Foundations of Infinity: The Last Divine Day (Book 1)

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Old Stuff

This was so much better than being cooped up all alone in her room like how it used to be before her test. Now Destiny could go anywhere on Earth with just a thought. The north pole, the great wall of china, the equator, the whole dimension was hers to roam freely. She turned off her mental communication with her sisters, she didn’t want to listen to their nagging voices in the back of her head. At this moment she could go anywhere, do anything, she was free.

Despite how much she refused to believe what her sisters had said about Ziarre; Destiny was still fearful of her Creator. Just a tiny seed of doubt, but it was just enough for the young Fate not to abandon her duties completely. She had seen The Divine Provenances’ eyes before and after her Test of Classification. She knew Fortune wasn’t lying. Still she was in denial about the Creator turning on her own children. She did not want to face the wrath of one of the Four.

So she still did her job throughout the course of the day. She saved a guy from getting hit by a tour bus in Tokyo, influenced a few court cases to get the right villain locked up, prevented the Pope from excommunicating this one family for supporting their daughter and her girlfriend. Normal stuff, nothing too strenuous.

She filtered through her list, crossing off the completed tasks as she went so her sisters would know it was done. Destiny jumped around a bit, one side of the world to the other, doing her job in random orders. She didn’t want to be tracked by her siblings, they would just take her home and ruin her fun.

And yet even after going all around the world, she still found herself at a familiar old building come the end of the day. She was back at the place it all began, the place of her test, the antique shop.

All the other shops around the town had large light up words to advertise the shop or business, telling the customers they were open and to come on in. But not this one. A rectangle plaque of wood sloppily trimmed in a deep blue paint surrounding the name of the shop, again written in the same peeling paint.


The sign wasn’t very stable, it was only supported by two thin strands of twine, one on each side of the plaque. The twine was about six inches long and nailed into the brick above, causing the sign to dangle above the front door. But the rope on the left side had come loose, so the sign was hanging crooked by one corner.

Felix was outside, balancing on an old wooden rickety ladder, trying to fix it so the customers wouldn’t bump their heads as they tried to entered or exited the shop. A nail between his lips, a hammer in hand, the cold December wind, it was a recipe for disaster.

Destiny could see the situation in her head, watched it play out before it happened. The human would grab the nail from his mouth and raise the hammer. Just then a burst of wind would blow the ladder roughly and he would lose his balance and fall to the ground, hit his head on the wall.

It wouldn’t be too bad, a concussion at most. And he wasn’t on the list, so technically she shouldn’t even think of interfering. But she couldn’t just sit by and watch him fall when she knew she could help. She had helped him find his sister, he had helped her find the pipe. Speaking of which Chance still had that, she would have to find a way to get it back. Hopefully her sisters wouldn’t mind if she communicated with him one more time to get back what was hers. But the pipe could wait, she had more pressing matters to deal with at the moment.

Without another second’s thought she rushed forward, grabbing the wobbly wooden ladder in an attempt to stabilize it. She was just on time, the wind blew hard and fast and if she had gotten there even a split second later the ladder and the man would have been blown to the cold ground. The man swayed and dropped the hammer, clutching the top of the ladder for support. But he did not fall. He was okay, safe and sound.

He took a moment to breathe and regain his balance before slowly climbing down the ladder and taking a look around in search of his Savior.

“Thanks for the help, I guess Fate is on my side today. Say, you’re that girl from yesterday, you bought a pipe. How’s that working out for ya?”

Destiny smiled up at him, surprised he had remembered. It was a quick visit and she didn’t have a memorable face like fortune. “It’s wonderful, thank you. Did your sister leave you in charge of the shop again?”

“Nah, she is actually here today. Dealing with all the customers and such. The holidays are coming up so it’s been pretty hectic around here.” He folded up the ladder and propped it up against the side of the stone building to be dealt with later. Walking back around to the front of the building he held the door open and indicated for her to follow inside.

She had read books with cultures and holidays of humans, and Christmas was a big deal to religious and nonreligious folk alike. And Felix had said they were busy, but it still didn’t prepare Destiny for what she saw.

A grand total of four customers were wandering through the aisles. An elderly lady was scolding her grandson for touching things, telling him if he broke it he would buy it. A man was talking on his phone to his wife, trying to decide if she would like this knickknack better or that one. And the shopkeeper, Felix’s sister, was helping a stressed out middle aged woman find the perfect gift for her grandmother.

Destiny raised an eyebrow, surveying the shop. “Wow. You are right, there are so many people here.”

Felix was fiddling with the string of his hoodie, tying and untying knots. He licked his lips and sighed. “I know it isn’t much, but it’s still the best we’ve had since I started here. We need the business; it’s been a bit rough so I hear. Sorry, telling a complete stranger all my problems. That is definitely not how to make friends.”

The Fate allowed herself a small smile and stuck out her hand. “Well then let’s start over. Hello, I don’t believe we have met before. My name is Destiny.”

“Felix. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.” He let out a relieved breath and shook her hand eagerly.

Destiny liked him. He was adorable and quirky and he tried so hard. She would get along with him just fine. Just not too much, she knew from Demise just how dangerous it was to have a human friend.

The man on the phone had decided on a glass something from a display case and headed over to the register. The shop owners brother shrugged apologetically. “I’d better go help. But hey, don’t go anywhere just yet. I told my sis about selling the pipe and she wanted to talk to the buyer. It won’t take long, just hold tight till the place clears out.”

“Okay.” It wasn’t as if she had anything else to do. She had kept up on her job, even went a little ahead so she had time to spare.

The man left, as did the old lady and grandson. Just as the last woman was checking out a few more stepped in. By noon there was a decent crowd and by four it was absolutely packed. How so many bodies managed to fit in such a small shop was a mystery to the Fate, but the humans seemed to work it out just fine. Felix was with the register, taking money and telling them to come back soon. Liliana was drifting through her clients, telling them information and history about whatever they were eyeing. When it got too busy both of them were on a register, trying to get rid of customers to make room for more. They worked together wonderfully, each of them able to do their job without becoming overwhelmed. Though there were only two of them, and the line was getting longer by the minuet. They did appear rather short staffed.

Destiny had grown bored of standing and waiting a while ago, so she drifted to the back of the shop, behind the isles, where all the furniture was kept. She plucked an old book from a shelf and flipped through the pages, not so much for reading but just for something to keep her occupied. Finding a nice couch, Destiny kicked off her shoes and laid across the soft cushions, making herself comfortable.

For a while it was nice, letting herself get lost in a book while listening to all the voices that didn’t belong to her sisters.

But of course her peace was short-lived. He just had to show up here and now of all places.

Chance lifted her feet up and collapsed onto the couch, dropping her legs into his lap. “Hey there Destiny, fancy meetin’ you here my lady. Miss me?”

“You wish.” She rolled her eyes and moved her feet from his lap, sitting up straight and proper, sending him a nonverbal message to let him know she didn’t know him well enough for him to be touching her.

He seemed to understand and put his hands up in surrender. “Sorry, didn’t mean to cross any boundary lines. I was in the neighborhood and sensed you were near, thought I’d stop in and say hello.”

The Fate eyed him dubiously. “The entire dimension of Ineôcâ and most of Òrìsà, and you just happen to be here the same time as me?”

He shrugged and popped a stick of gum in his mouth, offering one to the Fate who politely declined. He shrugged again as if to say suit yourself. “Okay you got me. I’ve been waiting for you. I figured, well hoped is more like it, that you would come back here eventually. I believe this is yours. You disappeared before I realized I still had it, so I’m sorry I couldn’t return it to you sooner.”

Sure she had only got the pipe yesterday and it had no real meaning to her, but it still felt better to get it back. She reached for the deep red wood, the strange power calling to her once again. “Thank you.”

“That’s a pretty nifty little artifact you got there. All the carvings, never seen anything like it.” His sentence hung in the air, as though he wasn’t quite done talking. Destiny raised an eyebrow at him, urging him to continue. “There is something about it, like it’s drawing me in.”

“You can feel it too?” Destiny’s eyes widened in surprise.

Chance released the breath he had been holding, it was comforting to know someone else was involved. But it was also worrisome. His eyebrows scrunched together in confusion. “What do you think it means?”

Destiny shook her head; she was just as clueless as him. It was just a pipe, a pipe with crafty engravings and an odd pull. Like she was meant to have it. But if Chance felt it too then what did it all mean?

“Well good thing we get along well enough; we can figure it out together.”

Again Destiny shook her head. She took a deep breath and stared down at his hands. Once she had gained her courage she looked up at him again, silently begging him to understand. “No, we can’t. I can’t do this. We can’t be friends, Chance.”

It took him a moment to process the sudden change of mood. He tilted his head to the side slightly and leaned forward, trying to see her face better as if that would help him understand. “But the last time we spoke we resolved our issues. We agreed not to be enemies.”

True, this was only their third encounter, but this was still much harder than she had thought it would be. Her hands were shaking and she had to look away. She feared that if she were to look at his face, with those big golden brown eyes, that she would change her mind and deal with the consequences. He was nice to her, and yeah they might have become great friends had the situation allowed it. How nice it would be, to have a friend who wasn’t in the same Concept as her. “I’m not saying we suddenly become arch nemesis’ who fight to the death in an epic battle that destroys half the dimension. I don’t want any casualties. I don’t want to be your enemy; I don’t hate you.”

“Then what’s the issue Des? Look, you already know my life is different from yours. I have been around humans before my test, I have made friends. But they are all the same, mortal, human. They die, I’m tired of going to all my friends’ funerals. I thought it would be nice to have an infinite friend, one who won’t die on me. Someone besides my brothers, I have to be around them every day. Someone besides the Sins, there are only a few of them I can tolerate. I don’t have many Infinity friends; I’d like to change that. I thought you did too.” He was rambling, not really aware of what he was saying, just unable to stop talking.

The offer was so tempting, so sweet sounding. He was right, she did want a friend besides someone in her Concept. But she couldn’t. Her sisters had made it very clear that The Divine Provenance would be less than thrilled. And no matter how much Destiny wanted to deny it, no matter how much she wanted to believe that her Creator could one day be like a mother to her, she knew the truth. Demise had been buried for several years. Fortune was almost obliterated when she tried to deal with Ziarre. The Creator of the sky had power and could be ruthless, order was everything to her. The threat of punishment was not to be taken lightly.

“I can’t. Trust me I want to I just can’t, at least not right now. And I’m not sure if I can tell you why. One day maybe, just not right now. Please respect that.” She didn’t know him very well, but he seemed chivalrous. The Fate hoped adding in that bit about respect would be enough to shut him up before he convinced her to change her mind.

He opened his mouth, probably ready to fight harder for their friendship, but seemed to think better of it. Chance’s chest rose and fell as he took several deep breaths to keep his emotions in check. “Okay. If that’s what you want, then I won’t push you. Farewell my lady.”

He pushed himself off the couch and turned to face the Fate. Bending his midsection, he bowed low, his golden eyes looking into hers the entire time. And then just like that the Coincidence had disappeared to the front of the shop. The bell signaling his leaving the shop carried its way through the aisles and over countless voices until it reached the red heads ears. It was the loudest sound Destiny had ever heard.

The Fate contemplated leaving, she didn’t want to be here anymore. It was late, she had been there for hours when she could have been off doing her job. But Felix had said his sister wanted to have a word with her. It wouldn’t hurt to wait just a little longer. So she paced the back of the store, waiting and watching as the line got shorter and shorter.

After about an hour or so the shop had cleared out except for the two employees. An hour was nothing to an infinity, but it seemed longer than it was. Chance was over and done with, so why was she still worrying about their little incident? The door was closed and locked and the sign was flipped over. Old Stuff was closed for the day. Now was probably a good time to get this talk done with. Another thing crossed off her to do list.

She walked up from the back of the shop where the siblings were doing the paperwork over the cash register. She approached slowly, biting her lip. “Hey there. How’s it going?” Destiny mentally smacked herself. She sounded so stupid, it was embarrassing.

The woman jumped upon hearing a voice that wasn’t her brother. “Hello. I’m sorry, we are closed for the night.”

She whipped her head around to check the lock on the door in case their late customer had snuck in after close. Seeing it done properly she turned to her brother who was smiling wide, showing off his perfect teeth. The woman glared but he seemed to take no notice.

“Hey Destiny! Sorry to keep you waiting all day, I told my sis one of her special customers was here. I thought she would have helped you by now.”

“She has been here all day? Felix what is wrong with you? This is not how you do business!” She rubbed her temples and sighed, turning her attention to her customer. “I am so sorry about my brother, I had no idea you were waiting around all day.”

Felix shied away from her wrath, it was finally dawning on him that he was in trouble. “I’m sorry Lili, you were busy with people and I didn’t think —”

“Oh you didn’t think. Well thank you captain obvious.” She brought her hands up and patted her hair back into place. After a long day at work it had started to come out of her hair tie.

Felix snapped to attention and saluted her. “You’re welcome Sargent sarcasm.”

The brunette woman looked like she was about to strangle her brother. Felix puffed out his chest, trying to act brave. It was quite obvious in that moment that those two were siblings. Destiny couldn’t help but giggle before it turned into a full-fledged laugh.

“Sorry for laughing, you two are just too much.” Destiny explained after she calmed down a bit.

The shop owner tried to keep a stern expression, but eventually she allowed a small grin. “Anyways, I’m Liliana, but Lili is fine too. I’m the owner of this little shop. And I suppose you already know my brother Felix. Again I’m sorry, if I had known you were waiting I could have spared a few minutes away from the customers. My brother can be a little...ditzy sometimes.”

Destiny smiled politely, accepting the apology. “It’s fine really. I didn’t mind the waiting. Not like I had anything important to do today that can’t wait until tomorrow.”

Liliana nodded slowly, still looking apologetic. “Still, you waited forever for me to give you something and send you away.”

Well that certainly wasn’t what Destiny had expected to hear. Why would she be getting a gift when they didn’t even know each other? “I’m not sure I understand.”

“Well you are the one who purchased the pipe yes?” She paused, waiting for her customer to nod. “Okay then. Funny story actually. Didn’t even know we had that pipe till Felix told me he sold something while I was gone. Normally I know everything that goes on around here, But I guess I forgot about that one. I was going through our inventory and I came across a box.”

Liliana walked around the counter and shuffled around a few things beneath the cash register before pulling out a rectangular box with a triumphant look in her eyes. She handed it over and the Fate reached for the cardboard box. She looked at the picture printed on the top, indeed it was the same pipe she purchased. Inside was a black case curved in the shape of the pipe, holding it tight and secure. The inside was decorated with deep purple velvet and few folded papers were tucked into the bottom of the cardboard box.

“Probably just instructions or something useless like that.” Felix objected as Destiny started to unfold and read. “You can probably toss that; nobody reads instructions anyways.”

Liliana shook her head and pushed a stray hair behind her ear. “And this is why I refuse to take you to Ikea.”

Destiny laughed and rolled her eyes as Felix stuck out his tongue at his younger sister. Knowing that she probably would never read them she still tucked the instructions back into the cardboard box. “Thank you Liliana ... Felix. I appreciate it.”

Liliana shrugged as though to say it was no big deal. “Well you paid for the pipe, might as well give you the whole package. Something as nice as that needs a case to keep it unscratched.”

Destiny smiled and waved goodbye as she exited the shop. Humans truly were interesting. The books she had read didn’t do them justice. She walked a block down the road and into an ally. It was only a little past Seven, so the road still had a steady flow of cars. After making sure nobody could see her from her spot before she disappeared, traveling back to the Fate Mansion in Òrìsà. In only a second she was back in her own undecorated room.

* * *

She wandered over to her dresser, taking out everything she had gotten from Old Stuff and placing it on display. She traced a finger over the four engravings, the clover shaped mouth, the flying ravens on the stem. Then she put the redwood pipe in the purple velvet and closed the case with the silver latch. Destiny still wasn’t sure why she bought the pipe or how she got the money, but she decided not to question it too much at the moment. Impulse was an odd thing that caused beings to do strange things.

She grabbed the cardboard box, ready to throw it away. she didn’t need the instructions, not like she smoked anyways. But then she saw something in the corner. Normally there was a MADE IN CHINA stamp or something of the like with a different country. But not this time. Instead it read MADE BY. That was it. How peculiar, it indicated not a place but a who. And it didn’t even say who. Oh well, it wasn’t that important. Some kid in a factory made a mistake, simple as that. Perhaps if she got bored one day she would figure out the truth.

Though it was most likely just a typo there was still something about it nagging in the back of her brain. So instead of tossing it in the trash she threw it towards her left. It landed in the small space between her bed and the wall. Out of sight out of mind, but still accessible if need be.

She turned back around, ready to sit back on her bed and relax with a human book or movie. Just a few hours to think about life’s great mysteries before getting back to crossing things off the list. Like zombies for example. For all the zombie media out there she hadn’t encountered a single one and she had been in Ineôcâ several times now. For all the hype about it she had expected them to be more of a problem than they were. But instead when she turned around she let out a not so pleasant scream.

“Nice to see you too little sibling, it is ever such a delight to be in your presence.” Demise stood about an inch away, fully intending to sneak up and give her sister a fright.

Destiny glared up at her sister, trying to regulate her heartbeat. “Sorry for screaming in your face. I wasn’t exactly expecting to be greeted with you less than a foot away from me.”

“I can tell.” The second eldest Fate responded in her typical monotone voice. “Took you long enough to notice me. What are ya thinking about?”

Destiny shrugged and moved over to the bed. She took a seat and patting the space next to her, inviting Demise to join her. “Just a typo I noticed. You look different. Did you brush your hair?”

The raven haired Fate shrugged nonchalantly. “Thought I’d try it out. Took forever.”

“Looks nice.” Destiny commented, not exactly sure why Demise was home and not out doing her job. Maybe no one else needed to die painfully today.

“Thanks but that’s not exactly why I am here.”

Destiny nodded, she had figured as much. But in all honesty her sister’s hair did look better. Sure her pale face was still hidden by the thick black, but it was no longer terribly tangled. It fell over her face gently. Now if only she would wash it.

“Okay so what’s up? Why are you waiting around in my room like a stalker?”

Demise chuckled darkly, no humor in her voice. “Wow. You really don’t get it do you? Not even after the speech we worked so hard to give you. Ya know the whole if-you-keep-this-up-you-could-be-in-a-crap-ton-of-trouble-and-you’re-putting-yourself-in-danger thing we talked about? I wasn’t making it up. And even after all that you still go after him.”

Destiny couldn’t help but stare mouth agape at her sister for several seconds. “Were you following me? But I was hiding! I was even sneaky about it!”

Demise snickered and shook her head. “Indeed you were. But you aren’t the only smart one around here. After I found that you cut off our communication and kicked me out of your brain, I started looking. I could see where you have been, I checked our list. Rather smart of you not to go in order. But then I remembered you are sentimental. So I went to that shop and saw you sitting with him. I know you sis, I knew you would go there.”

“Guess so.” Destiny agreed, shaking her head. She wasn’t exactly fond of being spied on. “You and Fortune told me in my lessons that infinities can sense other Infinities when they are nearby. So why didn’t I feel you?”

“Too many humans in the room, too distracted by Winchell’s creation, weren’t paying attention. Perhaps all three.”

The youngest Fate rolled her eyes, it was so typical of her sister to tease her like this. “I think I deserve a little more credit than that.”

“Probably. But back on track, we were talking about Chance.” Demise chided her little sister. She sighed deep and long, she didn’t want to talk to her sister about this any more than Destiny wanted her to. “Look sibling, I know this sucks and we are asking a lot from you here. I know what it’s like to lose a friend. But avoiding talking about him won’t make it any better.”

Destiny sighed, she knew her sister was right. But what was there to say? She had maybe talked to him for twenty minutes total from all three of their meetings. It’s not like they were best friends or anything. The little bit of relationship they had was mostly just a hope for what it could become. “I don’t know what you want me to say. I know it’s dangerous and our Creator isn’t happy about it. Today I told him we couldn’t continue. That’s all, no big deal. Besides, I can still be friends with those humans, they seem nice enough. Liliana even gave me a gift.”

Demise tilted her head to the side quizzically. The angle made her hair split, showing a bit of her face and one deep brown eye. Destiny’s own brown eyes shifted to her dresser in answer. The elder sister stood up, her hair concealing her once again. She grabbed the case, looking it over before opening it.

Her hands ran over the purple velvet, slowly grabbing for the pipe. Her long skeletal fingers delicately traced over the symbols engraved in it. “This pipe is old. It has a strange power, like it’s drawing me in. Like I’m a part of it somehow. The power isn’t human; it wasn’t made in Ineôcâ.”

Destiny raised an eyebrow dubiously. “So who made it then?”

“Who indeed?” Okay, Demise was naturally creepy, it was a part of her personality. But her voice was more eerie than usual as she took in the pipe. The montoneness sent a shiver down Destiny’s voice. “Not human, they lack the intelligence to harness power into an object. Not an Infinity, we are too lazy to carve art. Not a Creator surely.”

The red haired Fate sighed, she was getting tired of riddles. “I’m guessing you have some sort of an idea who made it then?”

Demise answered with a question. “Is this all the human gave you?”

“No, this came with it. Useless.” She reached behind her bed where she had discarded the cardboard box and tossed it to her sister.

“Made by. How queer.” Demise read the box and tossed it back, not noticing the paper instructions inside. “I have a theory. You might want to sit down to hear it.”

Destiny raised her eyes and gestured to the bed. “I am sitting. Now get on with it, what’s your theory?”

Demise took her time walking back to the bed. Her black sweatpants were too long for her short legs and they drug on the carpeted floor. “I’ve told you about Speculation, from the Knowledge Concept. She shares our Creator, The Divine Provenance.”

Destiny nodded, she had heard of her. Speculation was one of Demise’s only friends outside the Fate Concept. Truth be told Destiny wasn’t the greatest fan of Speculation, she was a bit odd. Not that they had ever met, Destiny was just going off of what she had heard. “Yeah, you talk about her all the time. Though it has been a while since you said you two were going to hang out.”

“Well Specky has an idea that she shared with me a while ago. Humans were created by some of the first Infinities. And we Infinities were made by the Creators, who made the Creators?”

That was a trick question. A thousand years of lessons from her sisters taught Destiny that the Creators were the first beings. The four of them made everything. “Nobody, nothing. They just are.”

“Perhaps.” Demise turned her head to face her sister so fast that her hair was flung behind her, putting her full face on display. Her eyes were wide, terrified. “Or perhaps not. And if Speculation’s theory is right, then that pipe could be older than the Creators themselves. And that makes it dangerous.”

“Dem, common. Calm down. What’s wrong?” Destiny had dealt with her sister after she had nightmares. That was easy, convincing her it was just a dream of a memory from the past, telling her it wouldn’t happen again. But this, being scared of something that could happen, Destiny had no idea what to say or do to make this better.

Demise ran a hand through her hair, making it fall back into place, hiding her face from the world once more. “You need to go.”

“What? No, this is my room. This is my home as much as it is yours. You can’t kick me out.” Destiny was beyond confused, and a little hurt. The sister she was closest to, her best friend, was disowning her.

“Don’t you get it? I don’t want you to go, I love you Destiny. But this pipe is not just any old thing. It was made by something older than the Creators.”

Destiny still didn’t quite believe there was such a thing. They were the oldest things out there, that’s why they were called a Creator. Ziarre with the realm of the sky and everything beyond, her value was order. Winchell lurked in the deep sea and his value was creativity. Ajayla roamed amongst the living, her value was emotions and relationships. Obayana stuck to fire, his value was truth however brutal it could be. The Creators were the four most powerful beings to ever exist, how could there be something older than them?

Destiny’s head was spinning from all this foolish talk. “You said I had to go. Where and why?”

Demise nodded solemnly. She honestly didn’t want to send her sister away to who knows where. But it had to be done. It had to be taken care of. It wasn’t on the list, and that never meant anything good. “Find out who created it and why. It’s older than the Creators, that means it’s older than us and even the humans. So it can be used as a weapon against all three dimensions if used properly. Find out who made this thing, and make them destroy it.”

Destiny leaned against the headboard and bit her lip. “So where do I go to even begin to look?”

Demise shrugged. Her airy mysterious voice faded and her deep raspy one came back. “No idea. You could try looking for dear old Specky, but she can be hard to find. Just trust in the power of Fate, you will figure it out.”

Destiny sat in stunned silence as her sister left the room. Her fist was clenched and she bit the inside of her lip. Was she honestly supposed to do this with no help? This wasn’t in the job description, she had no idea where to start.

“You are not alone. You still have us, sister.” Fortune’s melodic voice rang loud and clear through Destiny’s head. Demise was quick to inform the eldest Fate of what had occurred. Or perhaps she was listening the entire time. “you still have your family and a home to come back to. We have not abandoned you.”

Destiny nodded slowly, knowing she couldn’t be seen. Here she was, being kicked out of her own house to do some impossible mission that wasn’t even on their list, and she had no idea where to begin. Maybe her sisters hadn’t officially disowned her, but it sure felt like it. Why couldn’t they help her on this?

Well, Demise had said it was old. And Destiny sure knew where to find old stuff. Goodbye Òrìsà, hello Ineôcâ. So off she was, off to the place where it all began.

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