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Julie and Kara, two simple girls, broke and homeless, trying to find a decent job and a place to live, soon discover that they have to deal with something much more than they bargained for... A house full of wolves...

Fantasy / Thriller
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Dedicated to CaraCarmen1


“Ghost, where are you? Come here boy!”

Gosh, does that dog ever listen...I then started walking again, looking around between the thick wood trunks, the moonlight guiding my path through the darkness, the sound of my boots ruffling through the fallen leafs disturbing the gravely silence.

“Jules!” Kara’s voice echoed from not far behind me, causing me to take a halt.

“What!” I yelled, turning around, squinting my eyes so I could see her through the thick darkness.

“Come back, Ghost is here!” she yelled back.

Great...just freaking great...I mumbled, walking back.

This was our last night at the old farm, the one that used to be our home for the last two years. Pops, our boss, the one who received us in his home and gave us a decent job and a shelter, recently lost the fight with a severe illness, leaving all of us behind, in the hands of a cruel, perverted, narcisistic asshole, named Jack. His only son. As soon as his father died, Jack rushed and sold the farm for the best price he could get, money being the only thing that mattered for him, nothing else, leaving all his father’s employees jobless. And now we were being thrown out, in the middle of the night of course, since he didn’t give two shits about us, the insignificant little workers, like he liked to call us.

“Have you finished packing?” I asked Kara, once I got out of the woods, heading straight to Ghost, who was sitting calmly right next to her, grabbing him by the collar and attaching the leash.

“Yep. All done,” She answered smiling, looking like we were packing for a trip instead of being thrown out. So careless, like always...

“Good. Then we’re good to go,” I accounted out loud, then headed to that old piece of junk that we liked to call a ‘car’, dragging Ghost with me.

“Come on boy, hop in,” I cooed to our huge white husky dog. He was the only good thing left from that place, and we were definitely not leaving him behind, even if we ourselves were already homeless and broke. But hey, at least we still had our car, the only ‘home’ that we could rely on, for now.

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