Foundations of Infinity: The Last Divine Day (Book 1)

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Destiny returned to the Taveras’ basement just as the sun was rising in Ineôcâ. She curled up on the pull out bed and wrapped a blanket around herself tightly in an attempt to shield herself from the chilly underground air. Infinities could feel weather, but not at a bothersome level like humans unfortunately had to deal with. So while it was slightly worrisome that she needed a blanket she decided against putting that much thought into it for the time being.

She just sat there for a while until she could smell pancakes cooking. The Fate smiled at the promise of yet another home cooked meal. She had only been around the humans for a couple days and Destiny was still wrapping her head around the fact that they ate every day. Infinities ate for pleasure, not out of necessity. So having three meals a day was still pleasantly surprising.

She followed her nose into the kitchen to see Felix standing in front of the griddle, spatula in hand. He studied the golden circles carefully, ready to flip at any moment. He was still in his sleep clothes, blue plaid pants and white shirt. It didn’t quite match the rainbow and black polka dotted apron or the flour that somehow managed to get in his hair, but he made it work.

Destiny laughed lightly as she took a seat at the already set table. “I like the thinking face.”

“Food is an art Red, and I am a virtuoso.” Felix carefully flipped the pancakes onto the plates and sprinkled powdered sugar over top before drizzling on some chocolate syrup. As a finishing touch he added a dollop of whipped cream and a fat strawberry to finish the look.

Destiny’s mouth curved up in a half smile. She was shocked at the mention of part of one of the Creators titles, but the human probably meant nothing by it so she let it go. And Destiny was quite a bit impressed, it looked marvelous. “Looks good, now can I eat it or are you going to keep looking at it like you wanna marry it?”

“That pancake is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I never want any harm to come to my baby.” Felix put a hand over his heart as he looked adoringly at the sugar filled breakfast. He dabbed at imaginary tears and his voice was choked up. He was a convincing actor.

Liliana entered the kitchen, and upon hearing the last of the conversation she playfully whacked her brother upside the head. “Common you dork, can we get through one meal without you drooling?”

Felix rolled his deep sapphire eyes. “Life is all about the simple pleasures, and food is the best pleasure of them all. Let me have this one.”

“Okay, well enjoy it quickly. We have to go; I’ll be in the car.”

Felix smiled as she walked out the door. “well, that’s my sister for ya. Love her to death, but she cares too much about work. I really wish she would relax.”

Destiny nodded in agreement. As far as work went, Liliana was just like Fortune. “Simple pleasures Felix. Work is her therapy, let her have this one.”

“Okay, you win this round. But I’ll get you this time.”

Destiny raised her eyebrow and followed Liliana out the door. “Sure you will. Take your pancakes to go, don’t wanna be late.”

Felix grumbled and complained but eventually transferred his food to a paper plate with a plastic fork. “It isn’t nearly as beautiful anymore.”

The Ladybug showed up in front of Old Stuff right on time, not like Liliana would be late anyways. It was slow at first, apparently humans liked to sleep in on Saturdays. Felix stood at his register, eating the remainder of his pancakes. Destiny sat at the counter, watching the door like a hawk. Liliana walked through the aisles, counting and recounting the merchandise.

The bell jingled, the first customer of the day. A guy walked in, he wouldn’t be too noticeable in a crowd. He was decent looking, but not stunning. Light green eyes, curly dark blonde hair that hardly covered his too large ears, and freckles sprinkled across his nose. But he wasn’t human. It took Destiny a second, she still wasn’t used to being around anyone besides her sisters, but this man was definitely an Infinity. And if she could sense his Abbaxa, then he could most certainly sense hers.

He nodded a hello to the workers and walked down an aisle. Not actually looking, just pretending for appearances sake. As soon as he was out of sight Felix started coughing and choking on the remainder of his food before finally spitting it out on his plate.

“He was better than the pancakes.”

Destiny laughed and patted him on the back, passing him a water bottle as she did so. “Well I think I’ll go see if he needs any help. Get yourself together before he comes back.”

Destiny hopped off the counter and followed him down an aisle, knowing that was what he wanted. But just as she reached him Liliana turned down that isle, dropping her clipboard at the sight of him.

She sauntered over, a huge smile on her face. “Oh how nice of you to help this handsome man Destiny, but I can take it from here. Now what can I do for you sir?”

Destiny looked around uncomfortably, slightly embarrassed by her friends shameless flirting. One hand was twirling a strand of soft brown hair, the other resting lightly on his arm. First Felix now Lili, sure he wasn’t bad looking but he wasn’t anything to go crazy over either.

The Infinity cleared his throat, politely shaking her hand off. He looked like he was trying to resist rolling his eyes, like he was used to this behavior. Quickly so as not to appear like he was staring he glanced down to the shopkeepers’ nametag.

“If it’s not a problem Liliana, I’m sure your co-worker can help me just fine.”

“Oh her? Now don’t be silly. Destiny is new, she doesn’t know much about this place. I however know anything and everything. I own it so it’s not a surprise. I can help you with anything you like.” She giggled and swatted his arm playfully, simultaneously sending a glare to the red head telling her to back off.

Destiny nodded, grateful for any excuse to leave them be. She was getting secondhand embarrassment just watching them. She turned away, mumbling some explanation and began to walk. But his hand gently yet firmly grasping her arm kept her in place.

His light green eyes went wide, silently begging her not to go. He didn’t want to be left alone with Liliana at the moment. “No, please don’t go. I would much rather have your help than hers.”

Liliana’s sapphire eyes went watery with unshed tears. Shaking her head, she turned around, running into her office and slamming the door behind her. Destiny bit her lip and raised an eyebrow at the customer.

“Well that was a little harsh, don’t you think?”

The Infinity sighed and tucked his hands into his jeans pockets. At least he felt guilty for hurting the human’s feelings. “I can’t help it, it’s just who I am. With my Concept, our names are a curse. Not like I asked for this to happen. And if I let ’em down easy they think I’m playing hard to get and try harder to get me. They take our worst trait before our Test of Classification, and afterwards humans can’t help but act that way around us.”

Destiny nodded in understanding, she was well aware how much the Test of Classification could ruin one’s existence. He was an Infinity; Destiny could tell that much. But unless he was in his Abbaxa form she had no way of knowing who his Creator was. But with his appearance, what he said, and how Liliana had acted, she had a fairly good guess.


He smiled wide, extending a hand. “Well he was right, you are a smart one Destiny. My apologies for bothering you at work. But if you will be venturing to my humble abode tomorrow I thought it best to meet you for myself.”

The Fate nodded at the Sin, she would probably do the same if anyone were to ever visit the Fate Mansion. “Any idea what Sloth and Karma have planned for me?”

Lust shook his head, his blonde curls falling into his eyes. “Nah, I usually avoid drama. And Luck, him and I have a… complicated history.”

“So I suppose I’ll see you tomorrow then.” Destiny nodded somewhat uneasily. She wasn’t exactly sure what else to say to him, but she didn’t want to appear as if she were pushing him out either.

He nodded and walked off, grabbing a trinket off the shelf to buy to be polite. For a Sin he didn’t seem too horribly bad. He was halfway to the register before he turned and spoke again. “Would you mind apologizing to your friend for me? I meant no harm, I just can’t talk about our business in front of humans. Stupid test curse, making women obsess over me.”

“I’ll let her know.” Destiny promised at Lust’s retreating form.

He nodded and walked off to the register, and by extension, Felix. Destiny watched with amusement as both men got all flustered and Lust ran off with his purchase, tripping over the umbrella rack in his haste. Felix tried to cover up his tomato red face by slamming it into the counter the moment the customer left.

Destiny skipped up to the counter, patting Felix soothingly on the back. “Well aren’t you a smooth talker. Do my eyes deceive me or were you both attracted to each other? Then again, he might have just been attracted to the chocolate syrup on your chin.”

Felix’s head shot up and he rubbed his chin furiously, groaning in embarrassment when it came back sticky. “Oh great, now that’s just perfect. I’m a failure, doomed to never be happy.”

Again he banged his head into the counter and his shoulders shook with fake sobbing. Liliana walked out of her office, looking perfectly normal. Apparently whatever trance she had been in around the Sin had worn off. But Felix was still emotional about it, so Destiny figured that must have meant his feelings were genuine.

Liliana returned from her office, remembering how she had acted and sent Destiny a look. “I usually don’t lose control like that. I honestly don’t know what got into me. He wasn’t even that cute.”

“Apology accepted. Now what do we do about Felix?” He was still fake crying hysterically, making an ungodly amount of noise.

Liliana raised her eyebrows at her brother. She knew him well enough to know when it was too serious to not poke fun. This was not one of those times. “Okay drama king, what got you down this time?”

Destiny shrugged, Felix didn’t look like he would be answering anytime soon. “Looks like you aren’t the only one who struck out with pretty boy.”

That snapped some sense into the human. His head shot up, a panicked look in his eyes. “Why would you do that to me Red? Lili doesn’t know!”

“Well I do now. So look alive, I just saw a car pulling into our lot. Work time!” Liliana was probably the only human who would be more excited to work than phased by her brothers’ secret. Either way it seemed to put his mind at ease and they were all able to look professional before the rush began.

The rest of the day was normal, nothing too exciting. Customers came and went, buying or just looking. At precisely seven o’clock they flipped the OPEN sign hanging in the window so it read CLOSED. The three gathered into the Ladybug, excited to have the day off tomorrow.

They ate a quick microwavable meal mostly in silence before heading to their own rooms. Destiny stayed at the house all night, wide awake. Sure, she could have gone back to her own home in Òrìsà, but that would mean having to deal with her sisters. And what was she supposed to tell them? ‘Hey, I know you told me to stay away from other Infinities but I’m heading over to the Sin’s home tomorrow, hope that’s okay.’

That was not going to happen. There was no way that conversation would turn out well. So she wasted time snooping around the basement, not so much out of curiosity as out of boredom. It was a decent sized basement, finished with walls and carpet and everything. The crawl space had tubs of holiday decorations, some of them empty because they were already set up for Christmas. A desk was pushed against a wall with old forgotten papers sprawled across, a thin layer of dust on top indicating they hadn’t been touched in ages.

Her snooping took all of thirty minutes’ tops before she was bored again. Eventually she wandered upstairs and turned on the television on low volume. Destiny wasn’t really paying attention to the show, it just gave her something to do and zone out to. A family that made horrible jokes while an invisible audience laughed. The Infinity didn’t quite get the allure of it, even if it had managed to get most humans wrapped around it’s metaphorical fingers.

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