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Lunette and Sol's quiet, Earth life is quickly crumbling into chaos. Even though they've gathered all the Moonstones, the enemy is still one step ahead of them, even recruiting the wealthy and influential Wesley Bosworth, and is ready to attack. Are Lunette, Sol, Derward and Sherwood ready and equipped to go to battle? (This is the second book in the Moonstones series)

Fantasy / Adventure
Nemma A. Wolf
Age Rating:


Lunette goes to leave the house and Jack is there. Secretly Wesley is there too. Lunette is kidnapped and taken away by Jack but Derward is left behind. He goes and contacts Sol and Sherwood and is able to track her. Meanwhile Lunette is trying to figure out how to get out of her captor's vehicle. Without the moonstones she was powerless and without Derward she could not access them, no matter how hard she tries.

Jack talks to Lunette in a friendly manner though she doesn't respond so kindly. She refrains from mentioning Derward or Sol or Sherwood and tries to steer away from any sensitive information. Wesley is in the passenger seat of the car and listens in on their conversation.

The next chapter jumps to Derward meeting with Sol and telling him what's happened and that they needed to go after the princess right away. Sol tells Derward that they hadn't found the stone in the field but there was a creepy, eerie house that they had ventured in and not the barn. Since it was getting late they wanted to sheepishly seek the assistance of Lunette.

Meanwhile Lunette is taken to this mysterious master of Jack who hides in the shadows. He talks to her a bit and scolds Jack for not bringing Derward. Wesley is not allowed inside for all of this as he was sent directly home after Lunette was dropped off. His reaction to what he witnessed and heard will be the chapter before Lunette's interaction with the master.

I haven't decided what the master will look like yet. I'm thinking of having him seem to be the exact opposite of what people are envisioning. Either old and skinny or middle-aged and fat or perhaps expound upon the reader's imagination and make him like Yuma with otherworldly appearance. His backstory is unknown and if I make him look magical it will clearly mean he is not human or has dabbled in something he perhaps shouldn't of. Making him a powerful human is better.

The master is more powerful than he lets on. He is influential and secret a popular person when it comes to riches. He is an entrepreneur in almost every aspect of life be it horseracing, banking, and oil. He has some secret influence over Henry Bozworth with false claims to help the old man into the oil business while allowing him to somewhat keep tabs on Lunette and now Sol as well.

His crave for the moonstones is unclear as he doesn't want to take over the moon, nor start a war with the sun nor use them for his personal use but he does want them for something and I haven't decided what yet. I'll most likely make Lunette unaware too. This master isn't dumb enough to monologue his plans or any other information.

IDK what happens after that. Maybe Lunette gets locked away and Derward finds her. He shrunk into his small deer form and snuck into the dungeons to help save her. There he tells her its probably time she uses the moonstones while giving her a quick update on Sol and his failure. They don't try to escape right away but go over their options. Most movies/books would have a guard or something interrupt or have cameras on the two of them but nothing extraordinary happens.

Perhaps Sol notices and recognizes Wesley as he's escorted into a separate car that is taking him home and orders Sherwood to follow and confront Wesley. This will probably be noted in Wesley's chapter. Since he was away from home clearly after it was time to get ready for school, Wesley would surely get in trouble but Jack's men bring him back as if they rescued him but they beat him up a bit first. After medically attended to, Wesley wants to be alone in the new room he is put in where he encounters Sherwood.

In a separate chapter, Wesley and Sherwood talk about who Lunette and Sol are and why the heck Wesley cares and what he gained from Jack's offer and also what he lost. He could become a little side antagonist. So we have master villain who is Jack's boss and then some minor inconveniences such as Lunette's father's timeline, Henry Bozworth and now Wesley. Perhaps Wesley could one day be captured, capture or just somehow be alone with Lunette and confront her about who and what she is and why she was on Earth etc.

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