Severuz Vampires Saga Book 1: Stained Innocence

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Christel Beaumont found a way to vent out her fury with the world in a profitable way. The victim of series of tragedies became one of the most-paid "scene-makers" in Irvington. She became famous for ruining lives and reputations for anonymous clients, until she came across one whose hunger for revenge had leveled hers. As she lands in the arms of Castiel Yvann Devonaire, the stubborn hybrid whose lycan blood remained dormant until he met her, she'll find herself being oddly attracted to him—to his touch, his bite, his side he thought had died years ago after he had lost the only woman he ever loved. In the midst of chaos arising in their eccentric world, will their growing connection be enough for Yvann to have the strength to make the greatest or probably the worst decision he'll ever make just to keep her away from his more powerful brother, her dark past that had stained her innocence, and the enemy they never thought was coming?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Chapter One

They said life was meant to be experienced in every way, but when it just keeps fucking everything up, will the experiences still be worth remembering?

Christel didn’t know the answer, but she kept the lessons her screwed up life had taught her anyway, and turned herself immune with the cruel world, made herself comfortable with the darkness that consumed her...and had herself an unlikely but high-paying job.

The loud pop rock song in the background that mixed with the crowd’s mocking laughter echoed inside Christel’s head as she tried to keep her vision clear. She can’t believe a petite woman like Melody Fox can punch that hard that even someone like her whose five feet and six inches tall, almost kissed the black marble of G & G Bar and Grill. If it wasn’t for the stool she had managed to reach after Melody gave her right cheek a blow, she’s probably on the cold floor now dying in humiliation, with Melody on top of her, giving her more of what she’d already got used to have because of her not-so-decent job.

She breathed deeply, the back of her palm wiped the blood on her lips before she got back on her feet. There’s no way she’d give this night to Melody. After all, the poor girl who punched like a man was just a pawn for Christel’s real plan.

Her brow cocked, and a teasing smirk made its way to her lips. “You punch like your bestfriend’s boyfriend.” Her gaze traveled across the place to look for her real target—Georgina Borrow, the owner of the place and the town’s little miss popular. “I wonder if she knows how hard her boyfriend rocked you last night at Dillian’s place?”

Georgina’s hooded green eyes widened, and her unnatural pinkish lips parted. That must have hit her like a physical blow on the chest. Christel could tell how shocked she was...but not as much as the girl she called her “bestfriend-for-life”. Look what could friendship do to you, you poor rich brat.

Melody’s eyes narrowed at her, and just like what Christel had thought, in just a count of three, Melody was already grabbing her hair while cursing her on top of her lungs for exposing her nasty secret. Christel struggled to get the furious girl’s hands off her long jett-black hair. She could almost feel her scalp getting stripped off of her head. Damn, did she get into more fights than I already did? This girl’s one hard chic.

She didn’t want this to be this way, but the bitch won’t stop pulling her hair so she reached the half-empty bottle of beer in front of her and smashed it on Melody’s head.

Man, that’ll hurt. Serves you right, anyway. She murmured to herself as she watched Melody scream in pain and horror. Blood trailed down her “enhanced by science” face, so as her tears, like in the famous suspense films she used to watch before—undeniably ghastly. Only this time, she knew there would be no take two for this scene.

Melody turned her gaze at her friend, asking for a hand and a little sympathy but instead, Georgina gave her a hard slap that shocked her and got her back on her senses.

Everyone was stunned, all gasped as they watched how Melody’s cheek turned red with a mark of her friend’s palm on it. Now that’s what you call a slap. Christel noted to herself.

Georgina pierced her with her teary eyes, unable to control herself from bursting out. Her shoulders quaked with her every breath, her beads of tears finally trailed down her olive cheeks. “You deserve that! How could you sleep with Tucker?!”

Christel wanted to laugh at the sudden turn of events. Or maybe best to say, just how she actually planned it to end. She was there to ruin Georgina, and what’s a better way to destroy her reputation and tear heart apart than by exposing the dirty truth about her cheating boyfriend and most trusted friend?

Oh, Georgina. The world isn’t made for weaklings. Cry-babies don’t belong here.

Sadly, she had learned that in the hardest possible ways. She’d seen the real face of life, and she knew, those who play fair, always lose the nasty game of life in the end. That’s how things really work and life will slap the reality to you when you least expected it.

Just like how it did to her.

Turning her back from the crowd’s vigilant stares, Christel donned her jacket and began taking her steps towards the exit as if nothing happened. She couldn’t even erase the smile on her face when she heard Georgina screamed, “nobody touches her. Nobody stops us. This bitch will get what she asked for.”

If only she could stay a little longer to witness her favorite part of the job, but her time was important to her since she got other clients who were hungry to bring somebody else down to the pits of their own shame and controversy. She was sure that after this night, more clients will come begging for her help, ready to offer much bigger...and she’d be more than happy to assist them.

She learned to take advantage of other people’s need to pull each other down. It wasn’t a decent job at all and she’s aware of that, but it paid their bills so they could still live in this cruel world. The irony hits her most of the time, but just like most people, she still found herself wanting to survive everyday despite the fact that each day was another day to witness how unfair life was.

The bouncer opened the door for her with just a wave of few bucks in front of its tigerish face. With all the dirty lights fading on the background, she still had the chance to have a glimpse of the bouncer’s wink. Money. What can’t it do anyway?

“’Til next time, buddy.” She waved her hand and stepped out of the Bar.

She heard the bouncer chuckle softly. “Anytime.”

Her lips stretched a little, forming a slight smile. The moment she felt the cold breeze kissed her swollen face after the steel door slammed behind her, a narrow sigh finally escaped her bleeding lips. She got used to the taste of her own blood, so as the pain her job gives her but she still cringed when some parts of her body still felt numb and she bet it’ll take a couple of days or three for her to recover.

With the back of her palm, she tried to wipe the blood stains on the side of her lips as she walked towards her car, the wind kept whipping her hair to her side which irritated her. Nevertheless, she can’t mind if she looked like a villain in an action soap opera who just walked out of an exploding abandoned building. Of course she’d love that. Heroes had always been the weak and pathetic one in her eyes.

A groan left her mouth when she tried to run her fingers on her ruined hair after settling on the car’s hood. There’s got to be some bruises on her arms and back. Her body got slammed several times on the stools while she’s struggling to get Melody’s hands off her.

She pulled her pack of cigarette out of her jacket’s pocket and lit a stick. Now it’s time to earn the reward. She told herself as she tasted its bitter taste in her mouth.

After puffing several times on her cigar, she realized she cannot stay on that place to make the call. Who knew if Melody managed to smack her best friend down like what she did to her? What if that unnaturally strong tiny girl followed her in the parking lot? She cannot just lit the woman on fire this time just because there’s no bottle of beer anywhere.

Pulling her phone out of her jacket, she hopped inside her car and started the engine while dialing her client’s number. It’s past eleven in the evening, but it only took one ring before a familiar voice spoke on the other line as if her client had been waiting for her call since forever.

“Is it done?” The woman asked in a doubtful manner which made her brows furrow.

Christel stepped on the gas. “I am Christel Beaumont, and I am paid to ruin people’s lives. What do you expect?”

She heard the woman released a heavy sigh as if something heavy was just pulled out of her chest. “Good.”

“Now do your end of the deal or you’ll see what I am really capable of.” A hint of finality was written on her voice.

“Alright, alright. I’ll transfer the money first thing in the morning.”

“Make sure of that.” She stopped at the first red light. Her head fell against the seat as she made herself clear. “I didn’t get punch on the face for an x-deal.”

Over-looking the dark streets of Severuz from the roof of the Devoinare’s mansion, Castiel Yvann breathed the woody crisp breeze of the night with an empty bottle of whiskey in his hand. The alcohol didn’t affect his system even a little, but he preferred the burning liquor rather than a verbaned blood. Verbane makes him feel weak, and that’s the last thing he wanted to feel right now. After all, Yvann Devonaire wasn’t born to be weak.

Every now and then, his thoughts drift back to the fight he had with his older brother, Valian, this morning. He really hates it when Valian treats him as if he’s one of his dogs he can tame with a bone. That’s not how things supposed to work. After all the illegal allegiance his brother had with the mortals, he cannot believe his father still crowned Valian as the new ruler before he died. It’s already been decades ago, but Yvann can still hardly move on. Well, he knew he wasn’t really good at moving on after all.

His fists balled again, turning his knuckles even paler. His sharply angled jaw clenched dangerously, as if he’s ready to tear apart whoever he would see first just to release the acid-like rage that was burning his control. He’s really bad at containing his emotions, especially his anger. Fortunately, there were two ways to calm him. The taste of a verbane-free human blood, and a great sex. Regardless, looks like he’s going to need both tonight. A fresh blood and a hot night with someone who could sate his inhuman sexual needs.

His head lifted and his gaze shifted towards the cloudless sky. A billion stars were sparkling up above, matching the magnificent crescent moon like a giant painting. Nights with a view like this usually give him a relaxing vibe, but not tonight. He really needs his two favorite things and God knows what he could do if he wouldn’t get what his body wants.

“Thinking too deeply might drive you crazy, man.”

Yvann’s piercing scarlet pools eyed the man who ruined his solitude. But Crane just gave him a smirk he really hates seeing at times like this. “You came at the most perfect timing. I need someone to kill tonight.”

Crane chuckled as if he’s got no plans to retreat. After all, he’s the only one who can match Yvann’s sardonic attitude and narcissistic way of thinking. “Looks like someone got his button hit really hard, eh?”

Sliding his hands in his jeans’ pockets after throwing the empty bottle away, Yvann glared at him. “Not now, Crane. I might rip your heart out of your chest. For real this time.”

Another chuckle slipped out of Crane’s thin and sexy lips, taunting him. “Dude, I am the only one who got your back here. Trust me. You wouldn’t wanna do that.” He folded his arms in a prideful manner. “I got a new babe at my place. Wanna clean her for me?”

Yvann shot him again with a deadly gaze which made Crane put his hands in the air as if he’s surrendering. “Your loss, old man.”

They remained silent for a moment. Crane decided to finally shut his mouth, and Yvann cannot thank heaven enough for that. He badly needs silence especially now that the raging lust for him to feed and to fuck just got harder to resist. Thanks to Crane’s insensitive jokes and unreasonable display of disrespect towards him. Now he’s more motivated to break his brother’s stupid rules. He took in a deep breath then released it sharply while making mental notes about his plans to ruin his brother’s unshakeable calm composure.

First, he’ll take his human blood bag and save it from verbane shots so he could savor every drop of its fresh blood. Second, he’ll make sure that poor thing will scream his name in pure it by bite or by rocking its body until he’s already sated and sweating. He raked his fingers on his disheveled silver hair as he licked his smooth lower lip. The idea already burns like wildfire inside him, shutting down the rational side of his brain, leaving the lusty part in full control.

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