Foundations of Infinity: The Last Divine Day (Book 1)

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A knock on the basement door brought Destiny out of her thoughts before it was pushed open. Apparently humans didn’t care about privacy. Felix came running downstairs, his heavy footsteps making the stairs creek.

“So today’s the day, huh? Sloth will come by and tell you everything. Do you think Lust will be with him?”

Destiny rolled her eyes, Felix was acting like a schoolboy with a crush. “Guess we will have to wait and see. Maybe try making it a little more obvious how excited you are to see him why doncha?”

“Fine. I’ll look fabulous whether he is there to see me or not.” Felix sauntered back upstairs.

“You met him once. Don’t get carried away.” Fortune warned with a smile as the human was halfway gone.

“Just come upstairs whenever you are ready.” Felix closed the basement door behind him.

“Yes sir Mr. General sir.” Karma made a show about standing up and facing the Infinities before saluting them all and following Felix up.

All the Infinities who had made themselves comfortable in a circle on the floor groaned as they were forced to stand up. It was a decent sized basement, but with six bodies it got cramped real quick. they somehow made it work, everyone was still alive that is. The rest of them headed upstairs to the brightly decorated kitchen, where Liliana had already pulled enough chairs to the table to accommodate them all.

Karma came barging through the front door a few minutes later, Sloth riding on his back with his arm in the air, pretending to ride a horse. Felix deflated a little upon seeing Lust was nowhere in sight, but he quickly covered up his disappointment.

Fortune wrinkled her nose in disgust at the boy’s unruly behavior. “So what did you find out about this pipe?”

The Sin jumped off Karma’s back at the mention of the pipe, finally addressing the group as a whole. “You need to find one of the Muses, specifically Urania.”

Chance nodded and stroked his perfectly shaped jaw. “Muse of Astronomy. Makes sense.

“Why her?” Demise growled, crossing her arms in distaste.

“I thought she was your friend?” Destiny’s eyebrows knit together in confusion. “She was your pen pal. You wrote all the time —”

“Life happens Lil’ Bit. And it ain’t always pretty. Sorry to burst your bubble.” Demise frowned. Apparently there was more to the story than just them losing contact. Of all the Infinities to have bad blood with, why did it have to be the one they needed help from?

Sloth rolled his eyes, tired of being the smartest one in the room. “She can read the stars, they give her prophecies, she knows the future. Those engravings in that hunk of wood mean something, she can tell you what to do with it.”

“It took you five days to come up with that?” Demise asked doubtfully. Destiny didn’t blame her; she was also beginning to question just how much of a genius this Sin actually was.

Sloth glanced to the Fate, a slightly offended look on his face. “Of course not! Muses stick to humans or solitude more than they do Infinities, they can be hard to track down. But with my expertise I managed to get you a location.”

“That’s amazing!” Fortune smiled, trying to not anger the Sin.

“Huh. Who would have thought a Sin would be so helpful?” Liliana thought out loud.

“No offense. I’m sure she meant that in the best possible way.” Fortune shot a look from the human to the Sin, silently reminding her to be respectful. “And thank you Sloth, we owe you one.”

Sloth shrugged it off. “None taken, humans have said worse about us. Go to the top of Mount Fairweather. Well I told you what I came to say, so goodbye and good luck.”

Karma frowned and pouted at his friend. “Well that is balderdash, you are coming on this adventure with us.”

The Sin shook his head and crossed his arms. “No thanks, I get my energy from being alone, not by going on adventures where I have to be surrounded by others.”

Karma stuck his tongue out at where Sloth used to be. “Awe well, he can listen to our stories when we come back. Now, who’s ready to have some fun?”

The Fate smiled at her friends. And there was that word Destiny had tried so hard to prevent. The horrible dangerous F word. Friends. Without even meaning to she had begun to think of the Coincidence brothers as friends. It was too late to unthink it now.

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