Foundations of Infinity: The Last Divine Day (Book 1)

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A New Home

Old Stuff looked the same as it had last time she had been here. Then again not a lot could be expected to change in a few hours. It was deserted, all locked up with the lights out. It was the middle of the night, of course it was empty. What was she thinking coming here now? She shook her head, ready to head back home and begin her search in the morning.

“Destiny? That you?” A semi familiar voice stopped her in her tracks, causing the Fate to turn around.

Seeing who it was her face lit up with a smile. “Hello Felix. What are you doing creeping around at this time of night? Little sketchy if you ask me.”

“Not more so than you staring at the shop, trying to find the best way to rob it.” He teased back easily.

Destiny chuckled slightly. “Let’s just agree we are both mysterious people with odd habits like midnight walks.”

Felix put a hand over his chest, his big blue eyes looked down on her with feigned hurt. “Little lady you wound me. And here I thought you just couldn’t stay away from my impeccable charm.”

She smiled playfully, acting along as they walked down the empty streets together. “Ah, that’s right. Thank you ever so much for reminding me. You are just oh so suave and gentlemanly that I couldn’t help but fall for you instantly. I had hoped to watch you sleep, but I suppose I can take you awake.”

“Sorry to disappoint you princess but you are not my type. Now you are a lovely looking lady, and I’ll find you a worthy suiter no problem. If you promise to find me one as well.”

“Ah Felix you break my heart. Have no fear my noble prince, I shall find you a big strong macho man.”

Felix laughed, trying to hide his slight blush. “Sounds good. You’re an odd one you are, I wanna keep you. But seriously, what are you doing out here?”

Destiny shrugged and looked to the frost covered ground. “Didn’t have anywhere else to go. Figured I might find what I’m looking for if I wandered long enough.”

The steady pace Felix had set stopped suddenly as he grabbed the Fate by the arm gently, looking down at her with concern. “Wait, you are homeless? But it’s so cold outside, you’ll freeze if you stay out here.”

The redhead cringed internally, realizing what she had said and how it must have sounded. “No, no I’m not homeless exactly. I still have my sisters. I’m just temporarily kicked out. It’s complicated. I am not sure what else to say.”

His hands fidgeted and his eyebrows scrunched together as Felix tried to settle whatever internal debate he was having. “Look we can help you out if you want. I know we don’t know each other and there is always the chance that one of is some sort of psycho axe murderer. But there is a pullout couch in the basement. It gets a bit cold down there, but I guarantee it’s better than being on the streets. I’m sure Lili won’t mind too much.”

The infinity hesitated, she shouldn’t take advantage of the humans’ kind heart. She did still have a home back in Òrìsà that she could be at in the blink of an eye. But this could be just the thing she needed to get started. He was after all the one who sold her the pipe in the first place, he might know something.

“You are sure Liliana won’t mind?” There was one thing she had learned about humans from all the movies she had seen and books she had read. Decline an offer at first, wait until they offer it again, and then accept.

“Nah, she will be fine. She loves company. I think.” Felix scratched his chestnut hair and smiled at her encouragingly, silently hoping she would say yes. Apparently his sister wasn’t the only one who wanted someone else around the house. Destiny knew the feeling, being alone with your sibling got old after a while.

“Okay, sure. If you are positive I’m not imposing. Thank you good sir.” She smiled kindly and took his arm, letting him lead her to his house.

Felix rolled his eyes and chuckled. “Good sir. You are far too formal with me little lady.”

It was a small modest home, two stories high. Not the usual mansion that an Infinity was used to. But it was nice, painted in taupe and trimmed in sage green, the garage a separate building to the left. A patio lead from the front door to halfway around the house. A decent sized lawn was blanketed in a thin layer of snow.

“Lili is probably asleep, so we should try to be quiet. I’ll give you the grand tour in the morning.” Felix promised as he fiddled with his key, trying to get it into the lock without a light.

Felix sighed in contentment as the warm air from inside hit his chilled face. His shoulders loosened and he looked more at ease. He was safe here, he was home. “It’s not that fancy or anything, but it’s a whole lot more than I had a couple weeks ago. It’s home. Hope you like it. Sorry bout the mess.”

Destiny stepped inside, observing the home. It wasn’t magazine worthy house with everything perfectly placed. But somehow it was better. Coats were thrown over chairs, blankets in bundles in the corner of the couch, some dishes yet to be washed in the sink, old stains on the carpet that never came out. A plant in the corner had a few dead leaves sprinkled about the pot. Ceiling fans held a thin layer of dust where it was just out of reach to clean without a ladder. The Fate smiled, this was far better than some picture perfect house, this was a home. This was a place where memories were made.

“It’s better than what I could have thought possible. I love it.” Destiny turned back to Felix, smiling gratefully at her host.

Felix grabbed some blankets and a pillow from the couch. “Like I said, gets a bit chilly down there. But you should be fine with these. I’m right upstairs to the left, let me know if you need any more.”

She nodded and took the bundle, knowing she wouldn’t use them. Weather didn’t affect an Infinity like it did a human. Sure, she could still feel hot and cold, but it didn’t bother her all that much. Not enough to need a blanket anyways.

No matter how cold it got in the basement, it would be nothing compared to the cold Demise once felt. Demise had once told Destiny about Crëwr Ice, Nexxis, the weapon of the Creators. It was found explicitly in Crëwr and could only be harnessed by one of the Four. The Divine Provenance had used it in moderation on Demise during her test as a punishment for failing. But seeing as she didn’t have a Rouhk at the moment she was left physically unscathed. But it sure did leave her with a ton of mental scars. Crëwr Ice was designed to attack an Infinites Rouhk. They would freeze from the inside until their body turned to a stone as cold and fragile as ice. The Infinities essence would still be okay, but to free the Abbaxa the Rouhk would have to break and the Infinity would never have it again. For an Infinity like a Fate that shouldn’t matter to them. That Concept was created strictly to do their job. So not having a body to interact with humans should hardly be any inconvenience to them.

Destiny followed Felix into the next room. A sleeping woman was sprawled across the brown leather couch, a remote clutched loosely in her left hand. The television was turned on but muted, the colorful pictures dancing across the screen. Felix shook his head and smiled slightly, grabbing the quilt laying over a rocking chair he placed it on his sister’s body. “Oh sweet Lili, you know your back will hurt in the morning when you sleep down here.”

He turned away and lead the Fate through a door and down the steps to the basement. Felix pulled out a mattress, changing a couch into a bed. The pair quickly threw on some clean sheets and dropped the extra blankets and pillows at the foot of the mattress. “Well here ya go. Feel free to make yourself at home.”

“Of course, thank you. Goodnight Felix.” She smiled and sat on her bed, watching as he waved goodnight and walked back upstairs.

For Infinities sleeping was a luxury, not a necessity. It was an escape from the world, an excuse not to work. Destiny wasn’t tired, she had slept not too long ago. Right before her Test of Classification in fact, hardly ten nights ago. But she was starting an important mission first thing tomorrow morning, so she should try and rest while she still had the chance to. Find someone who made a pipe and then destroy said pipe, so dangerous.

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