figure this guy out. There was no doubt about it, he was most certainly the important customer. But what was he? He was not an Infinity; Destiny would have been able to sense if he were. And he didn’t seem to have an Abbaxa. Though he wasn’t human either. And he was not a Creator, his energy and power was different than even what Ziarre had within her. Not Creator, Infinity, or even human. so that left the million-dollar question. What was he?

Destiny’s hand subconsciously found the pipe in her pocket. Something about this guy made her want to hold onto it more than usual, the Fate didn’t want it in his hands. She hardly noticed that it seemed a bit heavier than normal.

Liliana and the customer emerged from the office mere seconds after entering. Liliana had a huge smile on her face, things must have gone according to plan. He strode through the aisles and to the door. But as soon as his hand touched the doorknob Destiny’s voice made him hesitate.

“What are you?” It sounded rude, but the Fate had to say something. She couldn’t let him leave without at least trying to figure it out. Felix shot the Infinity a glare, silently telling her to hold her tongue. It was acceptable to ask someone who they were, just not what they were. Who, yes. What, no.

The guy hesitated, seeming to take no offence. Winking at the Fate with one of his yellow eyes he opened the door and left the shop, the bell chiming like usual.

The first thing to return to normal was the clocks continuing their usual rhythm. The ticking echoed through the shop as everything else fell into place: the music, the voices, the footsteps. Destiny had almost forgotten how dreadfully silent the shop had gotten in just a few seconds.

Liliana came skipping up to the other two workers of Old Stuff, a smile plastered on her face. Felix coughed and cleared his throat, breaking the silence. “So that was our important client? He didn’t buy anything. He didn’t even say anything.”

Felix was being a Donny Downer, and Liliana would have none of it. “It went wonderfully actually. We talked for hours. He placed some orders for some grandfather clocks. I’ll have to ask my old friend Miguel if he will let us borrow his truck so we can deliver them. And he is totally willing to support and promote our business to his clients. That means no more taking mortgages out on the house!”

Felix smiled and squeezed his sister’s hand gently. “Glad it all went well. Good thing you got all dolled up, otherwise today would have been a disaster.”

Liliana rolled her eyes, too chipper to even pretend to glare at her brother. “Hey, I’m smart too. Just because I had to drop college to take care of my dying Grandmother and her shop while you got a full scholarship, doesn’t make me any less a brain than you.”

Felix nodded and put his hands up in surrender. “Trust me sis, nobody is questioning your noggin. You know more about history than just about anybody.”

Destiny listened intently, trying to figure out what was going on. He hadn’t been in the office for more than five seconds before he came out again, but Liliana was saying they talked for hours. Nothing about this made sense. Whoever this guy was, he was powerful.

Her sisters would know, they had an answer for anything. Destiny had known them for a thousand years, they would do anything for each other. And it had been a few days since she had seen them, it was about time to give them a progress report. At home the Fate gave a quick goodnight to the humans and retired to the chilly basement.

Destiny tried to send a mental message to her sisters. let them know she was on her way home. But the only answer she got was a tuned out static. Well, here’s to hoping they were home. Destiny closed her eyes and in a moment she had left Ineôcâ, reappearing on the doorstep of Fate Mansion in Òrìsà.

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