Foundations of Infinity: The Last Divine Day (Book 1)

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She had never even left her home before her Test of Classification, her sisters had kept her fairly sheltered. So she didn’t know where she would end up, Destiny was just thinking someplace fun. When she wanted to go to the park they planted a garden in the front yard. When she wanted to get a book they turned the basement into an endless labyrinth of a library. Destiny had to find a way to make do with what she had at Fate Mansion, it was against the rules for an unclassified Abbaxa to travel about.

She had been to Ineôcâ loads of times on her own now, but she had yet to explore Òrìsà. Fates were not created to hang out with other Infinities, they were made to do their job. But now here she was, some sketchy place for Infinities of all Creator’s.

Well, first time for everything. Destiny gathered her courage and walked inside. The air was smoky and the lights were dim. Music played from hidden speakers. Drinks served themselves and poker chips showed up when necessary. Infinities were all so busy with their jobs, nobody had time to run a place in Òrìsà as well. So the place ran itself by the power of the Creators.

Some Infinities were in bodies; others were in their Abbaxa form. There was the earthy brown, the fiery orange, the blank white. She was the only purple one at this place. Destiny tried to cover it up, she put on her body, but it was no use. Everyone had already seen who her Creator was.

There were stares and jokes, but nothing too bad. In all honesty she had expected far more than what she got. One of them shouted to his buddy, “Check it out T, The Divine Provenance has allowed her creation to venture out of her home.”

“Ain’t that somethin’ Coro. Guess the apocalypse is upon us.” They had a good laugh and high fived. Coro and T, Destiny didn’t have it in her at the moment to try and figure out those nicknames. During her lessons her sisters had briefed her on the other Concepts, but it wasn’t like she knew all of their names.

Destiny kept her head high and walked past them all with fake confidence. She simply could not let them see how they were affecting her. Fake it till you make it, that was something Fortune was always saying. Destiny found an empty table against the back wall, sitting in the booth so she could observe everyone around her.

An entire place crowded with Infinities from each of the four Creators. This would be a place to find a friend, not Ineôcâ where all the humans would inevitably die. Maybe she could find someone here to help her with her task.

Honestly, she wasn’t exactly sure why she chose this place of all places. She could have gone to a peaceful park that was strictly for Ziarre’s Infinities. Maybe she should just go, nobody here would miss her. And unless she wanted to be a wallflower all night this was not the place for her.

“Come on boy. Take a chance and roll the dice.”

“If you insist. So long as I can use my own dice, if that’s alright.”

On second thought she knew that voice. Maybe she could stay a while. Glancing to the table set up on her right she confirmed her suspicions. The choppy light brown hair, scruff along the amazing jawline, golden brown eyes, she would recognize him anywhere.

“They ain’t loaded are they?” The man crossed his large arms, eyeing the Coincidence wearily.

“Don’t worry. I always play fair.” Chance walked up to the table, pushing a stack of chips to the center to indicate he was all in. Infinities didn’t play for money, they did it for fun and to show off their talent. He grabbed a die and shook it, bringing it to his mouth to blow for luck. Just then he noticed the red haired Fate staring at him. Never once dropping the eye contact as he dropped the die onto the game table. He had rolled a six, and judging from all the other players’ reactions, he had won. The chips on the table exploded into confetti, surrounding the Coincidence like a snow globe until it settled to the floor. And because no Infinity was going to do it, the confetti swept itself up.

“Beginners luck.” One of the players muttered angrily as she set up the table for the next round.

Chance turned away from the game, waving to the others so they knew it was okay to continue without him. He walked towards the booth the Fate was occupying, stopped, standing near the table. “Well well, Miss Destiny. Fancy seeing you here.”

“Salutations Mr. Chance.” Destiny shook her head, he always just had to show up.

“What brings you down here? I never thought your sisters would let you come to this part of town.”

Destiny shrugged, suddenly finding the table top very interesting to look at. “What they don’t know won’t hurt them.”

Chance literally had to take a step back to process what he had just heard. “Lying to the sisters. I have to say, that was not what I was expecting to hear. You know, lying does not help form healthy relationships, right?”

The Fate nodded, she knew perfectly well that what she was doing was not completely right. She felt bad enough about it as it was, and Chance reminding her of that was not helping.

“Right. I did not intend this to be a type of intervention. Besides, interventions are something friends do for each other. And you made it quite clear that I don’t qualify.”

“Low blow.” She attempted to glare at him but didn’t have the energy. He was right after all. She had taken his offer of friendship and thrown it right back in his face. Lying to the humans, lying to her sisters, and now Chance calling her out. This was turning out to be such a divine day.

Chance cleared his throat and tried to change the subject. “Right. Okay. So you are here, as am I. This is great, really. I was hoping to see you soon. And before you say anything, yes I know what you said. Hear me out?”

Destiny sighed and bit her lip. She knew she was going to end up regretting this. “Fine. But have a seat will you? I don’t like being looked down on.”

Chance visibly loosened up as he slid into the chair across from the Fate. “This is not a social call; I want to make that clear.”

The Fate nodded and smiled, though it hurt her to do so. The more time she spent with him, the more she wanted to stay with him. “Wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“I was talking to my brothers about you. Told them about the pipe and all.” He took a breath and folded his elbows on the table, resting his head in his arms.

“Okay great. How did that go? ‘So I met this Infinity and she threw a pipe at me and we were going to be friends but now we aren’t.’ Sounds like a wonderful conversation.” Destiny raised an eyebrow at the Coincidence, waiting for him to explain.

Chance chuckled at her summery. “Hate to break it to ya, but that is not exactly how it went down.”

“Well please do tell then. Don’t make me beg.” Destiny was growing impatient with his game, she wanted answers. She could be finally getting somewhere, if only he would stop stalling.

“So you jammed the blasted thing in my chest, and I’ll have you know that it made a nice little bruise. And then I accidently end up taking it back home with me. I hardly got my story out before Karma pry’s it from my hands and hid in his house, locking the door behind him.”

“I doubt the important thing you are dying to tell me involved your brother being immature. Spit it out already.”

Chance shook his finger at Destiny, chiding her. “Patience is a virtue dear Des. Stop interrupting.”

She bit her tongue, nodding quietly in agreement. She honestly was not trying to be rude. She just wanted answers so she could do her job.

“So then he comes back a few hours later and jabs it into my chest, much like you did. Then I find you in the shop and give it back. But you already knew that, so I can skip it. Karma’s best buddy is Sloth, one of the Sins. So they were talking and Karma sends Sloth a picture of that pipe. He wants to talk to you. He also said something about a blue pineapple, but I’m not sure if that means anything.”

Destiny waited for him to continue the story, but he said no more. “Karma or Sloth? And how would I find either of them?”

Chance smiled, a mischievous glint in his eye. “Well as far as Karma, that’s easy. I’d just have to take you home with me and wait till he shows up. Sloth is a little harder, considering he is famous for never leaving his room. But I’m sure we can convince one of the other Sins to take you there.”

Destiny nodded slowly, so far everything sounded doable. It’s not like he was asking anything impossible from her yet. They just wanted to talk. “Okay, yeah we can do that. I’m off work on Sunday, we can meet up then.”

Chance looked at her with a blank expression, blinking slowly. Then Destiny realized what she had said and how ludicrous it must have sounded. Infinities didn’t have a schedule; they were technically always supposed to be doing their job.

“I moved in with some humans. Long story.”

“Right. So I’ll talk to my brother, Sunday should work. I’ll meet you at that shop you seem to enjoy so much. But just to warn you, My Concept is a bit off. Not exactly what you would expect them to be.”

“Okay, fantastic. Surprises are fun. At least I think they are.” Destiny shrugged it off like what he said was no big deal. Humans seemed to enjoy surprise birthdays, so surprised couldn’t be that bad.

Chance sighed in exasperation, clearly she has no idea just how unpredictable his Concept could be. “Right, well just warning you. Luck can be a little… fragile I suppose. Be careful about what you say around him.”

“But I am meeting Karma, not Luck.” Destiny reminded him, seeing no reason to bring the eldest Coincidence into this. Even now, just talking to Chance was risky enough. Going to his home was really pushing it. And bringing in a third of The Luminary Virtuoso’s creations was bad news, plain and simple.

Chance rolled his eyes, knowing how his brother could get. “Yeah, well trust me on this. Luck is not leaving the house anytime soon.”

Destiny glanced at the other Infinity oddly, wondering why he would look so disappointed when talking about his own Concept. “I should go.”

Chance pouted and looked up at the Fate as Destiny began to walk away from the table. “Common Des, just come home with me now.”

It would be nice to go to a friend’s house in the middle of the night, to have a sleepover. But she shook her head, her bangs tickling the tops of her eyebrows. “As much as I would love to I can’t, I don’t have time tonight. Felix and Liliana will wake up soon, and I need to be back at their house before they do.”

“Right. Sunday. Sorry, bad memory, time is fleeting. Why move in with humans anyways? All you do is grow attached. You still have a home with your sisters don’t you?”

Chance had asked innocently enough. That was possibly the exact reason that Destiny thought he was up to no good. Or maybe it was because he was right, she had grown attached to them rather quickly. Destiny thought carefully about her response, not wanting her words to be twisted in any way.

“They were kind, Felix insisted. It was the only lead I had to do my job. And I wanted to.”

Chance nodded understandingly, still with that gleam in his eye. “I see. So you are pretending to be their friend for information.”

Destiny shook her head. It wasn’t like that at all. Okay, maybe just a little, but when he said it like that the Fate felt like such a vile Infinity. Being a Fate she was stubborn, and determined to be right about everything, so she defended herself. “I’m not using them; they are helping me is all. And I’m not pretending anything.”

Chance rested his stubbly chin on the palm of his hand and raised a single eyebrow at the Fate. Destiny glared at him. How dare he use her own gesture against her!

“Not pretending eh? So you aren’t pretending to be just another human? When this is all said and done and you have finished the job, is that going to be the end of it? You are just going to head back to Òrìsà and not give the humans a second thought?”

With every word Destiny receded back into herself and built her walls higher. How could she be friends with someone who said such cruel things? She actually did like the humans, even if they turned out to be no help with her job they could still be her friends. And eventually she did plan on telling them the truth. But not until it became necessary. Though she couldn’t help but wonder how long she could postpone the inevitable. She was living with them after all.

Destiny took a deep breath and held her head high. She faced the Coincidence defiantly. “No, I am not going to just forget about them. When I have done my job I will come back and explain everything to them, tell them the truth. And we will still be friends.”

Chance closed his eyes sadly as if that pained him. “Wrong answer. Humans don’t last Des. They just end up breaking your heart.”

The sorrow and longing in his voice was enough to convince the Fate that Chance might actually know what he was talking about. He spoke from experience. Now his words didn’t seem so mean, they were just sad. He was looking out for her, giving her a warning. But how could she just walk away? She had only had a few days to grow attached to them, but she was already in too deep. Yes, they were mortal. But she wasn’t going to let that scare her into not having friends like it had scared Chance.

“Thank you for the advice, but I think I will just stick to my plan for now. See you Sunday.” And with that Destiny walked out, not looking back. She knew that if she let have Chance have the last word then she would just give him another comeback, prolonging her stay more than what was necessary. The longer she was in his presence the more dangerous it would be for everyone. And the more she stayed with him the less she wanted to leave.

But Destiny knew what she had to do, and the only place Chance had in her life at the moment was to aid her in doing a job. He had the potential of making a great friend, he seemed entertaining enough. But duty above all else, that was the way of the Fates. Everything had an order — a place for everything and everything in its place. No matter how much she may be curious about the Coincidence, she knew that becoming close to him would be way too risky. And wasn’t particularly fond of the idea of facing the wrath of The Divine Provenance.

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