The King's Assassin

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Chapter 10: Selene


It had been three days since I started remembering my past. Three days of crying as I mourned the ones I loved that had died in the purging. My parents, my mate, and my king were all dead. Now I remembered everything, and for the first time, I actually wished I could forget. I wanted to forget the pain in my chest and the guilt I felt for living, while so many others died.

It was the night of the third day when I finally had the strength to pull myself out of bed. I walked to the mirror. The female under the glamour looked older then the girl I was supposed to still be. The glamour I had worn for the last seven years was of a different person completely. My silver hair was grey and my features were softer. I looked younger. I looked human.

I took little time to pull on black riding pants and a loose black shirt. I fastened my dark cape over my shoulder and pulled the hood over my head. I took one last look in the mirror before walking out on the small balcony that overlooked the gardens.

The gardens were rarely guarded. Unless a lady or lord decided to take a midnight stroke, no guards walked through the gardens at night. I was not sure if the captain of the guard was just that confident in his ability to guard the castle or if he was just that stupid. Fae and fairies loved nature. The first place they would hide in a palace would be the gardens. I rolled my eyes as I climbed onto my balcony ledge and dropped to the ground. Even though I did not sense anyone around. I kept to the shadows as I snuck around to the guarded wall. I pulled my hood farther over my head as I followed the wall around towards the stables.

I slowed my pace as I neared there stables. I could already sense at least two humans inside. Probably stable hands who were checking up on the incoming horses from the guard shift only half an hour before.

I took a deep breath and my face became the cold cruel mask that the King forced me to wear. I knew no one would bother to approach me. No one wanted to attract my attention. In that sense, the King had done me a favor.

The two men quickly became fascinated with their work as I waltzed in. I did not lower my head or my gaze as I walked to my beautiful back mare. Little Shadow.

The horse was beautiful, and she was mine. I bit back a smile as I stroked her nose.

“Would you like me to saddle her?” a young boy spoke from behind me. I bristled and the boy took a small step back. He was no older than 12 or 13. The men who had been ignoring me before watched to see what I would do.

I slowly pinned him with my cold glare and grabbed the saddle he was struggling to hold. Effortlessly, I placed the saddle on Little Shadow’s back.

“Go!” I growled and the boy scampered away, making the men howl with laughter.

“Your no better than a bunch of dogs,” I growled as I slung my leg over the saddle and rode out of the stables and into the city.

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