The King's Assassin

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Chapter 15: Prince Gallen


I stood quietly by my father as his favorite assassin bowed low before him. Gone were the flashes of emotion behind her eyes. It was almost disappointing.

“You summoned me, my King,” Her voice held no emotion as she spoke. I rolled my eyes, unable to contain my annoyance of how easily my father could leash her. I needed to know how he controlled her. And it was not just her that acted this way either. Several members of his council obeyed him as his little assassin did. It was wrong. Like they had no free will of their own.

I did not want to jump to the logical conclusion. My father had outlawed the use of magic, why would he turn around and use it?

“Good, you are better, I hope?” He asked. Selene looked up at him and gave a wicked smile.

“Much better, my King,”

“Good, I have a little present for you then,” he smiled cruelly and motioned for the guards to open the throne room doors.

I looked up and jumped from surprise. Surrounded by guards on all sides was an older woman that I had seen many a day working in the palace halls, though I never learned her name. What on earth could my father want with a servant woman? He could not seriously be implying that this woman was a criminal, she was old enough to be the King’s mother.

“Do you know this woman?” The King asked raising an eyebrow at Selene. Selene studied her for a moment before nodding, “She is the maid who assisted me this week in my time of need,”

I felt my face burn red with embarrassment. I knew about women’s cycles, it just was not something one usually brought up in front of the King.

“But she is not a woman, not really,” The King sneered. I shook my head in confusion. If she was not a woman then what was she.

“Please, your highness, have mercy,” the woman cried.

“Magic is against the law,” he roared. A guard stepped forward and drew his sword. He only pressed it to the woman’s bare arm. She cried out in pain as if the blade was burning her. And then I saw why. It was like she flickered and became blurry. And then two thin wings appeared on her back. She looked younger and far more beautiful than before. She was a fairy. I held back a gasp as other members of the court gasped aloud. Some screamed in fear, though she did not look dangerous.

“What is your name?” The King asked.

“Zirra,” she wept.

“Zirra, you have been found guilty of practicing magic and deceiving your king. Your punishment is death,” My father growled. His knuckles were white from gripping the throne. I swallowed nervously. I did not wish to witness the King’s Champion murder this woman.

“Selene, my girl, Kill her,” the King waved a hand dismissively, but Selene did not move. The distant look in her eyes was gone, replaced with panic as she looked around desperate for anyone to stop what was happening to her.

Gallen watches as Selene struggles against the order. He realizes that his father definitely has some sort of control over the girl. I looked at my father and watched as he realized she had not obeyed yet.

“Selene, listen to me,” his voice was calm as he spoke.

I watched as Selene clenched her fists and gritted her teeth. She winced in pain, like disobeying him was somehow causing her physical pain. She looked up at me and our eyes met.

“Help,” was all she said and something inside of me told me I needed to help her. I jumped to my feet and whirled to face my father.

“What are you doing to her!?” I yelled. All the eyes in the court looked at me and then to Selene and my father. More people gasped, realizing the magical hold the King must be using on her.

“I will not listen!” She screamed! All hell broke loose.

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