Foundations of Infinity: The Last Divine Day (Book 1)

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Christmas Eve

Christmas eve was much the same as the day before, slow and boring. It had been a week since the Infinity had told the humans her big secret. So far they had been taking it in stride, no major meltdowns or anything. Well except for Felix who had freaked out a little when he first found out.

The Tavera siblings had asked just about everything they could ask about her dimension, there was nothing more to say. They had met the other two Fates, all three Coincidences, and two of the Sins. By now they had become fairly well adjusted to Infinities popping in and out of their home and Old Stuff.

After their meeting with Urania both Fate and Coincidence decided it would be best to be continually spending time together. They had to get used to each other’s presence, put aside all prejudices and learn to work with each other. Fortune refused to let a Concept of Winchell’s stay on her land, and she wasn’t thrilled when they offered the Fates to go to theirs. So now all six of them were living with the humans in the basement.

Granted, most of the time had been spent in silence, neither of them quite sure what to say to each other. Sometimes Liliana and Felix would walk in and talk to them, try and ease the mood. Unfortunately, they all seemed to prefer the human’s company to each other’s, particularly Fortune and Karma who were bickering non-stop. At least it was no financial inconvenience to the Taveras’, seeing as Infinities didn’t need to eat.

Of course Fortune wouldn’t give up on her given job so easily, she was a Fate and a Fate needed to work. So she had made all of them, the Coincidence brothers included, spend most of yesterday going about the world and doing their jobs. Destiny wasn’t sure how the Coincidence’s knew what to do considering they didn’t have a mental list like the Fates, but somehow it all worked out. The sisters crossed off the tasks quickly, trying to do as much as possible. There was no telling when they would be able to get back to their normal lifestyle, so might as well do their job now and get ahead while they had time.

Old Stuff was only open for a few hours today, from noon to four. Destiny had gone to the shop with the humans like she had the previous two days, leaving the Infinities in the house alone. It was slow, there were a few window shoppers but hardly any sales. Liliana had dragged a stack of papers from the office and set up at the counter. Felix had dragged some chairs from the back so they could sit and relax while waiting for a customer. He played his usual game on his phone, each time the line got a little longer.

Destiny was getting antsy. She had met Urania and knew what to do. The directions from the cardboard box that the Azarze came in had been written in some nonexistent language, and the Muse had figured it out with help from the stars. The Azarze was indeed a weapon of sorts, and it could be used against a Creator. All they needed to do was say the right words for the ritual and figure out Ziarre’s original name. Easier said than done, considering The Divine Provenance would never tell them in a million years, and the possibility of another Creator knowing was rather slim. But it was the only plan they had at the moment.

Destiny was going crazy having to wait for figuring out what their plan was. So she cleaned to ease her nerves. She took each knick-knack off the shelves; windexing the glass, dusting the wood, polishing the metal. She vacuumed the rugs and swept the floor. She even went so far as to grab a ladder, the same one that Felix was on her third time going to Old Stuff, and cleaned off the ceiling lights.

Eventually the four hours had passed and it was time to close down shop. Liliana and Felix glanced to their friend worriedly as they packed into the Ladybug to head back home. The Fate was still fidgety, flexing her fingers and tapping her feet.

When they got back to Liliana’s house on Misty Vale Drive, they found the other five Infinities squashed in the couch, Karma laying across the lot of them, his head in Fortune’s lap. Destiny smiled and instantly relaxed, maybe peace was possible between the two Concepts after all. They all perked up upon hearing the door open, Chance going so far as to throw his brother off the couch as he stood up.

Karma glared up at Chance as he slowly got to his feet, and Chance merely shrugged in response.

“About time. My legs fell asleep ages ago. You are heavy for an Infinity.” Fortune smirked and helped him to his feet.

Chance sprinted over to the front door, rubbing his hands together in anticipation. “Felix, Liliana, glad you got home safe. The news says the roads are horrible. Des, we have a plan. Karma has been talking to Sloth and we think we know where to find The Luminary Virtuoso. He is our best bet, considering he is my Creator he should be willing to help.”

“Will you two be joining us this time?” Demise had wandered over to the others and addressed the humans.

“No, no, absolutely not.” Felix shook his head and walked over to the living room where everyone else was at.

Liliana groaned loudly as she followed her brother, dragging the others behind her. They had tried this before, when they went to see Urania. And Felix had said no to that too. “Common, why not? This is our chance to have an adventure, to do something great with our lives.”

Felix collapsed into an armchair and threw a blanket around himself. “Have you ever read a book or seen a movie? We are the humans that get dragged into some exciting mythical land. But in the end we don’t know enough about it so we end up dying. Not trying to sound like a coward, but I rather enjoy actually being alive.”

Liliana bit her lip in consideration for a moment, before slowly nodding. “He’s right. Felix you are right. I’m sorry Destiny, we love you, but we can’t just put our lives on hold. I just found my brother after fifteen years of being separated. I worked practically my whole life for the shop, I can’t abandon it now.”

Destiny nodded, understanding completely and a little relieved. She hadn’t expected them to throw away their lives for someone they had only known for two weeks. Plus, this helped with the whole keeping the humans safe and out of harm’s way plan. They were only mortal after all, they were not cut out for the life of an Infinity.

“So what did you find out?”

Chance smiled, glad to have an answer. “Right, so we were thinking —”

“Not right now you don’t.” Liliana interrupted, shaking her finger at him. “This is Christmas Eve, and tomorrow is Christmas. These are two very special days for humans, the biggest holiday of the year. You are not taking our Destiny away from us now. It can wait until after Christmas.”

Fortune cleared her throat, getting the attention to be directed at her. “Wow, the atmosphere is tense. Let’s put on a movie or something, the news is so boring.”

Out of the eight of them, the humans, Destiny, and Luck were the only ones who knew how to work a TV. And Luck was certainly not going to be touching the remote anytime soon, Karma and Chance saw to that.

Felix popped in an old VHS about some old fat man and talking reindeer while Liliana made them all hot chocolate with marshmallows. After they had watched all of what Liliana called the classics, ending with a black and white one about a man and angel, they moved to the family room and started decorating the tree. From glass Victorian style to plastic animals, Liliana had every ornament imaginable.

While they decorated they sang carols. It was loud and off key, and more often than not the Infinities got the words wrong. It seemed silly, all these traditions humans had made over the centuries. But it was fun, everyone was smiling and for once not fighting, laughing and having a blast. Destiny had only heard stories about the holidays in Òrìsà, but this seemed much more entertaining than just sitting in a room and admiring a Creator.

They baked a triple batch of extra chocolate chip cookies and ate them warm out of the oven, dipping them in milk. Eventually they all passed out on the floor in front of the TV, all laying on top of each other.

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