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"Gin Zolcs," a deep voice came through a speaker. I stood inside a room that was simply a metal box, with nothing around me. I didn't even understand where the voice was projecting itself from.

"Step onto the white tile," it commanded. I noticed a section of the floor turning white from the natural silver of the metal, a meter squared large, and I stepped onto it. The side of the room in front of me turned transparent, and I saw a couple of people standing on the other side. A one-way window that can become a normal one. That's when I understood.

This is a simulation room.

I don't smell any metal. That proved it. It's a projected veneer. So that's how they're going to assess us, huh?

I noticed one of them being Mr. Anderson, standing stern and tall among them with his glasses a little off. Next to him, was Vice Admiral Jacke, with the logo of the Lionhearts on his sweater. His combination of sweater and board shorts were a little odd, I'd agree. Though, I almost melted at the sight of him. Is this for real? A Vice Admiral. Overseeing my assessment. I was honored.

"Show us your abilities," a woman disparate from the red-haired one, announced from behind the window.

"Erm," I stood awkwardly on the spot. "I don't know... how?"

They looked at me for a while before I tried again. "I got my power only yesterday. I'm not sure how to use it yet," I said candidly.

I watched as they looked at each other. The Lionheart said a couple of words, and they all nodded.

I watched as the Lionheart walked out of that room.

I watched as the Lionheart come into the simulation room.

"V...Vice Admiral Jacke, I"" I started.

I wasn't watching when he punched me in the face.

"Wha"" I was clutching my face on the ground when he struck me again. My head was in a state of frenzy. What was going on?! This time, it was in my stomach. He propelled his feet straight into me, which ended up with me being slammed against the walls. That was some serious force. I was pretty sure I was losing consciousness.

He came up to me, grabbed me by the collar as I looked into his serious, blue eyes and he threw me to the ground. I spat out blood, and grabbed the floor frantically. I felt the bruises on my body worsening, and I might've broken a bone or two. I was panting and trying so hard to breathe. I'm also pretty sure this was illegal.

At this point, I'm resorted to self defense. My father taught me a few moves before. I can do thi"

As he lands a clean hit on my face and I get knocked out.


Hey kid.


Kid, you are such a wreck, you know that?

Who are you? Who's talking to me?

Don't think. Just imagine... Roulette....

What? Why?

Kid. If you wanna live, just listen to me.

I see it... the black die...

That's right, kid. Now roll it.


My eyes shot open as the Lionheart's punch passed right through me like I was... a shadow. To be more accurate, darkness. I looked at my hands, and I saw darkness emanating from all around me. It was sweet justice seeing the look of surprise on Lionheart Jacke's face. I felt unstoppable. I didn't even notice the petrifying looks on Mr. Anderson nor the woman's faces.

I raised my hands as if some kind of emperor, as darkness spread from me and filled every corner of the room. I was damn sure I had lost consciousness.

I saw my reflection on the metal. I was shrouded in darkness just like the night before, only this time it was stronger and more visible. It was a manifested material that looked like sand.

The pure horror on the Lionheart's face...

"Gin, stop!" Mr. Anderson's voice came from the entrance. I ignored him. My father always told me when somebody hits me, if he's stronger than me then I should use my head to beat them. But what happens when I feel like I'm stronger than him? My father never told me the answer. But I felt my rage answer it for me.

I roared and felt like the king of beasts as I let my darkness rampage around the room, and watched the Lionheart do his damnedest not to die. I did not know where this darkness came from, and I felt as if I were losing myself. As if my heart and mind were being taken over.

I was a hunter, ready to go in for my kill. I drew myself closer to the target, as Mr. Anderson tried his way through my darkness, but he couldn't get a single step through. I propelled him back. I raised my hand, as the darkness materialized into a spear as the ground shook and I thrusted my hand down.

"That is enough, young man," a sincere yet deadly voice came from behind me. I would've succumbed to the surging power when I regained consciousness, but right now I felt unstoppable. Fearless. I realized my darkness was being consumed by another energy from all sides. The darkness was suppressed, and simply vanished. I felt it retaining itself in my body once again. It was over.

My eyes flew open like I was relieved, or came out of shock. I looked around, and saw that the material taking over what I had unleashed being light. Light counteracts darkness. Of course. Wait, light?

I turned my head, to stare into the eyes of the Paladin Shiro, Admiral of the Lionhearts, strongest in the world. I gaped. Then, it snapped back to me. I looked at Vice Admiral Jacke in his half dead state and I became shocked.

"I... I did this?" I looked at my hands.

"You did. I don't blame you, it was a power you couldn't control," the Admiral said generously. I fell to my knees and started to have cold sweat.

"No way..." I stared at the ground, hating myself. Hating the power inside me. It controlled me. It definitely did. It took over me and did this to one of my most respected. I clutched my head in shame.

"It's not your fault, stand up," the Admiral said, crouching down and putting a hand on my shoulder. I felt like a shockwave ran through me. I haven't felt such honor ever. His touch felt sincere, gently, yet strong. But I felt like I didn't deserve it. Not after what I had done. What had happened anyways?

As I took his hand and stood up, expecting to see the revered face across Ao, I straightened myself and looked into his eyes of execration that pierced into my soul.

"You have just been banished."

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