Foundations of Infinity: The Last Divine Day (Book 1)

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Destiny returned to the basement, bored as ever. She had just finished her second day of work; it was much the same as the day before. They had a quiet dinner and the humans had tucked in for the night. She still had at least a good six hours before either of the humans woke up. They didn’t have any literature that the Fate hadn’t already read. And she didn’t want to wake either of them up with the noise she knew would follow by turning on the television.

So instead she decided to go to the only other place she felt at home. Her actual home, the Fate Mansion in Òrìsà. With hardly another thought her Abbaxa had traveled to the outskirts of her property. Besides, she hadn’t had any telepathic communication with her sisters for a while so it was probably about time to tell them what she had learned about the pipe.

The dimension of the Infinities was different than that of the mortals. Humans could go anywhere by car or foot, from their original spot to their destination. They could see everything in between two separate places. Ineôcâ was a map of the land, everything was all there.

But in Òrìsà things were definitely different. Places existed here and there of course. Each Infinity Concept had a property given to them, only those who knew one of those Infinities true names could enter there. And then there were little get together places. Parks, casinos, recreational places. Some were specifically for Concepts of the same Creator. Other places were for any Infinity from any Creator. But if Òrìsà were a map, it would be of islands. Each place existed entirely on its own, suspended in nothingness. Just places, floating around in a void.

Destiny stood outside the gates to her home on the pavement that encircled the property. She turned away from the mansion and towards the nothingness that surrounded her. There was no black, no white, just the void spreading across endlessly. Her home, all alone in a Dimension of nothing but the void saved a few places here and there.

In order to travel through dimensions, she had to leave her Rouhk behind. But here in her own home she didn’t feel the need to adorn it now. Just like Demise, except the opposite. When Demise went to the human’s dimension she usually preferred to go as just an Abbaxa, hating the Rouhk she had earned. She usually only wore her human body when she was home, but that was before Destiny’s test to make it easy for Fortune to tell them apart.

Destiny pushed open the white picket fence, having to break a few vines and flowers off in the process. Whenever her sisters went to Ineôcâ and back they just appeared inside the mansion. It had been ages since the gate had actually been used. As an effect of that some stems had grown up and woven themselves between the wooden pegs of the short fence. She walked across the borderline and closed the gate, leaning against it as she stared off into the infinite void.

Now that she was here, back home, Destiny had no idea what to do. It wasn’t as though she could just walk up to the Coincidence brothers home and knock on their door. She didn’t know either of their original names.

Sister. Destiny smiled as she heard her older sister’s voices inside her head. Finally, someone she could talk to about all this. She could tell them she made some progress and they would be proud of her.

In the garden. Destiny projected her thoughts towards her sisters.

A few seconds later she could hear them both walking through their hedge maze to see her. Destiny turned and waved her sisters over with her lilac purple arm. It would have been easier for the elder Fate’s to just jump over the bushes, considering they only came up to a few inches below the waist. But neither of them would break the rules and cheat, even on something so simple as a maze. And jumping around in a garden was considered such improper behavior.

So she waited patiently as they weaved their way through the path they had all memorized ages ago. When they finally reached her Destiny embraced both of her sisters in turn. Sure they had sent her to do this task alone, but they were still from the same Concept. They were still here for her.

“Look at you, all grown up and living with the humans.” Fortune chirped, pinching the purple Abbaxa where the cheeks would be.

“I’m still the same as when I saw you only a couple nights ago.” Destiny reminded her, shaking the blonde off.

“How’s that mission coming along little sibling?” Demise stepped in before her sisters could quarrel.

Destiny took a deep breath and bit her lip to keep herself from yelling. “Well I am most positive it could be done a lot quicker if I had a little help.”

Fortune waved it off like it was but a small matter. “Sorry dear. We would help, but obviously someone needs to pick up the slack while you are off gallivanting with your new human besties.”

Wow, condescending much? Demise’s snark was the only thing helping Destiny keep her cool. Good thing they could chose to send out telepathic messages to specific members of the Concept instead of all of them.

“Well you two are the ones who sent me on some random task that isn’t even on the list. So I apologize if I am a little lost. There are no instructions for this one. The humans were my best chance at a lead.”

Demise turned away from her little sister, unable to make eye contact. She must have known just how hopeless this task must seem.

“So what did you find out?” Fortune smiled excitedly, never being one to handle guilt well. Always turning it back around to the job, typical.

Destiny shrugged. Now that she was here she wondered if the new information was really that important or worth sharing. But she couldn’t chicken out now. She couldn’t face the disappointment in her sister’s faces if she came back empty handed. At least it helped that she wouldn’t be able to see Demise’s face.

“Not a lot. The pipe apparently appeared in the shop just for me. At least that is what I am assuming based on what I learned. The box said MADE BY. Those are the only clues I have so far.”

Fortune and Demise nodded intently, hanging on to every word and thinking it over. Though neither of them hurried to make a suggestion on what to do next. When the silence continued Destiny grew somewhat uneasy and figures she should end it.

“Okay thank you for your help. I think I’m really getting somewhere now. I guess I’ll be off to continue the task that is suddenly so clear to me now.” She turned and placed a hand on the short gate, ready to leave.

“And just where do you think you are going?” Fortune placed her hands on her hips as she took on the authoritative older sister tone.

Destiny shrugged, she honestly had no idea. “Not sure. I was just going to hope that by some miracle I will end up where I am meant to be.”

“We are serious Lil’ Bit.” Demise scolded, quickly tiring of her sister’s nonchalant attitude.

“Well I am serious too. I have no clue how to start, but it might as well be somewhere. So I’m going to try out a few places and see where that leads me.” And with that Destiny walked out the gate and her Abbaxa disappeared from the Fate Mansion once again.

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