Foundations of Infinity: The Last Divine Day (Book 1)

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Another Chance

Destiny was on a mission. Unlike her last mission, passing the Test of Classification, this time her goal was to find the one who had screwed her over on her test. The Divine Provenance had said it was one of the Coincidence brothers. Destiny had heard of them, of course; they had been brought up in a few of the lessons. From what Destiny knew, her sisters despised them. They did basically the same things the Fate sisters did, but they had no rules, no order. They did whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. They had no morals and treated humans like toys, like they were only there for their amusement. And now Destiny was on a quest to find them. Well, one of them at least. Ziarre had said they had named him Chance. But how was Destiny supposed to stumble upon Chance?

And of course there was the whole issue of this ordeal not being remotely on the list. This was her own agenda, it had nothing to do with the order of Fate. Destiny had been a busy bee, easily going through the tasks on the list and crossing them off as she went, so her sisters would hopefully forgive her if she took a few hours to work on her personal to-do-list. And this was top priority, even if it was personal and not business.

Destiny didn’t go immediately after her Test of Classification. She had to give it a little bit of time. She figured seven days was enough time to get her sisters to trust her enough to go out and do her job without messing up. It was certainly long enough for them to not be “accidentally” bumping into and randomly checking in on her like they had done for the first few days.

She started at the beginning, the same shop in which they had met. Destiny had been obsessing over the antique shop for a week, and it only made sense to come back here. The only difference was this time she had a Rouhk. Last time she was like a ghost, the Abbaxa of an Infinity, nothing more. This time she could be seen. Destiny figured it would be better this way, being able to appear human and be a part of the human world.

The shopkeeper’s brother smiled at her kindly as she entered. His hands were thrust in the pockets of his gray hoodie that was half zipped over a teal shirt. The only thing that showed he was an employee was a nametag that had yet to have a name on it. “Hello. My sister is actually the owner here; I’m just watching the shop while she runs a few errands. But maybe I can be of some help. I am kinda new but I’ve spent a lot of time here this past week. Can I help you find anything?”

Destiny couldn’t control the grin that spread across her face, it felt good to be acknowledged by someone besides her sisters. Actually talking so a human, the very being she had spent so much time studying. Destiny knew she couldn’t tell this human the truth about why she was here, so she figured it best to make something up quickly. “I’m just looking for a reminder, something sentimental. Something old fashioned. So I thought I might find something here.”

Well that was just great, now she actually had to buy something. In her home dimension Òrìsà they didn’t actually use money, everything was provided for them. Òrìsà had shops and restaurants, Demise and Fortune would bring things home all the time. But it was all free, the power of Òrìsà made everything an Infinity could need or want. So Destiny had absolutely nothing to use as far as payment methods. Maybe she could get away with just browsing the aisles for today.

“Well, you have certainly come to the right place. I’m practically drowning in old stuff over here.” The man chuckled and walked around the table and over to the Fate. She laughed lightly and followed him down one of the isles.

“Old fashioned you say? Let’s see what I have…” He stopped in front of one of the shelves, stroking his chin thoughtfully.

“Ah ha! Here it is! Found the perfect thing for you, Red. See this pipe here? Looks to be hand carved. I’ve no idea what time period it’s from; that’s all on my sister, but I think it’s fairly old. And it’s by far the most unique one we’ve got.”

He held out the pipe in the palm of his hand, displaying it for his customer. It was truly remarkable, unlike any other pipe Destiny had seen, not that she had seen all that many. It was carved from a deep red wood and polished well; clearly this was more for decoration than actually smoking. The large hole was in the shape of a four leaf clover. The stem had a line of ravens in various stages of flight etched into it. The bowl of the pipe was decorated just as strangely and just as beautifully as the rest of the antique. On the left side of the pipe, a boomerang was laying on a stack of coins that threatened to topple over. On the right side, a six sided die was balancing on one of its corners on top of an hourglass. Three sides were visible, the two on the right and the three on the left and the six on the top. Whoever had carved the pipe had put a lot of time and love into it, this was a work of art.

Destiny smiled kindly at the man as she reached for the pipe. There was something off about it, like nothing else in the entire dimensions of Ineôcâ and Òrìsà and Crëwr together mattered except this piece of carved wood. It was almost as if she could hear it calling to her, but that would be just plain ridiculous. Time itself seemed to rewind a few seconds and suddenly she was seeing the man hand it to her again. Deja vu was such a strange thing. She shook her head to clear it and gently grabbed the pipe.

“It’s beautiful. It’s perfect. Thank you for your help.”

“Any time Red. I’ll ring you up, unless you needed anything else,” he offered as he started walking back to the register.

“No, this will do quite nicely. Thank you.” Back in her dimension everything was provided for her, courtesy of the Creators. Yet somehow when the man told her the price and she reached into her coat pocket, there just so happened to be the exact amount of cash to pay for her purchase, right down to the last penny. How odd, what a coincidence.

She left the quaint little shop, waving goodbye to the shopkeeper’s brother. It just so happened that luck was on her side. In the process of saying her farewell and leaving the building, she managed to run into a man’s chest and fall over. Ah, her grace never left her. Even as she sat up and spat her wavy red hair out of her mouth, she managed to maintain an air of dignity. Not. As much as she loved and spent time with Fortune, good fortune never seemed to be able to find the youngest Fate.

“Well well well, look who I just ran into. What a crazy random happenstance.” He offered a hand to help her up and Destiny took it gratefully, and then she realized who this man was and let go out of shock. Again she landed on the ground. What a great day this was turning out to be, and it was still early. She could hardly wait to see what the next few hours would bring.

“Oh, it’s you. And trust me, this was meant to be. In fact, I was hoping to run into you today.” Destiny stared at the man and pushed herself up slowly. She smiled as sweetly as she possibly could.

The first time they had met he was just an essence, like herself. Only his was white where hers was purple. Destiny had seen him and he had seen her, but they had not spoken. He had a Rouhk now, but still the Fate recognized him immediately. He was several inches taller than herself, Destiny had to look up to see him. He wore a clean white shirt with a loose purple tie. His brown eyes had flecks of gold scattered about. His hair, medium length and light brown, brushed across his forehead not quite long enough to reach his thick eyebrows. Clear healthy skin, no blemishes in sight. The physical attribute that stuck out most to Destiny was his jawline; chiseled and covered in stubble, he wasn’t at all horrible to look at.

But that didn’t make him have any better of a personality. Destiny was still mad at him, and she intended to hold him accountable for his actions. It’s what her sisters would want; anyone who breaks the rules had to be punished. She would make them both proud.

“Oh is that right? Please do tell, why is that?” Though his words sounded confident, he seemed to be anxious about something. His fingers kept tapping at his legs and he was teetering on his toes. Seeming to realize his behavior was odd, he covered it up by crossing his arms and leaned against the shops’ brick wall.

“Well, ever since our first encounter I haven’t been able to stop thinking of you.” Destiny twirled her hair around her finger and smiled, trying to go for the perfect image of an innocent girl. She never was the best liar or actress, but it would suffice for now.

Curiosity flickered in his eyes, though he tried to maintain his fake nonchalant stance. “Right, well I am honored that you think so fondly of me; however, I fail to see why.”

Destiny’s demeanor changed instantly. No longer did she bear the shy smile; now she wore an expression of rage. She grabbed the pipe and slammed it into his chest, the pointy part of the raven decorated stem poking him hard. “Oh, no big deal really. Just wanted to thank you for messing up my test and ruining the rest of my life. And that just happens to be — oh let me think — oh yeah, I’m immortal, so it’s forever!”

“What are you talking about? I didn’t do anything!” He stumbled backwards, partially in shock at her outburst, partially because the pain from being ‘stabbed.’ His hands automatically came up to his chest, wrapping around the pipe, pulling it out of the Fate’s hand and pulling it up to examine it before dropping his hand back to his side.

Destiny hardly registered that he hadn’t given it back. She didn’t particularly care one way or the other. The trance that pipe put her in was creepy, she could let him deal with that. “Just because you have a face this time doesn’t mean I don’t recognize your Abbaxa underneath your skin. You are the same Infinity who ruined my test!”

“How could I have possibly ruined your test?”

She glared at him, crossing her arms and raised an eyebrow. “Oh yeah? So The Divine Provenance told me my test was meddled with for no reason, is that it?”

“Look lady, I honestly don’t know what your problem is. It looks like you passed your test just fine. You got a good body at least. So the Creator can’t be that mad at you if she made you look like that.” The Coincidence raised his arms in defense, confused at all her anger. It wasn’t phrased like a pickup line, more like it was a statement. Pickup lines were what was used on Fortune, not Destiny.

“Well...I...” Destiny was at a loss for words, not sure how to respond to that. He was right, in a way. She hadn’t been cursed like Demise had been. She had turned out decently well. But her sisters said that something wasn’t right, and she was going to trust them more than she was some guy she just met.

The Coincidence brother smirked, knowing he had won this argument, for the time being at least. “Look, I’m sorry for offending you or whatever. Is that what you want to hear? I’ll make it up to you later, promise. Cross my heart and everything.”

Destiny narrowed her eyes at the taller Infinity. “A promise said is a promise kept.”

He nodded, seeming to understand just how important this was to her. His voice was utterly serious as he responded. “I know. And I am completely prepared to follow through with it.”

Huh. Well, she hadn’t expected that. And he seemed sincere enough. Slowly the Fate nodded. It was more than she had expected or even hoped to get out of him. “I acknowledge your apology and I thank you for it. And I will respect you if you follow through with the promise. However, I do not accept your apology.”

He nodded, seeming to understand where she was coming from and accepting her reasoning. “Okay. That will do for now. I promise not to disappoint you. We just happened to meet at the worst possible time: our Test of Classification. I did not mean to screw yours up in any way. But I am kind of in the same boat as you, ya know.”

“Oh yeah?” Destiny raised an eyebrow. “How do you figure that?”

Chance shrugged and gestured for her to take a walk with him. The Coincidence led the Fate down the sidewalk, wandering aimlessly through the maze of shops. “Well, maybe not exactly the same I suppose. You see, my dear, tests for us are far different than tests for you. Our Creator is not nearly as strict as yours. We don’t have a planned date for the test. One day when we are in the human world doing our own little thing, the other members of the concept will randomly choose to watch the other, and that’s the test. So my brothers chose last week to watch me. We just happened to be in the same place at the same time and something happened. Then you disappeared and my brothers dragged me back home, and that was that. No idea what had happened or that we were interfering with each other. We both got a name, we both got a Rouhk. That’s all that counts, right?”

Destiny rolled her deep brown eyes. “Yeah right. I could feel your presence there. I could see your Abbaxa, and I know you saw mine. So don’t tell me you didn’t know.”

Chance sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “Right. I knew you were there. But I didn’t know it was for your test. I thought you were just wandering around that dimension.”

“The first time Infinities are allowed in the human dimension is during our test!”

“I understand what the test means to The Divine Provenance’s Infinities, determines your whole life and all. But my Creator, The Luminary Virtuoso, is not as strict on rules. We are allowed to go wherever we want whenever we want. We are named for things we already do; our test just gives us the name. It doesn’t change things for us. So I’m sorry if you got punished, but don’t take it out on me,” Chance suggested, a nonchalant tone in his voice. Maybe he was sorry, but this situation wasn’t his fault and it wasn’t his problem.

Destiny hated this, being rendered speechless. And by one of the Coincidence brothers nonetheless. Of all the Infinities, it just had to be him. Begrudgingly, she admitted to herself that her anger might have been misdirected. She glanced at the ground, kicking some pebbles with the toe of her boot. She mumbled to herself, knowing he could hear her. “I suppose it’s not entirely your fault.”

“See? Now that is much better. No more shouting. No more mortals staring at you causing a scene. So much easier.” He let out a breath of relief, glad to avoid fighting with the Fate.

Destiny turned to leave, preparing herself to head back to Òrìsà to her home, but she was stopped by a strong hand turning her back around. She rolled her eyes. “What now? Haven’t you already humiliated me enough for one day?”

The Coincidence shook his head apologetically. “Sorry. It’s just I’d hate for us to part on a bad note. Let’s start over. Hello there, I am the third Coincidence, my name is Chance. It’s an honor to meet you.”

“Destiny, the third Fate. The pleasure is all mine.” She eyed him oddly as she reached out a hand for him to shake, but instead he gently brought it to his lips and kissed the back of it like how a man would to a lady back in the day. She again raised an eyebrow at him, trying to hold back a giggle.

“Nobody does that anymore, you do know that right?”

Chance shrugged and tried to play it off like it was no big deal. “Yeah I know. I was actually in this dimension when the mortals went around doing that. Like I said, my Concept does not care too much about the rules your Concept worships. I was allowed here in Òrìsà long before my Test of Classification.”

She rolled her eyes, expecting as much out of him. The Coincidences truly had no sense of order. How did someone even live like that? If there were no rules how did you know what to do? “Okay, well I should probably be off then. I have a job to do and all.”

Again Chance stopped her. “Hold up. Are you still mad at me?”

Destiny thought it over and shrugged. “I suppose not.”

“Right, okay, good. That’s good. I’m not a fan of conflict.”

She shook her head ever so slightly at him, resisting from rolling her eyes. “Farewell, Chance.”

“Until next time Destiny.” He lifted his hand in a goodbye wave. He watched her walk away, a small smile tugging at his lips.

Destiny herself couldn’t help but grin a bit as she walked away. That had gone far better than she had thought it would. Destiny was just glad she hadn’t made an enemy today. And, if she was lucky, he might even turn out to be an acquaintance or a friend. That would be nice, to have someone besides her sisters to talk to.

Speaking of whom, she should probably get on with her job so they didn’t get too horribly mad at her when she got back home. They wouldn’t know about her encounter with Chance of course, and she wouldn’t tell them. What her sisters didn’t know wouldn’t kill them, but they would be able to tell if she hadn’t done anything.

It was also much easier now that she actually knew what to do this time around. Every Concept was different, they each had a different way to see what they had to do. The Fates had a mental checklist, a to-do-list that told them exactly what was supposed to happen to different people and how important it was. Once one of them completed a task, it was checked off and filed away. It would no longer show up on the list but would be stored in a folder with other things that particular Fate had done. So her sisters would be able to tell if there were no new things in their youngest sister’s folder, but they wouldn’t be able to actually see what she had done. This is what she was created and named for, and she was determined to not screw it up. Perhaps she would never be as good as Fortune, but nobody could be as good as her. Even so, Destiny would still try her best, and a Fate on a mission was not a force to be reckoned with.

That’s just how it was with the Test of Classification. Before the test, all the actions were watched and monitored, either by their Creator or the older Infinities. Afterwards, the Infinity was all on their own. In charge of their own life with hardly any help or guidance. In a way, the test was a right of passage, a way to prove that an Infinity could make it on their own in the real world. After the test, they get more recreation time, more opportunities to do things for fun. But they still had to do their job or they would be dealt with by their Creator.

So Destiny wandered the streets of the town, doing what she was meant to do. It was far easier now than it was during her test. And now that her mind was once again connected to her sisters, the familiar buzz of their thoughts rushed around in the back of her head. She knew that she wasn’t alone; if she needed help, her sisters wouldn’t hesitate to come to her aid. She couldn’t hear exactly what they were thinking at all times; telepathic communication was selective. They could choose what they wanted the others to hear. Just like talking, but without the voice. Still, the staticy noise was a huge familiar comfort.

So Destiny traveled around, interacting with the mortals. She did her part to help them realize their destiny and follow it. She had to be at least decent at this, she wasn’t named Destiny for nothing.

Far too soon the day was over and night had fallen over the still busy town. Without even realizing it Destiny had once again found herself outside the quaint little antique shop. Unlike her elder sister Demise who could hardly even think of the place of her Test of Classification, Destiny was drawn to hers. She couldn’t keep away from the shop or the siblings.

But at this late hour Old Stuff had already closed down for the night. Destiny did a quick mental check on Liliana and Felix. They had just gotten back from work and were sitting around a small table eating a silent meal. Destiny smiled to herself, she had been the one to get the siblings back together. Family deserved to know each other. Even if it was partially with Chance’s help, she still did most of the work. She was the one who saw the locket in the first place anyways.

Destiny wandered around to the back of the building until alas she found what she had been searching for. A rusty metal ladder nailed into the brick building, leading up onto the roof. Destiny gripped the cold steel and began to climb. She had found the ladder a few days prior. The second time she almost walked in on the siblings having a heart-to-heart, but she managed to change from her physical Rouhk to her Abbaxa in just enough time. Ever since she got in the habit of checking to make sure they were at home before she went up.

There was nothing special about the roof, it was just like any other roof that one might find on top of a building. It was flat with a few feet of brick around the sides to keep people from falling off. Two lawn chairs with a makeshift table composed of a square of wood on a cinder block. On top lay a deck of cards held together by rubber bands. In front of the lawn chairs was a fire pit with a long metal rod poking at the coals indicating someone had been making s’mores. Enough stuff to indicate the shop owner and her brother had been up here on more than one occasion, but not cozy enough to indicate that it was a nightly ritual.

Well at any rate nobody was here now so Destiny figured it was safe to relax out here for a bit. She laid down in a chair and sighed in contentment. Overall it had been a decent day.

She looked up, watching Ziarre’s stars twinkling in the sky. How nice it must be to control so much. As far into the sky as the eye can see and beyond. Forming galaxies and solar systems, being able to move stars into constellations. Ziarre got to be seen and admired by everyone, mortal and Infinity alike. Humans would be able to glance to the sky when walking at night and know they are not alone. They had the light of the moon to show the way and the stars to guide them. Ziarre, The Divine Provenance, The Creator of the sky. How truly remarkable. But also how lonely. Isolated from everyone, even her own creations. Everyone except Fortune, those two interacted like old friends.

Sister. Destiny was brought out of her thoughts by Demise’s voice poking the back of her mind. Come home, we need to talk.

On my way. The youngest Fate was slightly nervous. We need to talk. How was she not supposed to freak out after hearing those words? That was probably the worst possible thing to say unless you wanted the person you are talking to to have an anxiety attack. But nevertheless Destiny complied to her sisters’ demand.

She got up and glanced around the streets below, making sure the mortals still wandering around were paying her no attention. Then she closed her eyes and willed herself out of view of the mortals. Her Rouhk melted away and she was left again with only her Abbaxa, glowing a soft purple. After she was confident that she had no fear of being seen, she let herself travel from Ineôcâ back to her home dimension, Òrìsà.

It was an odd thing, traveling places like that. The first time, during her Test of Classification, she had no idea what was happening or how, it was all new to her. Ziarre was in control then. But after the test, it was almost as though all the information on how to travel dimensions had been permanently seared into her brain. It wasn’t too terribly difficult, just simply having the will to go from dimension to dimension. And now after a week of practice she had perfected it.

But only an Infinities Abbaxa can travel like that, no physical bodies allowed. Destiny didn’t know the exact details, but from what Demise had told her about her little roman friend, bringing a human along for the ride would not be pretty.

She opened her eyes, her physical body already reforming around her. She was home, standing in the center of the parlor with two pair of eyes glaring at her. Her sisters had obviously been discussing how best to deal with the youngest Fate, and were just waiting for her to show up.

Fortune stood with perfect posture as always, a stern look on her face, and hands folded neatly in front of her. She was ready to begin one of her famous lectures at any given moment. Demise was leaning back in a chair, feet propped up on the table and only one of the four chair legs actually touching the floor. Like usual, her dark hair was a tangled mess that covered her face, so it was impossible to deduce her expression. But Destiny knew her sisters, she had been around them for several mortals’ lifetimes by now. And she knew Demise was about as pleased as Fortune.

“So.” Destiny bit her lip and walked over to the table. She grabbed a pear from the fruit dish and tossed it in the air only to catch it before it hit the ground. She did this several times as a distraction. Today had been such a good day, she didn’t want to have it all ruined because her sister yelled at her. She knew that it was a bad habit, always fiddling with something when nervous, and it drove her sisters absolutely insane. But at the moment she didn’t care, she just needed to calm down, so she did it despite the intense glare.

“You called me back here. I’m guessing it’s something important. What’s up?” Destiny tried not to show her anxiety, she didn’t need her sisters to know just how much they were getting to her. But it was no use, she didn’t even know why she bothered to try. Demise and Fortune knew their baby sister enough to see through her horrible acting skills. Fortune was even considerate enough to ease her empowering stare, if only a little.

“Destiny. Oh little sister. What kind of a mess have you gotten yourself into?” Demise let out a dark raspy chuckle.

“Don’t talk Demise. You will only encourage such unruly behavior.” Fortune shot her sister a warning glance as she took on her older sister authoritative tone.

Destiny blinked slowly, thoroughly confused. “What are you two on about now?”

Now it was Fortune’s turn to be confused. Was her little sister really that dense? “Well, your little rondeaux with that Coincidence brother obviously. What else?”

Destiny raised an eyebrow at Fortune and Demise skeptically. Was this really all this was about? “What? So you called me all the way back here to talk about Chance. Okay, that isn’t too bad I guess. What about him?”

There was a startling crash from Destiny’s right. She jumped and dropped her pear, facing the source of the noise. It was Demise, she had fallen out of her perfectly balanced chair out of surprise. Destiny hurried over to make sure her sister was okay and that she wasn’t hurt that badly. Not that she would be, Demise had a knack of running into things and ruining them, she was used to bruises.

Demise stood up shakily, pushing her sister off. “You mean you know him by name? Oh golly gosh, you are really in for it now dear sister of mine.”

Destiny shrugged, still not seeing the big deal. “Yeah I know his name, so what? It’s only his given name, not like he told me his original name or anything that dramatic.”

“Don’t do that!” Fortune shrieked, and that was enough to make everyone in the room go silent. Fortune never shrieked, she was always the calm collected one. After realizing her outburst and the stares from her sisters, she took a moment to take a deep breath.

Luckily Demise came to her rescue. “Blondie just means this is a big deal Lil’ Bit, do not be taking something like this so lightly.”

Destiny wrapped her arms around herself in a hug, her eyes downcast. Demise had created that nickname for her long ago. She wasn’t even the shortest Fate; she was just the youngest. But now that nickname only came out when she was disappointed. Demise was putting her in her place, letting Destiny know she was the youngest and didn’t have as much wisdom as the two elder Fates. “Okay sorry. It was only one meeting, not even on purpose really. What can it harm in the long run?”

Fortune sighed and sat in an empty chair, her head in her hands. “Look, it’s no secret The Divine Provenance likes me best. Ziarre has known me the longest, so she knows me the best. But I know things about her as well dear sister. Not so pleasant things.”

Demise took a seat across from her elder sister, actually sitting properly this time. Destiny followed to the table as well. Demise seemed to realize Fortune was done talking for the moment so she picked up where she left off. “She wasn’t happy with your test little sister. Sure, mine wasn’t too great either. One of the worst in fact. But at least I had clear results. But with you, our Creator didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t tell if the work done was yours or his.”

“If there is one thing Ziarre will not stand for, it is things not falling into order. People who refuse to follow the rules. Things that don’t happen as they should. That’s where we get it from you know. Ziarre created order, a place for everything and everything in its place.” Fortune finished, her blue eyes going wide with worry for her younger sister.

Destiny nodded, slightly unsure where this conversation was headed. “Okay. So what does that have to do with me talking to another Infinity?”

Demise reached over and slung her arm around her sibling’s shoulder. “That’s the thing Lil’ Bit, that can’t happen. No more of you and Chance. No more talking to him or about him. You have to leave him alone. No more Coincidence brothers at all, okay? All three of them. I want you to forget his entire Concept. We Fates have to stay as far away from them as possible now. To be safe.”

“I’m a thousand years old, I think I can decide for myself who I am friends with. And I don’t even know the other two.” Destiny shrugged her sister’s arm off and moved to the other side of the room, facing her sisters defensively. She wasn’t sure why she was pressing the matter, she honestly didn’t care all that much. She hardly knew him, so what if she had to avoid him? Destiny didn’t want to miss out on having a friend just because a Creator said no though.

“Good. Best to keep it that way.” Fortune took on her commanding tone again.

“And why is that?” Destiny knew she shouldn’t doubt her siblings, but she challenged them anyways. If she had to follow a rule, she at least wanted to know why.

“Because we are trying to protect you Syviis. You have to know that. We don’t care who you spend time with unless it is someone who puts you in danger.” Demise’s sudden use of her original name was enough to make the youngest Fate take this more seriously.

She swallowed the lump that was beginning to form in her throat. “Danger? From what? What do I need protecting from?”

“Ziarre.” It was hardly a whisper, but Fortune’s voice cut through the dead silence like a knife.

Destiny shook her head in denial. “I don’t get it. The Divine Provenance is our Creator, our mother. Why would we need protection from her? She wouldn’t hurt her own children. Mother’s love and all that.”

Demise let out a throaty chuckle that sounded more like a raccoon dying in a garbage disposal. The tangled mess of hair swayed back and forth as she shook her head. “The sky is far vaster than our eyes see. It goes beyond the baby blue and the fluffy clouds. Space is a scary thing ya know. It is ruthless and follows its own logic. If we break her rules she will punish us, I know that firsthand.”

Destiny was about to protest, but that last comment shut her up. The story of how Demise was abandoned after her test was no secret anymore. Her two sisters couldn’t even make eye contact with her. Not that they would have been able to considering her hairstyle.

Fortune bit her lip, her chin was trembling. Her eyes were brighter than normal, shining with unshed tears. “When you were trapped in the rubble, I was left to deal with our Creator.”

Destiny tilted her head, she hadn’t heard Fortunes version of this story before. After ages of Demise dealing with the aftermath, she had never even stopped to consider what Fortune was going through. Demise was the one who was punished for years, what story did Fortune have to compete against that?

“When I had you stay in our theatre room watching informational videos for the first three weeks after Demise’s test, I wasn’t out doing my job. You thought I was going through the checklist, picking up the slack. I wasn’t. I was in the Creators dimension, Crëwr.”

Destiny’s eyes widened in surprise, that was not what she had expected to hear. There were four dimensions. the mortals had Ineôcâ, everybody had access there. Òrìsà was home of the Infinities, but a Creator could go there if necessary. And only a Creator could set foot in Crëwr, unless someone of lower status was personally invited. The last dimension might not even exist at all, it was just a nameless myth.

Fortune took another breath; she knew her sisters were waiting for her to finish her story. “Well you saw her at your test Destiny, she practically was the sky. All spacey with a dress made of stars. Well I saw her in a more fragile state. She was falling apart, literally. Bits of her skin were dissolving into nothing, millions of freckle sized black holes all over her Rouhk. If I wasn’t there to stop her, her power would have consumed her. And who knows what else.”

Ziarre had almost turned into a black hole. That’s what happened when she got angry, lost control. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t a good idea to push her luck. Maybe Destiny should just listen to her sisters like she always had.

“She hasn’t been the same sense. Ziarre always was a little… off. Even before my test.” Fortune explained. “Her personality would chance from one to another at the slightest mention of something wrong. She seemed to go back in time a little, as if she were remembering a time from her past. When she was like that she would call me by another name, Enfys. I did my best to calm her down for ages, I would bring her back from the brink of destruction. It was never too terrible, but then Demise had her test. Her personality would change more frequently. Her eyes would change. She got better, she hasn’t been like this for years. And then you had your test Destiny, and she is right back where she started.”

“Huh, I knew she was crazy but I didn’t know she was actually like brain disorder crazy.” Demise spoke with her usual emotionless tone and shrugged.

“I don’t want it to happen again Destiny.” Fortune looked up to her sisters, her blue eyes brighter than ever with unshed tears. “I don’t know if we will be able to stop it this time. We were not created to interact with any other Infinities, we were created to do our jobs.”

Destiny stared wide eyed at her sisters, still in disbelief about what she had just heard. “So we aren’t even allowed to have friends outside our own Concept? Even the humans have more freedom than that!”

“I had a friend once, didn’t end well. Even tried to take him here, show him all this was real. And I payed for it. So unless you want to end up like me I suggest you listen to what we have to say.” Demise’s hair was sparking, resembling ash more than hair. She stood up and swept out of the room, dramatically slamming the door shut behind her.

Fortune shook her head, a small apologetic smile on her lips. “Go to your room sister, I’ll talk to Demise.”

Sense when was Fortune the one to comfort Demise? That was usually Destiny’s job. Destiny couldn’t believe this. She was being sent to her room? She angrily stormed out of the parlor, leaving Fortune alone. It had been ages since she was treated like a child. She had completed her Test of Classification; they couldn’t tell her to go to her room. She was now officially a fully able Infinity.

But then again, she had completed her test. And that meant she could travel through dimensions at will. That was good, she had to go somewhere, get away from her sisters, blow off some steam. It was just a petty fight that they would all forget about soon enough, usually petty fights like this would blow over quickly. Still, she couldn’t bear to stay in the same home as them for another minute.

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