The King's Assassin

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Chapter 12: Azriel


I watched from the shadows as my mate roared in anger and cried in sorrow. I watched as she gave the male who was once her best friend permission to run her through with his blade. I watched her mourn for everything she had lost and my heart broke. I had spent the last seven years believing that somehow she was in on the King winning that last battle but seeing her now. Seeing how broken and afraid and angry she was, I realized that I could have been wrong.

It took everything in me not to run to her when she whispered my name like a prayer. It had been three days since I felt the pull on the other end of our mating bond. Three days since I was forced to realize that I had spent almost a decade pretending my mate was dead, not living in the human Kingdom to our south.

“If you are not a traitor, then explain,” My words were cruel, I felt the heartbreak she felt when I spoke them. She had opened the bond on her side, but my side remained shut and would stay that way. She had not even bothered to drop the glamour making her look like a human girl.

"You’re alive," she whispered. Ignoring my question, ”how?” she shook her head.

"You don’t get to know that," Niccie growled. I shot him a warning look but did not correct him. He was right. She had a lot to answer for before I would tell her anything.

"I awoke to find my mate, the female I loved, gone,” I growled at her. ”I thought she was dead until a girl with grey hair and sky blue eyes was rumored to be hilling for the human King! You were doing that human’s bidding like a good little girl, hiding behind the face of a human child,” I spat. Selene recoiled, I felt her sorrow and her anger towards the King as clearly as if they were my own.

"What was I supposed to believe!" I exclaimed my wings flaring in anger as her anger quickly switched and was now directed at me.

"What were you supposed to think?" She roared with the strength of the warrior she truly was.

"Did you even consider I needed help? Maybe, if you had not been so dead set on assuming the worst of me, you would have thought that maybe your mate, that you loved so much, was not a servant but a slave!” She screamed, tears rolled down her face again and her body shook with anger and sorrow and heartbreak. ”Maybe you should have stopped to wonder why I bothered to pretend to be a human child! Or maybe if you had bothered to talk to anyone who met me you would have heard the strange stories of the glassy-eyed assassin, who obeyed the King’s every order and demand. You would have discovered that on most days I could not remember my own name! It took me seven years to even realize I was a fae!" She screamed.

Celtez walked to Selene’s side and touched his finger to her forehead, ”sleep," he commanded and she did.

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