Foundations of Infinity: The Last Divine Day (Book 1)

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Compelling Annihilator

From the ice cold depths of the ocean to the blistering heat of the desert, quite a change. Though it was scorching hot under the sun, Destiny was still shivering. The Nexxis was growing fast, her hands and feet were nearly always numb despite how many layers she wore. Flat land stretched out for miles and miles, littered with dried up shrubs and cacti, the few trees that dared grow here were scarce and hardly alive. Birds circled overhead, searching for a weak animal to feast on. They glanced around, no sign of a Creator. Bad guess, time to check the next place. Destiny was tired of being sent on wild goose chases.

Karma reached down, grabbing a handful of dirt and sand and watching as it fell through his fingers. “I already talked to Sloth, asked him to track down the Creator of fire and destruction. He said it would take too long. Creators can only be found if they want to be.”

“So then this whole mission is pointless.” Luck spoke up, pacing around the group. “If The Divine Provenance doesn’t want to be found, there is no way we can stop her.”

Karma sank to his knees, looking from the ground to the others with a huge smile on his face. “Nah, this part isn’t pointless. Look around you, look at the land! We can make a super-giant sandcastle!”

Fortune shook her head though she couldn’t hide her slight smile, Karma’s optimism was encouraging. “You need water to hold a sandcastle together dummy, obviously. Do you see any water nearby?”

“No, but I do see him.” Luck pointed off into the distance.

And sure enough there was a figure quickly approaching, radiation the power of a Creator. His features became easier to make out as he got closer. His skin was coal, black and charred, smoking at some places. His veins were embers, a faint orange glow illuminating the skin. His eyes were smoke, a thick cloudy grey. His hair grew out from light blue roots into a mess of golden orange flame. He was more than just the Creator of fire; he was the fire.

His face contradicted the rest of his appearance, lips set into a cold scowl. HE demanded respect. Without hardly realizing, they had all joined karma kneeling in the sand, bowing before the Creator.

“Rise.” A firm yet soft voice, like a candle flame confined to burn controllably. “Winchell came to me, he warned me of your intentions. Let me see it.”

Destiny gulped and stepped forward, knowing he had meant the Azarze. She walked towards him, trying not to trip over her own two feet as she did so. She pulled out the case and handed it over without question, watching his reaction.

Unlike Winchell, Obayana had been forewarned so he had time to prepare for the circumstances. He raised an eyebrow upon opening the case, he recognized it too, though he hid it far better than Winchell had. Then he got this look in his eye that said he was somewhere far away, lost in a memory. “So it’s true. I don’t know her name, so don’t bother asking. I won’t help you kill my friend.”

Destiny tried not to let that bum her out, there was still one more Creator to try. But then she got an idea. “Of course we wouldn’t ask without reason. Trust me, we don’t want to do this, but we don’t have a choice.”

“Fortune help me out here; you are better with words than I ever was.”

The blonde caught on quickly and stepped forward as well. Instead of her usual flirtatious tone when trying to persuade someone, she attempted to look as innocent as possible. “Please sir, the fate of the entire world depends on this. If Ziarre turns into a black hole and kills us all, then what was the point? What was the point of creating the world, creating your Concepts, creating the humans? We can’t let life itself be pointless and fade away.”

“What do you want us to do, beg? We were already on our knees for you once today.” Demise smirked, trying not to be intimidated by him. Chance shot her a look, warning her to shut her mouth. She in turn glanced to Luck hopefully who shot his brother a look. Demise raised her eyebrows as if to say two against one, I win.

The corner of Obayana’s mouth twitched, as if her were trying to smile. But his crusty burnt skin prevented him from having too much facial movement. He seemed amused by the exchange, and almost sad. Perhaps it had stirred up memories from the good ’ol days when the Creators were their own family. But then it was gone, and he was back to acting the all-powerful Creator. “I can’t help you.”

Chance shook his head and rubbed the back of his neck, disbelief clearly displayed on his face. “If you have nothing for us then why did you come? It would have been more entertaining for you to just sit back and watch us waste away in a dessert I’m sure.”

Destiny held her breath, waiting for him to explode or catch fire or something. That was not something you say to a Creator known for their destructive habits. Chance probably meant well, but it still came across as rude.

“My principle is truth; I intend to tell you just that.” He looked down at his body, his charred arms and smoking legs. “What you intend to do, it has consequences. This task is messy; you won’t come out unscarred.”

Destiny nodded, she had expected as much. Rule breaking always had punishments. “OF course, we understand. Can you tell us where we could find Ajayla?”

“And I thought you said you were willing to beg.” Obayana gave them a sarcastic look, his smoky eyes swirling and going slightly darker.

Leave it to Karma to go way overboard. He jumped to the ground, his stomach grazing the dirt and his arms extended before him. “Oh, great and powerful Creator of fire and destruction, your wisdom is legendary and your honesty admirable. We humbly come before you to ask a question of location, the knowledge is dearest to us. Please your destructiveness, we worship and adore you.”

Fortune rolled her eyes and snickered, tapping her nose softly to mimic his actions rom before. Brown noser, suck up. She walked over and pulled him to his feet, which looked difficult considering he was a great deal taller and more muscular than her.

Got yourself a keeper, eh sis?

Fortune ignored Demise’s comment, knowing there was at least a little truth to the implications. “Or at least, when the time comes, could you let us into Crëwr? This is”

A nearby bush caught fire, Obayana let it burn. He sighed, a pained look crossing his eyes for a brief moment. He knew what he had to do, he knew the truth. But he wasn’t thrilled with the idea of losing a Creator. “I’ll consider it. Find Ajayla, she will be of more use to you than I am.”

The Creator cupped his hands around his mouth as if to yell and blew. Fire came out, like the dragons that Destiny had read about. It swirled around all of them, trapping them in a fiery sphere. While everyone else seemed bothered by the intense heat — sweating and using their shirts to fan themselves — Destiny finally felt at ease. For a few quick seconds the Nexxis had no effect on her, letting her be warm for the first time in weeks. And then the fire started spinning until everything was a blur. Destiny couldn’t see her friends or her sisters, they were all just one massive streak of color. It was much like when Ziarre had transported her during her Test of Classification, the same dizzying confusion afterwards.

They had visited with The Compelling Annihilator and he had given them a less than promise that her would help. It was less than what they had hoped for, but was more than what they had expected.

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