Foundations of Infinity: The Last Divine Day (Book 1)

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The Last Divine Day

They were back in their home dimension, Òrìsà. The place was empty, only the six of them lingered. Apparently there were no events here today at this time, which was just fine by Destiny. Several large chandeliers hung from the ceiling with built in electric dimmable lights illuminated the golden ceiling and wallpaper. Several rows of cushioned chairs covered the ground. Half circle balconies popped out of the wall, giving important viewers the best seats from above. A large stage against the back wall, covered by thick red velvet curtains. It really shouldn’t have shocked the Fates that Karma would take them to a stage for live theatre.

Karma led them through the rows of chairs and out the door, to the lobby of the theatre. He walked over to the concessions stand and ordered six large popcorns and several candies. They waited patiently as the popcorn popped itself, the power of Òrìsà doing the job for them for no cost. Karma began pointing out different playbills stapled to the wall. “I work here part time as an actor, purely for apolaustic reasons. All the ones in that row I was an ensemble, the next row I was part of tech crew, and I was a lead in almost everything on that wall.”

“Yes, let’s listen to you brag and not bother to finish our mission.” Chace seemed more forceful than usual, more on edge. Destiny had a feeling it was because he had seen the Nexxis inching its way up to her elbows.

Everyone else seemed so shocked by his sudden viciousness and stared at him wide eyed. Fortune took a step forward, attempting to put a comforting hand on his shoulder only for him to shrug her off. “Just calm down will you? What else are we going to do? We have to wait for The Compelling Annihilator, if he even decides to show up. We gotta be patient, wait this out.”

Nobody seemed to like that plan, but what choice did they have? There was no way to get to Crëwr without a Creator’s invitation. So without much choice they grabbed their popcorn and grabbed the best seats in the theatre. There were no productions, so in lieu of watching live theatre they settle for putting some of Karma’s old productions up on a projection. He was talented and it was rather entertaining, but everyone was on edge. They could feel time running out the more they procrastinated, the longer they waited.

“I spy with my little eye, a place where we can find a Creator.” Karma licked the butter and salt from his fingers as he finished his tub of popcorn.

“Try looking at the Kolob.” Everyone jumped and spun around, not expecting a new voice. Destiny gazed up at the burning man in awe, looks like Obayana had come around and decided to help after all.

Karma recovered quickly enough to respond first. “And where is this blob that you speak of? Are you willing to take us to it?”

Fortune elbowed him gently in the side. “Not blob, Kolob. It’s a Mormon star that is found near the throne of God.”

“I never took you to be the religious type sister.” Demise smirked up at her.

Fortune waved off the comment. “We all need something to believe in.”

“So we have to go to outer space?” Chance sounded doubtful.

Karma looked up to the Creator excitedly. “I always thought it would be cool to be an astronaut.”

“He probably doesn’t mean it literally… Do you?” Destiny glanced between the Creator and Luck who seemed to be thinking super hard.

Obayana nodded his head, a few small chunks of burnt skin fluttering to the ground. “IT’s only a symbolic star. Go to the Moeraki Boulders in New Zealand and find the star, that’s where Ziarre is at. I will open the portal to Crëwr from there.”

The Compelling Annihilator disappeared in a burst of fire, like a phoenix. All that was left was the faint smell of burning flesh.

The dimensions all overlapped, so in a way one could be in three places at once. Earth was the base; anyone could go to Ineôcâ. Then came the islands of Òrìsà, only located in some places. Crëwr was all the empty space between the islands, the endless void. So Ziarre would be at the location where New Zealand in Ineôcâ was equivalent to in Crëwr.

The Moeraki Boulders were at Koekohe beach in New Zealand. Large spherical rocks littered the sand and were scattered about the sea. Some were perfectly fine while others were cracked or even split open. Destiny hoped they wouldn’t have to go to one in the water, she was cold enough as it was without the chill of winter ocean brushing against her legs.

“Over here!” Luck called out, pointing to a rock in the sand about twenty feet away. Unlike the other cold gray stones, this one was black and had five large golden cracks connected by a hole in the center, the rough shape of a star in space.

The hole seemed to not be cutting into the rock, but rather sitting on top of it. Inside the hole they could almost see moving things, this hole was the window to Crëwr that Obayana had given them.

“Prepare yourself, it can be disorienting to newbies. Thank you Compelling Annihilator for letting us put an end to Ziarre. Let’s begin, shall we?” Fortune pushed her way to the front, she had the most experience with being in that dimension. Hardly hesitating she jumped through the dimensional window, knowing the others would follow.


Being in this place had reduced them all back into their essences, three white and three purple. Destiny could no longer see the Nexxis growing up her arm, but she knew she didn’t have much time left. Being here, in the place where this type of ice came from, it would only grow faster.

Fortune was right, like usual. This was unknown terrain, and it made all except Fortune dizzy and stumble over their feet. Headaches grew quickly and Luck said something about it feeling like a hangover.

Destiny remembered from her lessons that Crëwr was the void between lands in Òrìsà. Most humans, from what the Fate had read, believed the void to be pitch black. And from the outside yes, it did look like that. But once inside, it was so much more than just blackness. It was so blurry here, they could see everything from all the dimensions overlapping. Destiny wondered if this is what Sloth felt like when he didn’t have his glasses. It was dark, though not as dark as the humans seemed to believe it to be. Unlike Òrìsà that gave off enough light to see easily, there was no light here. They could only see from the faint glow produced by their essences.

They were standing in a circle, Fate, Coincidence, Fate, etc. Destiny reached out her hands towards her friends, not wanting to lose any of them in this place. Luck on her left and Karma on her right, with Chance in front of her with Fortune on his right and Demise on his left. Destiny couldn’t help but think how they were furthest away from the one they felt closest to.

Destiny had never seen a Creator in their other form, but there was no denying that Ziarre was nearby. Obayana had done good, putting them right next to her. Where humans had Uxarra’s and Infinities had an Abbaxa, a Creator had an Xyaum.

Compared to a Creator’s entity, an Infinities Abbaxa was a bug next to a human. A large bug granted, but they still came no higher than her ankles. The entity flickered from the same purple as the Fates to an onyx black. A large circle covered her torso, sucking in all light. It grew larger by the second, there was no cure. It was time to kill the Creator.

They moved the circle so they were around one of her feet. Ziarre still had not noticed them, she was far too focused on increasing the size of her black hole. Wind began howling and came crashing towards them, only to be sucked up like everything else. While in Abbaxa form they could hold their ground and not be sucked away, but in order to use the Azarze they had to have voices. They would have to switch to their body and back quickly to avoid any mishaps. Looking around the circle, Destiny knew the others understood. The boys would go first to start the ritual, and the Fates would hold them down.

They went back to their bodies and spoke in perfect unison before becoming an Abbaxa once again. “By the miracle of Coincidence,”

Destiny passed the Azarze to Luck, the only one still in his Rouhk. He blew the Azarze and the clover shaped hole began to glow white. “Siirist.”

“Akkar.” Karma grabbed the Azarze and the boomerang also began to glow. He passed it onto Chance.

“Aukera.” The dice turned white and he passed it to Fortune.

The Fates were next, and they tried to be synchronized. It wasn’t perfect but it would do. “And the order of Fate.”

“Aravae.” The stack of coins let off a soft purple light.

“Elasha.” The ravens flapped their wings, mirroring the Fate’s Abbaxa and glowing purple.

“Syviis.” With a final blow to the Azarze the hourglass lit up too, completing step one; tell the Azarze who is using it.

Ziarre noticed them then, but was unable to do much to defend herself. The black hole was controlling her now, rather than the other way around. But she was still a Creator and still had some power, she wasn’t going to go down without a fight. Underneath her feet the black ice began appearing, as dark as the black hole that Ziarre was becoming. The Crëwr Ice inched out, reaching for the Infinities. The only downfall of using such a powerful weapon was that it was slow to grow, so they still had some time. Hopefully it would be enough.

Karma spoke first, having to yell to be heard over all the wind. “Creator of sky and order, The Divine Provenance, Ziarre.”

Fortune glared up at the Creator and spoke with far too much malice, “you have gone against your own Principle and thereby made your purpose unnecessary.”

Luck came back into his Rouhk, looking confused as if he wasn’t sure if what he was saying was right. “So by the power vested in us from this thing that came out of nowhere yet calls to each of us...”

Demise sounded emotionless as always, trying not to let the guilt she felt show. “We ask Crëwr and the Creators to support our decision and help us complete this task.”

Chance grimaced, he hated himself for saying these words. All he had wanted was to find a peaceful solution, but look where that got them. “We strip you of your powers, you will no longer cause any harm to anyone.”

“And we end your existence. May you find peace.” Destiny added the last bit for her friends’ sake to make them feel as if this was the right thing to do.

Step two and three was now complete, tell the Azarze why you are using it and what you want it to do. Now the last one, say the real name. They all glanced to each other, making sure everyone was ready. They all turned back into their bodies at the same time, it was what was necessary. Their feet left the ground and they began to float up to the black hole. At the last possible second Destiny tossed the still glowing Azarze into the black hole.

Together they went to their Abbaxa forms and shouted the last bit. “Nuovis, be gone!”

The Azarze was swallowed in the darkness, but it was far more powerful than any Creator and it did its job. The black hole caved in, eating itself and Ziarre with it. A bright flash and then it was all over, Ziarre was no more. The six Infinities landed on the ground hard, still dazed from the events. They had just witnessed the last divine day.

Another light, growing increasingly blindingly bright began to spread over all of Crëwr, sending a message that one of the Creator’s was gone. It was just for a second, but Destiny thought she saw an ageless man with a pocket watch shaking his head. And then they all blacked out.

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