The King's Assassin

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Chapter 8: Selene


The steady rhythm of metal clashing against metal was like a song in my head. I smiled with wicked delight as my sword danced against that of the three guards before me. I pushed myself to move faster and strike harder as we continued to fight.

Kill. Kill. Kill. The words chanted in my mind, in the strange language I had begun speaking in my mind.

“Mercy!” The scream rang in my ears. I blinked to find one of the guards pinned to the ground beneath my boot, my sword at his neck. The other two guards were staring with wide eyes, unsure of what to do. I smirked and sheathed my sword. I took a moment longer to remove my boot from his chest. Not bothering to help him to his feet. I silently strode away, heading back to my rooms in the castle.

I had almost killed him. I did not even remember pinning him to the ground. I was still lost in thought when I reached my bedroom doors and burs inside. Making the woman cleaning the fireplace scream in alarm. My eyes grew wide as I looked at her again, it was the same older maid from before, but there was something strange about how she looked. It was like I was seeing one image laid over another. At first glance, she was a woman, but as I looked closer I could see fairy wings carefully folded on her back.

“Lady Selene, you gave me a fright,” she chuckled. She was about to go back to her work when she noticed me staring.

“Lady Selene, are you alright love?” she asked inching closer to me.

“No,” I shook my head. I did not bother to wear my cold indifferent mask as I did with the humans. My mind reeled as I realized that I had not included my self in that mix. I did not consider myself human.

I gasped running to the large mirror hanging on my wall. I pulled back the carefully placed pins that kept my hair neatly covering my ears at all times. There, like the fairy female’s wings, pointed ears stuck up above the image of normal human ears. I blinked, trying to touch the points. I could not feel them, but I knew they were there. It was as if there was a veil over myself, hiding my appearance beneath it.

The more I concentrated on it, the more I could see through it. I was stunning. My ashen hair looked like silver. My features sharpened and my eyes became like gemstones they were so vibrant and colorful.

“My Lady,” the fairy female walked towards me and froze when she saw me touching my ears and crying.

"Lady Selene?” She asked again, her voice was different, higher and more melodic as she spoke. I looked up and saw her reflection, gone was the shimmery vague outline of fairy wings. They were real. Unlike my own out of focus appearance, I could see her clearly.

"If anyone asks, I will tell them you are indisposed. Let me take your sheets down to be washed, my Lady," The female hurried towards my bed, her wings and pointed ears disappearing as she walked away.

"I am supposed to know you, aren’t I," my voice was softer than it normally was. And like her, I did not speak in the human tongue. The female turned and looked at me, before giving a silent nod. My heart broke all over again as I hugged my knees to my chest. What was wrong with me?

"My name is Zirra, but here I am Sarah," she answered, collecting her my sheets she quickly walked away.

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