The King's Assassin

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Chapter 3: Selene

The sounds of battle echoed around me, drowning out all other sounds. The earth before me was washed in crimson blood, from immortals and mortals alike. Creatures of the night plowed forward ahead. Some with horns the size of a full-grown male’s arm, others made entirely from shadow and darkness. They shrieked in delight as they cut through lines and lines of human soldiers. Their teeth and claws shred through them as if they were nothing more than blades of grass in a field.

My chest filled with pride as I watched the attack. Fae and Faerie folk of all kinds followed behind the beautiful monsters. Their superior strength and speed far outmatched the humans, though the humans had far more numbers than our armies.

I looked to the sky as the most beautiful male I had ever seen soared on the winds above. His large leathery wings stretched out, blocking the sun as he soared over the battle below. Our soldiers roared louder upon seeing their Prince. As he flew, his amber eyes never left mine. He gave me a broad, proud smile, that filled me with joy. I felt my own lips pull back from my fanged teeth in a smile, equally as broad.

The male landed gracefully beside me. His wings folded back but still stuck out above his head. Small horns tipped the top of each wing.

“We may win this war yet,” he purred, pulling me into his arms. He kissed my dirt and blood crusted temple. His eyes glittered like molten amber as she wiped away the silver hairs that sweat had stuck to my brow. I smiled wider, cupping his face in my hands.

“Of course we will, my love,” I purred and held him close. I wanted the whole world to stop. I wanted nothing more than to exist in the male’s arms for the rest of my immortal life.

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